Fall Challenge Scoop

So, I’ve been “talking” about this “new challenge” I’m starting and although I won’t go into too much detail yet…(cuz what fun would that be??) I will give you my starting and my results after this new plan.

It’s actually a combination of 3 different plans that I’ve made work together; since most of the plans I come across don’t usually have the “lasting” power for me. I guess I’m a bit difficult to please…haha

In any case, I’ve started with some new meal plans and using them to fit my “FIX” meal plan because I’ve found that to be my all time favorite plan at this point. It’s easy, changeable and very adaptable to any lifestyle or change along the way. Yay for adapting plans!!!

The next part is the workouts (hybrid I’ve created using my BB workouts and gym workouts) and the hormonal balancing of figuring out women’s cycles and how to best utilize our months to HELP us succeed and not HINDER us.

Are you intrigued yet?

Well, here’s my breakfast this past week:

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.13.52 PM


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