Help Me Get Through the Holidays!!!!

How many of you are already dreading the amount of work and money you will spend this holiday season?

How about the lack of time you will have for your own needs and goals?

I have to say that this year I am DONE with the excuses, the “no time” “no money” “I’ll wait until Jan. 1st” mindsets!!!  Aren’t we tired of getting the same results; year after year after year???

I say we finally stand up and take action for our own sake! Why put off the things you need and want most for lack of motivation and commitment? I say, you CAN achieve your results (or at least maintain them) and it won’t take any extra time at all!! What am I talking about? How about the fact that you can simply add in better food choices and get adequate rest between now and New Year’s day and get some success to show because of it?

Don’t believe me?  Let’s make it “interesting”!!! I guarantee your results or your money back! That’s exactly the kind of guarantee we all need this time of year, right?

So, what exactly am I offering you?

For the next 8 weeks, you will get my constant support, motivation and attention to maintain or reach new goals before the “resolution” season comes! By that time, you’ll already be 8-10 lbs ahead of the others who gained that amount of weight due to overeating, stress and not having the right type of friends to help them stay on track.

But what about Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s days? What if you LOVE to eat the foods during those holidays and don’t want to feel like you are being deprived by having to make alternate choices?

That’s easy! I’ll help you between the holidays and then give you the green light to enjoy whatever you want on the actual celebration day!

How does that sound? This will work and I can guarantee you it will!

But wait, there’s more! 😉

I will also throw in some financial helpful training to get you through the holidays without feeling like you are wiping out your savings account or maxing out all of your credit cards. It’s about simple steps to planning ahead; just like you’ll learn for your health and weight loss goals. Fail to plan; plan to fail! Right?

We only have control of two things in life;

What you put into your mouth and what you do for exercise/movement. The rest is out of our control. So, we may as well surround ourselves with others who want to maintain a positive mindset during the most stressful time of the year. This should be enjoyable; not something you feel obligated about.

Watch this video and tell me if you are IN! I am going to start the group this week (first week of November). So if you are serious about getting off the tracks to what you usually do and making some NEW habits and successes prior to the New Year; this is your sign! Send me an email today with the title; “I’M IN!!”



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