Week 1 Done! (Insanity Max:30)

End of week #1!

This has been such a whirlwind I had to write it all down in a blog post to remember 😉

Day 1 workout was rough. It was simply named, “cardio challenge”. No biggie, right?

WRONG!!! OMG! Shaun T started off with a vengeance and I thought I could take it better than I did! All I know is that this week, I will work on beating my “MAX OUT” time from last week’s. Here are the workouts I completed in order this week, and my MAX OUT times:

Monday: Cardio Challenge – M.O. 8:29

Tuesday: Tabata Power – M.O. 9:49

Wednesday: Sweat Intervals – M.O. 17:00 and Abs: M.O. 6:22

Thursday: Tabata Power (again) – M.O. 30 minutes babyyyyyyyy!!!!! I made it to the end…barely 😉

Friday: Friday Fight: Round 1 (ugh) – M.O. 12:00

Saturday: Pulse – which  is basically a stretch and some pulsing squat moves to help open up the tighter areas and relieve the body from the beating it took all week.

Asylum; End of week 1

Sunday is my rest day. Nothing today. No running, no weights, no anything. This is a day I am guilty of adding in one of my own workouts like a run outdoors or just another short workout to keep me going but I have since learned this only leads my body to being overworked and overtrained. This is just as bad as not doing enough. The body cannot recover properly and starts to actually work against what we are trying to achieve. Weight loss can slow or stop; fatigue gets worse; risk of adrenal fatigue, injuries and sickness are also higher due to this type of practice.

I am happily enjoying doing NOTHING in terms of a workout today. If I ever get a tick to have to do something physical on my “rest” days, I will make it nothing more than yoga. But not this day. This day is for NOTHING!

As far as meals go, I did soooo well this past week that I just want to scream!!!

Why? Because I usually SUCK at this area when I start a new program. My body has cravings galore and I am just more hungry and cranky and want to just EAT more than I am allowed to. This usually leads to me “sneaking” in a bite, lick or taste more than a few dozen times and I know why my results come slower because of this.


For some reason, this week I am laser beam focused. Kind of like I was when on my fitness competition meal plan. At that time, I knew I would have to get up on stage in a bikini and actually prove that I had followed the plan. This time, no such thing will take place (although a soon to be trip to Cancun with my sis will be happening!) but I am oddly not caving into my usual cravings.

I have to say it may be because I completed a sugar detox the week prior to starting this plan. Seriously, yesterday, I was PMS-ing like a crazy person (sorry guys but it’s about to get REAL!) and shopping in the mall with my daughter looking for a holiday dress and smelling all the stupid pretzel shops, candy stores, chocolate joints and seeing pictures of ice cream sundaes, gooey desserts and decadent everything was kind of pissing me off!!!

But that was all it did!! It just pissed me off!!!

Usually I would cave in and just have a small “something” and maybe split it with my daughter or whoever was with me. I simply had no need or reason; or even “want” to do this yesterday. SCORE! And the exciting part is that I lost 3 lbs the first week!!

I have issues just like anyone else. Do I eat clean most of the time? Yes. Do I choose only the best foods 90% of the time? Yes. But do I also love sugar and crappy foods like the rest of you and cave from time to time? YES!!! Do I ever eat MORE food than my body needs? Heck YES!!! And so I do still battle with my own issues. This is not a “one time fix all” movement. This is a “lifestyle” type drill. If you cannot deal with the ups and downs of it all, you will not ever reach and stay with your goals.


Like ever. (reminds me of Taylor Swift…lol)

In wrapping up this week’s blog, I will share what my typical day foods have been so far:


Breakfast: 1 yellow container oatmeal, 1 red container Greek Yogurt, 1/4 c almond milk, coffee and 1 tsp. peanut butter

Post-workout:  chocolate Shakeology with 1 tsp. peanut butter (I get 4 each day so let me have them all please!!!), water and ice

Lunch: veggies (green container or 2), protein (chicken or eggs) and piece of fruit (purple container)

Snack: veggies (1 green container) and hummus (1 blue container)

Dinner: 1 yellow container of brown rice, 1 green container of vegetables, 1 orange of dressing or nuts/seeds, 1/2 red container of protein, 1 purple container of fruit

Snack: 1/2 red of Greek yogurt, 1 yellow container of oats, 1 tsp of peanut butter, herbal tea

LOTS of water all day long 😉



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