10 Steps to getting Healthy

So, January 1st came and went.

Many people made incredible promises of resolutions to change and get healthy for good this time, make more money, live a happier life, etc.

Then the novelty runs out and it’s easier to just go back to the “ho hum” and not get too uncomfortable. 

Does this pattern sound familiar? I know I’ve done it more than millions of times. So instead of spouting some shame inducing verbiage here in hopes to get some of you back on track again, I decided to just break it down to the 10 things that have helped me best.
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I don’t believe in diets. Diets ruined my life many many many many times. And this is something that I hear countless times from the people I talk to and work with every day. Let’s change it up and try something completely different. Does that sound okay to you? Are you afraid of failing, yet again? Are you afraid to start something up, only to fall flat on your face and get discouraged….yet again???

Those days are behind you now. Make sure to remind yourself should you decide it might be better “this one more time”…because nothing changes unless YOU change. Am I right?

Here are ten inspiring steps that have helped me get healthy and will help you to do the same:

  1. Eat Smarter: Healthy foods like proteins, whole grains, fresh cut veggies and fruits, help your body function properly and helps improve looks and how you feel. Do you know what the best sources of lean proteins and healthy carbs are? How about the best choices in vegetables and fruits? I bet you didn’t even know there were better choices when it comes to “nature’s foods”, right? Well there are.
  2. Exercise:  Working out help targets areas that you are not happy with, helps improve your shape with weight training, burns fat and stay fit for a healthy lifestyleThe secret is to find the workout plan that gets you UP to do. It should never be one you despise and feel is a punishment; because let’s face it…how many of us “sign up” to be punished long term, if we have the freedom of choice?
  3. Keep a Journal: this will help track your progress and see if you are improving on your workouts. I currently track what I eat every day on the “container” portioned system; aka: “21 Day Fix” or “Insanity Max:30” eating plan. This plan rocks and is getting me results so much faster than I did with my fitness competition meal plan. (plus, I LOVE the foods I get to eat daily!)
  4. Love Yourself: very important to love whom you are and want to see yourself succeed to be better and live for a healthier well-being.  Do you take care of yourself daily? I don’t mean getting a massage every day or spending a ton on yourself if you don’t have the means yet…I’m simply talking about doing something that makes you feel like you got away for at least 30 minutes. Some people enjoy reading a book, crossword puzzles, watching a movie, going out to meet a friend, join a support group for some bonding and getting away from the “norm”.
  5. Make exercise a Habit- Don’t skip a day, make a habit and part of your daily life to workout and eat right.  I promise you that this will get easier. Does it suck in the beginning? Yes. But only because it’s a NEW thing you have to make your body go through. It’s not easy (and by “easy” I mean like sitting on the couch easy. your workouts should be do-able and keep you having fun throughout..even if it’s a challenge at times)
  6. Set yourself a Goal- Give yourself a goal and when you reach that goal reward yourself and then set a new goal. This works great for my online support groups who work together on sticking to their plans in order to reach a specified goal. Goals don’t have to be mind blowing or life changing; the better more do-able goals are easier to achieve and only keeps us motivated along the journey. Maybe it’s to fit into a certain size by your summer vacation, a friends’ wedding, a reunion, etc. This should remain a POSITIVE goal.
  7. Support- find a workout buddy that you can both support each other and keep you motivated. Or better yet, look to joining one of my online support groups. All you need is the program and products that will get you going but the group and all of my support is completely FREE!! I have clients texting me during the week ,saying they need help choosing a type of food in the grocery store or a meal at an eatery. It’s that kind of support that gets us further than we ever imagined.
  8. Keep Unhealthy Snacks Out of Sight- keep unhealthy food items out of the kitchen so it is least likely for you to grab that unhealthy snack if you don’t have it in your house but don’t make it as easily available. Try putting your fruit in the open spots so you see it first.  I only buy foods that I don’t enjoy for my family, if they have  to have some snacks in the house. This way, I’m never tempted to eat it. But it’s better when I conveniently “forget” to pick it up and fill the house with fruits and veggies and Shakeology instead. 🙂
  9. Step Up- make changes in your life, be a fighter and make a difference.  Don’t accept mediocrity or complacency.
  10.  Don’t Give up- identity the lapse and learn from it and move forward towards health.  Use your support system to keep you focused to the finish line.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.34.24 PM

If you are still unsure of how you can ever realistically reach your goals, fill in the application below so I can review and let you know how I can help you with some starting steps with foods, workouts and support. You can have what you want…you just have to make the commitment and take the jump!




2 thoughts on “10 Steps to getting Healthy

  1. You’re awesome!! BECAUSE of your motivational info AND PRESENCE, it makes me not want to give up…even during times it crosses my mind. You are a constant reassurance for me.. and all in our group! Thank you👍💪☝💕

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