4 Weeks In!!!

Week 4 has come!!

I think I’m freaking out a bit that I’m already a month into the training and I know at this point we “think” we should feel so much closer to the “end goals”…but not so much.

What Is Pushing You Today?

Am I following the program? CHECK! Getting in my meals, drinking my water and getting my workouts done along the way are keeping me focused every step of the way. It’s funny how much I find myself just going through the motions of eating, workouts, eating, rest, sleep, water and repeat. The first time I competed, I know that my mindset was all about, “Can I do this? Am I cut out to compete? Can my body change enough? AM I SEEING RESULTS????”

Yes, that was me the first time around. Not this time. To me, that is a big change in and of itself. I don’t second guess myself any longer as I have proof the program and the meal plans WORK. But it’s funny how I’ll catch myself second guessing the fact that I’m NOT second guessing my plans. lol

Anyway, I have been asked about my meal plans and honestly, I have been following what worked for me before; as well as following what Body Beast has set out for me to in terms of nutrition and supplementation. Getting in the right amount of calories; the right amount of nutrition and the right balance of macro-nutrients all come into play when we are making serious changes such as these.

My day looks like this in the first month so far:

Breakfast; cooked oatmeal and egg white and veggie omelet with salsa and avocado. Coffee with splash of almond milk

After workout, I have my Shakeology with almond milk and peanut butter. This allows my body to refuel best following the intense training; as well and get my chocolate peanut butter “fix” in. 😉 One change this round is that I don’t yet crave spoonfuls of peanut butter like I did the first time around. That may change as I cut towards the end.

Lunch is a flat-out wrap with lean protein and 2 cups of veggies, followed by an apple with some more peanut butter.

Afternoon snack is a greek yogurt with some oats or granola (Kashi Protein based cereal “granola”) with some stevia drops and berries (if I have any left on hand).

Dinner is salmon or lean protein with cooked veggies on the side and a salad with balsamic and one tablespoon of avocado.

After dinner snack varies but usually some more yogurt with stevia and peanut butter or flat out with peanut butter.  When I get hungry, I usually opt for some herbal tea or just some extra water infused with lemon or lime.

So there you have it, I eat the foods listed above, I drink a gallon or more of water per day and I follow the Body Beast workout schedule every day plus add in some cardio on 4-5 of the days along with it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.16.59 PM

Busy weekends have been a bit of a challenge but I have to say that so far, so good and it feels like I won the day when I plan the foods and stay on task. I just visualize myself onstage and either regretting the choices I made, or celebrating them. I choose the latter.


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