BULK PHASE Has Begun…and other things

So where do I begin? Do you ever just have one of those days???

That was yesterday. That was like one million crappy things in one ginormous day. I guess I should also admit that it was a Monday, after all but not a complainer just like to be real sometimes.

So in case you aren’t aware that I’m in month 2 of my competition training phase yet, this probably didn’t help matters. When you are overly stressed and hungry at the same time…not to mention sore and tired from intense training…it can magnify matters.

I’m on month 2 of Body Beast and it’s all about BULK!! Dude! This phase is just NO JOKE! My foods have become almost second nature at this point and will remain consistent with phase 1…in month 3, we go to LEAN PHASE (aka: bitchy mood swings from less foods and less carbs but who’s counting?)

My days usually begin with my oatmeal (I like to add a little peanut butter and let it get all gooey!) and veggies scrambled with egg whites. Morning is the time I hit my workouts and if it’s a cardio day, that follows the training of the day.

I have now entered the second phase of Body Beast and this week was all about Bulk chest and legs so far…and ouch! I feel it!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.51.38 PM

After workout, I always have my Shakeology (chocolate of course!) with either almond milk or water, ice and of course, peanut butter!!! Can you tell I’m a bit obsessed?

Lunch is usually veggies and either some lean protein from the night before or egg whites, topped with some salsa and avocado if in season. I round this meal out with an apple topped with cinnamon.

My pm snack consists of another lean protein source and veggies for sure and this varies depending on what I have at home…and what my mood is.

Dinner is either lean beef or salmon and veggies! My daughter even joins me on this too and it helps to have a support system alongside! I enjoy an evening snack and as long as it includes my greek yogurt, I’m a happy gal!

So anyway, back to yesterday…aka: Monday….

My day started off with a washing machine problem.

The problem with it, is that it decided to stop agitating and spinning. It would fill up with water, allow the clothes to sit in that water; and then drain the water out again. Not so effective at cleaning dirty laundry. I called the repair man and he broke the news that it would cost me about $300 to fix!

Ummmm….NO! I think I can almost buy a NEW one for that price! So…I piled up the dirty laundry, my detergent and a LOT of spare quarters and headed down to the local laundromat.

Oh, the fun you can have at laundromats. No, really, there is absolutely NOTHING fun about them! I loaded the clothes and laundry into the machines, added my detergent, piled in the quarters…(do you realize how much 17 quarters adds up to??) and pressed START.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.48.12 PM

This was GO TIME for me! I saw that the machines ran for 23 minutes and then I plugged that time into my phone and off I went to run some errands. (not so shabby at this point) Except that I’m tired…and I just want to stop running around on a Monday. lol

Got my gas tank filled, went grocery shopping, stopped back at the laundromat to throw the clothes into the dryers and pile in the quarters again (although my dryer still works, why the heck would I haul a bunch of wet laundry home to dry in batches? no thanks!), drove home and unloaded the groceries (with kids’ help) and traveled back to laundromat to start folding the dried laundry.

One load was still wet.

Of course.

So, more quarters in and on with folding! Then loading into the car, and more folding, and more loading…

then the phone rings! What? I couldn’t believe the time already…it was a client whom I scheduled to talk with at this time. So I answered…in the laundromat…and acted as though life was completely normal.

Yes, I work in the laundromat! 😉

I have to brag that the phone call went well…although I felt a bit out of sorts but who could really blame me?

Finished the laundry, (because by this time, if anything was still damp, I wouldn’t be giving a rats’ ass) and headed home.

To make dinner…and put away laundry.

Yes, it was Monday and now it’s done. What did you conquer that day?


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