5 Weeks to the Stage!

I’m now just 5 weeks out from my next competition and it’s funny how I started out with the hopes of finding the “zone” of this new training phase. I also remember that feeling the first time I competed 2 years ago, and it happened the same way again this time. Both times, I started out with the plans of achieving my goals but not quite 100% confident that I was going to succeed.

Sound familiar to you? Isn’t that how we view all of our big challenges in life?



I realized the similarities this time around as it’s almost like a deja vu; and in talking to many of my newer clients in their apprehension of being able to succeed long term in their new health and fitness goals, it is one and the same.

We begin with the need to reach new goals. This happens because we are either sick and tired of feeling a certain way and need to make it better; or just want to better ourselves regardless of where we are. Either way, we have to set out to find the solution and then commit to the program.

The success doesn’t just magically appear as we make those decisions, obviously. We need to put in the time, the effort and make the sacrifices that are needed to reach those new heights. Change is never easy but it is up to us to decide whether the sacrifices and struggles are worth the results we want.

If they aren’t important enough to us; we won’t follow through.

It’s really that simple. Think about the last accomplishment you made. Was it 100% easy? I’m betting not. But if you reached the milestones you set out to accomplish in the beginning, it was obviously worth the effort to you at that time. Had it not been more important than giving up or doing what you weren’t quite ready for, it would not have happened. Do you agree?

I’ve been in training now for 8 weeks and this was the first week that I finally seriously reached the zone. For example, I don’t really have to think about what I will do in terms of working hard and eating on plan. It just IS. 


Have you ever run a race and in the beginning it’s tough and uncomfortable; but if you kept pushing through it just got easier until all of a sudden you hit this ZONE of actually feeling like you were fed some super powers?

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 3.29.22 PM

That’s where I am now and it is truly a HIGH! (and all natural, thank you very much!) 😉 My workouts are now more intense and yet I feel like I’m able to power through in bigger and better ways every week. #beastmode 

My meals are on fleek (not sure if I referenced that in the right way but it sounded like the right time to use my kids’ lingo…lol)

If you are confused at what I just meant about my meals, it goes like this:

I wake up in the morning STARVING!!!!  So I eat my breakfast of eggs and oatmeal or just protein in my oatmeal. Then 2-3 hours pass and guess what? I’m STARVING all over again, on cue. And that meal goes down…and on and on we go. But it’s pretty awesome when you think about it because it’s like a machine…haha! Maybe I sound ridiculous but it’s true and amazing how our bodies are able to adapt and change to get better as we progress.



Now, begins the final week of BULK phase and then we enter BEAST phase…which is where we LEAN out!!!



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