Seasonal Struggles and I need your help!!

It’s December first.


Who else feels like they have already fought through a tough season? LOL It seems like a good idea to enjoy a loong Thanksgiving weekend, only to have to get back to reality on the Monday after and then realize you have another month to keep strong.

Wow…is Kathy really complaining??? (she says in the third person)

Yes, today was def one of those days! It’s not even Monday, but I think that it’s all catching up to me now and it’s time to bring in the big gunz.

By big gunz, I mean my self-talk and my daily practice on bettering my mind and body during life’s journey. Honestly, who doesn’t have OFF days? If you think someone you know does, then they are just lying to ya’ 😉 #seriously

We all go through highs and lows, ups and downs, failures and successes. What separates those who continue to get better and succeed long term is the fact that nothing stops them. That is the “secret” to success.

Not being “lucky” or “smarter” or anything that we usually tell ourselves. It just comes down to persistent; or being freaking stubborn!!! haha! 😀

So, I will dig my heels in and fight against MYSELF today and I will win. And this brings up a motivational part from the recnet movie “Creed” (which I saw with hubby this past LOOOONG weekend!). In it (and I won’t give any spoilers so rest assured you can keep reading AND go see the movie at your convenience!), Sylvester Stallone is training Apollo’s son to become a better fighter. He tells him to look in the mirror…he said, “see that? that is your biggest opponent. Not the ‘other guy’ in the ring…but YOU.”

This made me go DING DING DING!!! So true! Oh em gee! We are our worst critics; our toughest opponents and the one person we work to either impress or tear down along the way.  Making changes to how we think of ourselves; what we know is capable for us and why we are even working to do better is key to any lasting success.

Have you tried to lose weight before and either succeeded only to gain it back or not even reach your goals in the first place?

Have you tried to save money; earn more money or succeed in some financial way – only to end up at square one again?

Have you tried to rekindle a relationship; start a new relationship or both…only to end up back where you started?

Guess what all of these mean? WE are our biggest problem! and the best part is that we are also our best solution!!!! So if you are not already working on YOU…by reading personal development books; listening to personal growth audio; surrounding yourself with people you respect and who hold some of the successes you would like to achieve one day soon…

you might not be able to change anything until you do these things.

Today, I fought myself like I don’t usually do as often as I used to. For some reason, I felt lacking. For some reason, I fought myself in wanting to do better for myself.  It was me against me. Which would win? My mind or my body?

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 5.43.47 PM

I dug in and talked to myself as I would talk to anyone I work with in my support groups or one on one clients. I talked to myself like I would tell any team mate that is struggling today. I dug in and WON the fight by getting my workout in; planning in my meals for today and getting over the stupid, “I feel FAT today!” thoughts. (enter whatever term typically slows you down and you understand)

I won today…and it’s not even noon.

In honor of this epiphany today…and because it’s just December 1st, I will commit to blogging every day this month and I will be 100% honest in how I feel, what I do regardless of how I feel (good or bad) and how I plan to finish this year off in both my health/fitness goals, as well as my business/coaching goals.

Will you commit to joining me and supporting me…as we both hold each other up? No excuses, right?


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