Negativity Shmegativity!

So today is a good day!! 🙂

Don’t you like good days? Not that I don’t go through my share of crappy days too…but I like to really enjoy the non-crappy and the awesome days to help me appreciate life more than I used to.

It’s pretty common for us to just focus on the negatives. We talk about things we don’t have. We worry about people that don’t like us or judge us unkindly. We stress about having more, being more and doing more…seriously!!

Where does it end?

That’s been my new focus now. I am working on appreciating anything I can in every moment. So for example, if I am feeling upset, stressed, down in the dumps, etc…I stop myself (like I visualize a stop sign and a hand up in the air – I know, I’m kind of weird) and think about all the things at that moment that make me happy. It could be as basic as my evening with my family and watching our latest Netflix series. It could be the fact that after a hard day of doing whatever I’m not looking forward to, it will be done and I can enjoy the fact that I accomplished it. Whatever it is, it really does make a difference. It’s all in our mindset. Things will suck at different times but if we focus on that then everything else takes on a sucky feeling too. Right? But if we take our attention off of the sucky stuff; all of a sudden, life becomes lighter and happier.

Let me give you an example. A few years ago…(well, it might have been more than a few but we’ll stick to that for this stories’ sake!) I was training with a friend of mine at the gym to compete in a fitness-style triathlon. It wasn’t a typical triathlon where you swim, run and bike. It was mountain biking, trail running and kayaking. Fun, right? I seriously LOOOOOVE kayaking so I’m pretty sure that’s all I needed to hear to say, “I’m IN!” 🙂

We had to form teams of 3 people to sign up. My friend, Cynthia and I both were in and we asked a fellow gym rat to join us. He was strong and fit, which we knew we needed in some of the obstacles that would be part of the race. (especially that “wall” we had to climb over…ugh!)

So Cynthia and I were confident we could do well in the running and kayaking (again, this was the reason I signed up! lol) but the mountain biking was the area we figured we needed the most help in. So we asked the local bike shop owner (and another gym friend of ours’) to help us out. He actually loaned us some equipment for the bikes and he totally helped us out! His name was, Manny and was known in the area as the “bike expert”.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.37.43 PM

Manny took us out a few times and we rode the trails to get accustomed to riding more confidently. I was wearing my “clip” shoes, which for those of you who don’t ride bikes or spin – is basically clipping your foot to the pedal of the bike. This made me very nervous to fall off the edge of the cliffs.

Pretty obvious fear, right? Thanks! (again, you are always so obliging!)

So anyway, here I was, riding with my clips stuck to the pedals and worrying about the elements of the trails knocking me off the bike and down the hill…to an unhappy ending. (geez, Kathy, negative much??)  At one point, I kept falling on the ground and getting quite frustrated, needless to say. I was getting scratched and cut up on my arms, hands and knees and getting pissed off too!

Manny stopped me and said something that I’ll never forget. He asked what the problem seemed to be and I told him that there were so many rocks in the way and I had to maneuver my bike around them and kept falling down! I remember feeling so frustrated and just wanting to stop. He calmly looked at me and said, “Kathy, if you are focusing ON the rocks…you are going to HIT the rocks. What you focus on is where you will steer towards. Focus BEYOND the rocks and you will go beyond the rocks without falling or getting sidetracked.”


Isn’t that awesome?? I was focusing on the dang rocks and what was happening? I was driving INTO the rocks…so no wonder I had to keep falling off my bike cuz the freaking rocks were stopping me! #mindblown

That was such a great learning moment for me. I went on to do the race with my team and we did quite well…(actually we finished in over 5 hours time and about 999th place but we finished!) lol

The moral of the story is that we must focus on what we want to reach. We must focus on what we want to do. We must focus on what we want. Not on what we don’t want. Not on the negatives, the “rocks” or the hurdles of life. There’s always going to be bumps; and it’s up to us to focus beyond those bumps and in reaching our goals.

So today, I am on track. I got my workout done. (again, good day…so it was easier to do!)


Breakfast was my oatmeal with eggs again and post-workout was my Shakeology with almonds, ice and almond milk (kind of like a Mounds candy bar flavor) and an apple with cinnamon. (yes, creature of habit right here!)

I realize I do better when I plan out the rest of my day so here it goes:

Lunch will be an egg white and veggie scramble with salsa and avocado.

Snack #2 will be some greek yogurt with: oats, almond milk and peanut butter – all measured out to fit my container portions.

Dinner is salmon (hubby’s choice today) and salad – rice for the family but none for me!

Evening snack (while watching Netflix with the kids) is another greek yogurt, with oats, almond milk and peanut butter.

Sooo good! sooo good! I’ve got this month!


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