This makes me “uncomfortable”

Wow! 5 days in a row of blogging…I think I’m liking this new habit. 🙂


Today’s workout was Friday Fight in my Insanity Max:30 workout and it kicked my butt and the “X-jumps X-planks” won out today. I maxed out at 22:04 and that was better than last week at 19:45. It was a fight between my mind (wanting to stop when I felt I had done enough) and my body (feeling the burning in my lungs, legs and out of breath) and I had to keep reminding myself what I was doing and how I could keep going; if just for another few seconds or so.

Do you challenge yourself enough in your day to day? Or have you found that you have become a bit complacent in some areas? It happens to us all so just being honest and owning up is step 1. The whole problem with backing off when we feel uncomfortable or tired is right at that point where we already are in our goals. So if you need to push through some boundaries and lose weight, lose fat, lean out, gain muscle, tone up, etc…and you keep “stopping” at your “wall”; then you will just stay where you are at now. Why? Because our wall is our current status. By breaking through (and it doesn’t even take much to do so…just a second more or one more rep is what needs to be eeked out) and pushing for just that little bit more…we all of a sudden make a change.

And the best thing about it? We only have to eek out a small extra push in order to reach massive changes over time. Pretty cool, right?

That goes for everything in life too. Your work, your foods, your relationships, etc. Just doing a little bit more or a little bit different in the direction you are looking to go…and over time, you create some ginormous new results. I like those odds. 🙂

Let’s review my week so far.

I’ve kept up with my workouts and challenged my Max Out time every day to increase my results. I’ve now completed month 1 of the program so the weekend is all about recovery and rest..and Monday starts the (dreaded) month 2… lol

My meals are getting better. I know am much more mindful of planning ahead with my meals and sticking to the plans. For example, today after lunch, I was still so hungry! I felt a bit panicky and realized that in the past, this feeling would take over my rational mind and I’d throw a bunch of foods into my mouth that I didn’t really even want.


I bet you’ve done this before too, right? It’s pretty common and it can be changed.

How did I overcome today? I stopped myself and had a mini-self talk session and acknowledged the fact as it was…not as I felt it was. (reality sometimes isn’t all it seems when hormones, stress, tension, feeling, exhaustion, habits and more get in the way) I calmed myself down by telling myself what was happening – instead of giving in to the emotions and just chowing down. I then decided I’d enjoy a cup of tea with another apple. Not a huge problem if I have an extra apple today, right? But it could be so much worse if I threw some other high-fat options into my pie-hole! 😉

That takes me to the weekend. How will you do this weekend? I know you will see exactly how I do so that is a no-brainer. It will be all about my meals and sometimes the family wants to eat out so there is going to be some tips on how I handle that and your accountability means I will need to stick to my goals and not think nobody is watching! LOL

What about you??


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