The best DIET on the planet??? Think again!

Can I ask you something? I am going to be completely BOLD today in what I want to say and if it offends you in any way…well, I don’t know why it would offend you but it’s something that needs to be addressed more often for sure!

So many of us have been victims of the “diet industry” and “marketing experts” wanting us to believe certain misconceptions about how to best reach our weight loss and fitness goals. Now I’m not a doctor or nutritionist but I’ve sure been hearing a lot of bull$h!t from “professionals” that has me fuming mad!

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 4.32.53 PM

Let me just sum up over 20 years of my own experience, training and life’s passion with you here. Feel free to comment below because I am open to your thoughts too! 😉

So, to begin, we cannot eat less than 1,200 calories a day, every day (no matter what!) and expect to succeed long term. Sure, you probably will lose weight because of the low calorie intake…

at first

And then what typically happens is our bodies!!!!

Are you wondering HOW? Well, let me tell you 😉 First of all, our body doesn’t want to die. That is it’s #1 goal. (pretty good goal too, wouldn’t you say?) Aside from obvious outside issues that cannot be stopped, it will do what it can to survive and live. I don’t know about you; but I think that’s pretty dang awesome!

So what happens when the body realizes that we are actually eating UNDER the calorie range to sustain our long term goals? Well, it will start to shift how it runs. For example, our metabolism helps our body convert what we eat and drink into energy, In order to continue LIVING, it will slow down how fast we convert the foods and drinks into energy. The results are that we begin to feel sluggish, tired and not really up to doing much. Our workout suffer and we tend to feel like skipping them altogether in result of not getting enough calories (energy). Another result is that since the body isn’t converting those foods we are ingesting fast enough, whatever doesn’t get used up…gets stored. Not for “later” use like we want; but stored as “FAT”. (what we are trying to get rid of in the first place)

Crazy, right?

And the cycle just continues for us as we think we are “failures”…when in fact, the whole stupid system we are following is failing US!!!

But what if we decide to stay on this path and fight our way through?  What if we decided that we were “stronger” and needed to have more “willpower” and overcome the way our body is responding? Well, honestly, many of us do just that. I’ll tell you what happens…have you experienced any of these before too?

Our bodies begin to CRAVE foods like they are going out of style. And the foods that we crave are the highest FAT and CALORIES that we can ever imagine! Right?? (I can see you there, nodding your head in agreement and awe because you thought it was just YOU)

I know all too well…shoveling handfuls of foods into my mouth and not even registering what I was doing until the damage was done. Now I understand that my body was starving and the best thing my body could do at that moment to save my life; was to get me to eat the most fat and calorie foods so I would survive this FAMINE!

Can you relate?

I know, I can get a bit worked up when it comes to this topic because I lived and breathed and fought it for many many years. I felt defeated, weak, broken, helpless and anything else I could think up to describe my feelings and success. But it wasn’t me…it was the system! Wow! When I finally realized that – and by NO easy feat – I felt completely liberated and hopeful for the first time EVER!

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 4.35.50 PM

If you have boughten into any of these teachings, I beg you to just stop. Find out how many calories you need daily. Get in the nutrition that sustains your body’s needs long term. Get in activity that makes you feel better and stronger over time…not something that bores you or you feel you will stop doing “once you lose the weight”.

Please reach out to me if you can relate with any of this. There is hope for you and you can succeed in your goals. Message me for any help or to answer your questions and I’m happy to hear from you!

There is a way and it’s not about feeling awful! Diets don’t work…deprivation is not something we can sustain. Life is for living and enjoying and succeeding.




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