How I became a “morning person”…

Do you enjoy hitting the snooze button in the morning when the alarm rings? I know I used to do that so much too…repeatedly hitting the re-snooze button multiple times until I was completely out of time or just so annoyed with being woken out of a short sleep over and over again that I would roll out of bed feeling more groggy because of it all.

I have to say that since I’ve been doing my morning workouts earlier now, I realize how much better my day goes when I wake up early and get the workout (aka: hardest part of my day) over with right away. If you study successful people in life, whether they are professional athletes, entrepreneurs, etc…the common denominator is is that they tend to start the day off with an early morning routine. This is no different than what I’ve learned in the past 5 years as a Beachbody coach and fitness entrepreneur. The most successful coaches in the industry have very common morning rituals of “pressing play” (which means working out) and reading personal development before the day begins. This allows our bodies and our minds to prepare for a successful day ahead. I know that waking up early (hello! I wake up at 5am now and this is not who I used to “be”) can be tough to swallow but once you decide to do it and get into an early habit of it…the routine actually becomes something you crave.


#1 – Revisit your goals before you go to sleep at night 
You may have heard it before that what you think about (or read about or watch, etc) before you go to bed, will be the think you think about when you first wake up. If you want to get in an early morning workout, you will do much better with it by writing your goals down; or re-reading the goals just before you head to sleep. It’s like re-programming your brain to complete the task once your alarm sounds. Having the constant reminders of what your goals are, where you are heading will help you accept what must be done and motivated for the next day.

#2 – Drink up! 
Did you know that when you first wake up you are already dehydrated from the slumber? This can be a huge reason why we feel so groggy and want to head back to sleep. I know too many people who grab a cup of coffee first thing in the morning but this only dehydrates our bodies more from the start. I like to start my day with at least a half or full liter of water before doing anything else. It is now a habit and I can’t imagine doing anything else. If water isn’t something that you want in the morning, try squeezing lemon into it. It also helps to sprinkle some Himalayan salt into the water too…(I learned this when I did the Ultimate Reset program), as this restores our electrolytes. Once you have rehydrated yourself, then (and only then), should you reach for that cup of coffee.

#3 – Put your alarm clock across the room
The best thing to do to stop yourself from hitting the snooze button on your alarm is to put your clock across the room. This way, when the alarm sounds, you have to literally put both feet on the ground and stand up…once you are up it’s so much easier to just stay up and do what you planned to do.

#4 – Get into a solid routine for sleeping 
Those of us who are guilty of going to sleep super late because of late night tv watching; scrolling through Facebook or even still working…need to stop it already. Setting scheduled hours of doing what needs to be done each day is the only way to maintain your results. In order to become a morning person (don’t you just love that term???) you need to make sure you have a regular sleeping routine so your body clock knows when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. The best recommendation is to shut down all technology (yes, your phone too!) for at least one hour before you go to sleep so that your brain can unwind from the hectic day and lights and sounds that are responsible for keeping us awake.

#5 – Have your clothes set up to dress immediately 
Like I said, the first thing I do when my alarm sounds is to just put both feet on the ground and stand up. I don’t allow any other thoughts to enter my brain because I don’t want to talk myself out of starting the day the best way. The second thing that I do is to grab the pile of clothes next to my bed and just get dressed. As soon as I am dressed, it sends a signal to my body that I am starting the day. It’s official. The easiest way to succeed at this is to set everything up in the evening prior. Lay out your clothes and shoes. If you go to the gym, make sure your bags are packed for the gym and snacks (shakeology?) are ready to go. Breakfast should be prepped too. The more obstacles you can eliminate from your morning brain fog in the morning, the easier it is to get the day on track.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 5.59.59 PM

If your goals are important enough to you, these small sacrifices are worth the effort and they soon become habits that are easier to stick to on a daily basis. No more excuses!! Once you start to implement these small steps, they begin to form new habits for your life. It helps you set the tone for your day and helps you reach the goals you know are going to help you feel your best long term.



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