My Success Plan

okay….I’ll admit it, I missed 4 days of blogging this month. No excuses but I’m regrouping once again and ready to push for daily posts from today to the end of the year.


Why would I skip? Like I said, no excuses…buuuuuut this weekend was both my anniversary with my hubby and my birthday. (yes, I got married the day before my birthday and in the month of December so you can imagine all the celebrations that ensue!) I realized this year a few things that I thought I’d share with you today:

  1. I have never felt as blessed as I do this year. Not quite sure why that is because I’ve always been blessed so much (and yes, I’ve had my share of crappy storms!), but I do believe that it’s because of my mindset and my deeper appreciation as I grow older.
  2. I forgot how old I was this year. Seriously…isn’t that a bad sign? LOL I thought I was turning 43 and my sister inlaw sent me a message wishing me a “happy 44” and I almost had to message her back that she was wrong. Until I counted the years since the year I was born and realized that she was  correct. OOPS! I figure that is a good sign because I’m not feeling my age anymore! 🙂
  3. Each year my hubby seems to do more on our anniversary and on my birthday than ever before. And that’s without me nagging at him! ha! I am in awe of how deep love can grow over the years and as you stick together through thick and thin (and trust me…there has been TONS of thick!)
  4. As I move into the next year, and as I approach 45 (the halfway point of my 4th decade) I realize that I have big goals that I want to achieve and accomplish that I have been putting off for the past few years and it’s GO time! I am writing out a BIG ASS HAIRY LIST of 10 goals that scare the crap out of me but once I accomplish; would truly make a ginormous difference in my life and my family’s lives.


So those are my reasons for skipping out on you the past few days. I was busy reflecting, celebrating and planning for what is to come. Think about it for a moment, (if you will humor me here) do you ever look back to your previous birthday (or new year or whatever date is a milestone for you) and see which areas you’ve improved in; which areas you’ve declined in and which areas you’ve stayed exactly the same in?

I believe we can make every goal we set a reality by plugging into what needs to be done. I want to empower other women in their lives just as I’ve been empowered in mine. Not just with fitness; not just with health…but with everything. Time, finances, goals, dreams, less stress and more love.  My coaching business and the amazing friendships that I am making each new year is truly something I will build upon.  The people’s lives that I help to improve by just supporting and being their accountability zone also helps me to better myself and keep accountable to MY goals. The growth in my own mindset and the ability to push through previous roadblocks that have held me down for much too long is key to all of these areas.

If you could do anything in the world that you wanted to do, what would it be? If nothing was holding you back and there were no life threatening risks to you or anyone you know; what would you do for the rest of your days that would feel like the BEST of your days? Think about it. You can have it. But it’s going to take some sacrifices, commitment and follow through. Just watch me in the next year and see what I do with my new goals.

Are you living your current passion and exactly where you want to be today? 


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