It’s GOOOO time!!

I don’t know what has changed in my energy but ever since my birthday this past month (December 12 for those of you who want to make note for gifts next year!) HA! 😉 ….I am on a rampage to succeed bigger and better than I’ve been settling for. Maybe it’s because I realized (and I thought at first that I was a year weird) I was going to be turning 45 next year and kind of sick and tired of certain scenarios staying the same as they have been. Whatever the reasons were is beside the point. I’m just fired up and on the go!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.03.15 AM

Like, fired up enough that I wake up at 4-5am and start working! What?? I know, crazy, right? I would have said the same thing in my “previous” state…(a whopping 3 weeks ago!) but I realized that I can’t stop thinking about all of the great goals and plans I am working for in the next year.

So, I set up my goal planner and wrote down some crazy stuff!!! 10 BIG ASS goals that I will achieve (notice how I didn’t say want or wish??)…Yes, I said that right. I WILL achieve these 10 ginormous goals by next year’s birthday. No, I won’t share them with you now but patience because they will all soon be revealed! bwahahahahahaha! 😀

Anyway, back to reality:

As you probably are aware of, if you know anything at all about me; I’m heavily in love with fitness. Give me a challenge and I’ll do what it takes to crush it to smithereens. (never have I used the word “smithereens” in my blog before so I am pointing it out) Where I usually lack is in my nutrition. This is a big reason I decided to take on a fitness competition just 4 years ago, at the age of 40. No, not to “flaunt” my stuff on stage…although taking those trophies home was kind of a high! It was more about proving to myself that I’m not all about the workouts and flub on my eating. (which, let’s face it; I was doing)

It’s funny because I hear this from so many women who also love fitness. “Yes, I love to workout”…and when asked about their nutrition, the response is usually, “Oh, ya! I eat clean.” Like that means anything!! LOL I eat “clean” too and believe in only whole foods and no crap fillers or artificial stuff ever…(just ask my family, cuz they knowwwww) but we can still overeat the good stuff, right? (I have a lot of stories referring to OD’s on PB; among other foods but we’ll save that for another time) so in my best attempt to put the two together and be completely accountable to my goals (I mean, how much MORE accountable can one get besides stepping on stage with mostly 20-30 year olds in nothing but a bikini and high heels?), I hired an online trainer/coach to help me with my workouts, food plans and how to strut the stage!


That was a journey I will never forget and I am grateful to all who supported me during those 6 months…but you can have your 2+ hour gym workouts and meal plans that make you crazy because of “no carb” days and “low carb days” and eating fish and asparagus every 2 hours ONLY…no thanks! It was fun but I’m back to reality and leading by living real life! lol

What’s up with this rant, you might wonder? First of all, I am on a high for sure and my energy has been through the roof so bare with me. I am taking this time to plan and implement the steps it takes to push forward and prove to both myself, my family, my naysayers..and even YOU; that I can do this. That this can be done. Much like my fitness competition at the age of 40, I can reach life goals like NOBODY else is willing to do at the age of 40+ (mind you, I stopped counting, obviously!)

  1. My fitness and meals will be solid and I’ll be sharing each program that I’ll be doing from here until next December. (maybe longer if you’re nice!)
  2. I’ll also be giving a lot more information on my at-home coaching business. For those of you who don’t know my background, I was a fitness instructor and trainer for over 25 years and although I loved is grueling work and the pay isn’t anything to brag about. lol….I became an at-home online “coach” almost 6 years ago, kind of as a lame attempt at collecting some “extra income” on the side. I basically help people reach their goals while working at home with a proven fitness program, proven and “clean” supplement line and 24/7 online support. It’s a “virtual gym” and has blessed me to be able to quit my full-time career of working early mornings and late nights when my family wanted me home…and actually help me earn back that income (and more) with this “home biz”.

This biz isn’t for everyone and if you’re wondering, yes, it runs like an “MLM” but the only one that I have found that fits my passion, life and goals. The greatest thing about it is that anyone with goals and dreams (and drive) can succeed at this biz! You do not have to be a fitness pro (although this is a great addition to fit pros for sure!), you do not have to be a professional in nutrition either. You simply have got to want to make healthy changes for your life and lead by example. You have to want to help others do the same with your support. The rest is done for us…and the workouts come with their own “personal trainers” to bring into your living room! 😉 I’m not the only one in my household who is doing this anymore…my daughter and 2 sons are on their own programs and using our supplements daily for their own goals and success stories. I’m a proud momma! 😉 12246990_10208268267935240_8306247315003551451_n

Anyway, keep watching cuz I’ll be sharing a ton of my ups and downs and everything in between along the next 12 months but if you have ever wanted to create your own home biz and have a passion for helping others succeed; as well as keeping you on track with your own health and fitness, I highly suggest getting some info sent your way today. No pressure but how will you know if you never find out?

Here’s an application to fill out and I’ll forward the info right away. You only live once and if you hold back because of fear of the unknowns and not wanting to get too uncomfortable; you might become complacent like I have been.

Or are you already there???


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