Age is just a number…seriously!

It’s Friday night and I am honoring my promise to post every day this month in order to keep myself on track. Today was a long day; some sad news today and just a lot of running around and family stuff.

I know, it’s life.

But one story I want to share with you tonight is one that happened today and really just made me realize that all of this “craziness” that I share in my workouts and foods and just good healthy habits – do, actually have a purpose. Here’s what I mean:

I teach a weekly Insanity class on Friday mornings at the local gym. It’s at 9am and I usually have less than ample energy following this class to come home and complete my home workout with the amount of energy and focus that I would like…so…I wake up at 5am to get my personal workout done.

It’s just 30 minutes and then I sit down with my coffee, breakfast and some personal development reading. This has become a great habit and I don’t have any intention of stopping.


In any case, today started out in the same way and then I complete the morning routine in helping my youngest get ready for school. He does drink a Shakeology for breakfast and that has made me one happy mom! (previously he would only agree to some sugary crap filled cereal OR nothing…not on my watch!). We then head out the door and I drop him at school and then drive to the gym to set up for my class. I was a bit earlier than usual today, so I was in the ladies’ locker room and answering some messages on my phone with my microphone and music for class, sitting next to me on the bench.

A woman walked into the room and obviously, I was sitting right in front of her locker…lol Why does this always happen to me? There are hundreds of lockers and whenever I decide to sit near any of them, the next person who enters the room is usually asking me to move because I’m right in front of their lock! 🙂

silly me!

Anyway, I giggled and moved aside; only to continue focusing on my phone and work. (love that I get to call this “work”! haha) The woman was organizing her bag and belongings and asked me if I was an instructor (after seeing my equipment). I told her that I was, and had been teaching for over 25 years and she shared how her daughter just started teaching some classes too. We talked awhile about teaching and fitness and then I told her, “your daughter obviously has a great role model in you”…

Let me pause for a moment: The reason I said this comment was because this woman was seriously fit. Her arms were sculpted and you could see she had some major definition in her legs and body. I was impressed and believe we all need to share more when we are inspired by others.

Back to the conversation; she actually stopped brushing her hair and turned to look at me. She said, “I quit smoking in 1984.” (to which I was very impressed!) She continued, “I could hardly walk around the block. I would honestly have to stop and catch my breath every few yards at that point. Our work provided us with a track and I began to walk on the track. It was slow, but I stayed consistent to the walking. Mind you, I had to stop every few minutes to breath, and then I would continue on.”

(I was really interested in her story as she seemed so passionate about it and it was quite motivating. I wish I asked for a picture with her because she was that fit and impressive, especially now that I heard she could hardly walk back in the 80’s.)

I shared with her how inspired I was to hear her story. But then she continued,

“I need to keep going. I need to keep working on my fitness goals because when you get to my age, anything that you stop catches up to you quickly.”

This woman clearly couldn’t be over 60.

“I turned 84 this year…” she said.

And that’s where I sat dumbfounded and in disbelief.

Wait, WHAT??? 84 years old??? Not possible!

I actually said that I didn’t believe her. Here was a strong, fit woman who sported a short, white hair style and seemed to be zipping around the locker room as if she had energy to spare. And this was after her workout!


Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.03.33 PM

So now I have a new role model. And today, I learned that there is a reason for my “no excuse” attitude. There is more determination in my goals than ever before – as she’s almost twice my age!!

I believe that once we get to a certain point in our lives, we may tend to believe we “should” have done more. We “should” have spent more time on our health. We “should” have cared more about taking better care of ourselves. But it’s at that point that there’s likely a reason for wishing we had started earlier, or just cared more. It may be a health issue or some major difficulty that can hinder us beginning any new habits.

So, I challenge you, if you are reading this consider your daily habits. Are they making you “better” or are they creating the reverse results? It’s up to each of us to make the necessary changes. But if you are not sure where to start, please drop me an email and let’s start you on a plan that is personalized for you and your goals.


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