Motivation is a myth!

It’s New Year’s Eve and everyone is running around, excited to kick off the New Year with some amazing goals and dreams.

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This is the year I finally lose the weight! This will be the year I succeed in my business! I will commit to being healthier, reducing stress, making more time for myself, eat better foods, be a better person, start to meditate….

On and on it goes. The problem, we think, is our MOTIVATION. Right? We are motivated to start because of a new day and a new year. What better time to re-engage with what we have been putting off? While I do agree that it is exciting and it is a start…what happens when our motivation lags? What happens when life happens and we get steered off course? Family commitments come up unexpectedly; what then? Our kids get sick or we get stuck at work longer than expected and our planned time to do what we resolved to do is pushed off.

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What then?????

All of a sudden your plans to succeed goes from regular to non-existent. Believe me, I know what it’s like to have a really good routine and then something unexpected happens. Maybe you miss a few workouts and then all of a sudden you are in a rut again. So my question is this…

How do you get back in the game when you fall off track?

And if you think you won’t, you’re truly in denial! 😉

Motivation, in my opinion, is a state of temporary emotion. For many of us who have dealt with anxiety and depression (hands up, over here!!), we really need to stop relying on this “feeling”. Instead, we need to focus on our actual plans and start to listen to our inner thoughts more often than we do. For example, I love to exercise but I didn’t always. There are still days that I only have time at 5am to fit in my workout but when my alarm rings and I am warm in my bed; why on earth would I decide it’s a good idea to get uncomfortable out of my cozy slumber and go sweat like a fiend at the crack of dawn?

Why indeed? These are the moments we must practice for. I have trained myself to know that if I choose to hit “snooze” and keep sleeping; then I am sleeping on what I want most. The discomfort I am avoiding is only temporary. It’s at these times I must dig in and start my self-talk. (and at 5 in the morning, this is not an easy feat!)  This can happen at any time of the day so here is what I usually say to myself:

Why don’t I want to do anything? Did something trigger me feeling this way? Am I mad, sad, upset or defeated? Has someone said something to me to make me feel this way? Have I dropped the ball somewhere and now I’m afraid to face what has happened since? Am I burnt out? Do I need some self-care? 

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 9.03.39 AM

Asking questions like these will help us find an answer and we can then deal with the problem. The problem isn’t that I don’t want to work out at 5am…it was a good idea the night before so why would that change? Maybe I’m too comfortable and the discomfort makes me unhappy. But again, it’s temporary. The goals I have and the plans I’ve made will be a trade off for the temporary discomfort and sacrifice of doing what I don’t want in that moment.

So the resolution doesn’t lie in what we want to achieve; but in how we will overcome issues that work to stop us from the goal. What can you do when life happens and you usually would just forget the workout, or extra work hour you had planned for your home business venture? Figure out a “plan b” so that you can just move to that option instead. If my workout gets pushed off because one of my kids were sick at 4am and I was busy taking care of them; I would schedule my workout for later in the day. I would not say, “oh, forget it! I can’t do it now”…I would happen, even if at midnight that night!

Our goals have to be our priorities. Not a “I wish for this to happen…” as most of us do at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

So, let’s reframe those goals, shall we? I would love to connect and hear what your’s are so we can hold eachother accountable. Please send me a friend request on Facebook: or an email to: and let’s start a tribe of successful new friends who hold eachother accountable, no matter what!!!!

Deal? Happy New year, by the way! 😉




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