The truth about Beachbody Coaching (non biased info)

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See that picture above. THAT is exactly what i felt like when I first found the coaching opportunity. I was like hmmmm… sounds cool but also sounds overrrated. Totally being honest here!  I kind of looked at the opportunity and said, “ya, but can you really make any money cuz it doesn’t sound like work!

My goal here is to save you from the confusion, anxiety and uncertainties of researching the legitimacy and logistics of Beachbody coaching. This is truly unbiased as I will share my down and dirty experience. I want everyone to gather the information and make a conscience decision on whether this would be a fit for you or not. And if not, then that’s totally acceptable too! The bottom line is that there is no “one size fits all” in life and this is just another opportunity for those who are drawn to it and treat it like a business; versus a “hobby”. I am sharing with you what it has done for my life and what it can do for those who share the vision of the network. This has SAVED MY LIFE from the overstressed and underpaid world of working for someone else. Let’s start by breaking down the differences between what a Beachbody coach IS and IS NOT! —->

bb coach

So you probably read this info over and realized that truly ANYONE and EVERYONE can be a coach, right? Well, yes and no. As a coach, we have many different roles and strong points but the number one takeaway is that this takes a true LEADER. Leading and living by example is the key to legitimate role modeling.  Some of us are trainers and some of us are not. I get asked this question often too…”what are your feelings about so many coaches who are working with clients and not qualified as a trainer or nutritionist?” Well first of all, we don’t need to be a certified trainer in order to become a successful “coach” because that’s where the programs come into play. The trainers in our workouts are professionals and perform awesome results in the proven plans that are available through the Beachbody world. But that is not the entire package. If you were to simply purchase a plan from the Beachbody store and decide you’re going to get some great results this time around, great! But what is different about this time? What about the other programs and workouts you’ve purchased or started in the past? Why weren’t you more successful before and why is it different now? Let me say that in choosing a coach who you relate with, you now have a “workout partner” that can share some great results and personal stories while helping to motivate you and relate with you at the same time.  Not only that, but you will be surrounded by the community within the Beachbody world which is pretty flipping fabulous as we all have the common goal of paying it forward and helping someone else achieve goals that we are either doing now…or have done already. Now that we’ve covered this first topic, I want to go over some common misconceptions about coaching…
–You don’t have to be at your goal weight! —-> Beachbody coaching is more about taking the journey WITH others, along side of you. Think about it… relatable is perfection? I would not be motivated by somebody who proclaimed to have it all together and have the perfect/ideal body they always wanted. I want to know that someone else is struggling to put down that cupcake right along side of me! The feeling of camaraderie and being a part of a “family” is more powerful and allows us all to work together day to day.
–You don’t have to be a business MASTER!– A lot of people are really scared at first!! Saying things like “how would i get people to join my team?” OR “How would I get in touch with people” OR ” I don’t even think I have a market!” ….The MOST beautiful thing about it……ALL THESE THINGS ARE ALREADY SPELLED OUT for you. We have tons of trainings, documents and one-on-one trainings for this very reason! Some of the TOP COACHES in the BIZ (we are talking millionaires people) have figured out the ways and they pass it down to you! 🙂 It’s similar to a biz model if you were to purchase and run a franchise, you have all the tools and strategies and secrets laid out for you; and the only missing component left to fill is YOU!
–You don’t have to be a certified personal trainer or nutrition BUFF. –> Back to my topic from above…we have TRAINERS to do this! Even as a certified trainer (as I am), it takes so much pressure off of me to not have to sit and walk one person through a workout a few days a week and not quite know what they are doing on the other non-training days; let alone what they are eating!  Ever heard of some people named Shaun T? Tony Horton? Autumn Calabrese? Chalene Johnson? Well, in case you haven’t….(and are you living under a rock??? LOL)…these are the CELEBRITY TRAINERS that Beachbody has hired to whip challengers into shape! They are THE BEST OF THE BEST! nobody needs ANOTHER personal trainer !! Beachbody also has full teams of the top nutritionists making custom meal plans (tested and proven) for challengers to use! I cannot tell you how many trainers I’ve known throughout the years that didn’t even offer up nutrition plans for their clients!!! It’s like, the most important aspect to getting results!!!
–It is NOT a pyramid scheme! –> let me ask you a question…DO YOU KNOW WHAT A PYRAMID SCHEME IS? …Let me give you a huge HINT: It’s ILLEGAL!!! You cannot have a successful business model anything like the one within Beachbody if it was a pyramid scheme without being shut down. You also wouldn’t see a pyramid scheme be accredited by the Better Business Bureau as a great network marketing company. The second major issue with a pyramid scheme is that there is no real product consumption within it. Here’s how a natural “pyramid scheme” works; you are asked to invest in a company and then you are asked to bring in two new people underneath you. Any income generated to you is only from those “new” people you signed up underneath you. There are no products or return for the investment and these “new” people are also asked to bring on two new people…and so on and so forth. This could not be further from the Beachbody business as there are obviously products and services to invest in and share along the way.
Let me also share how Beachbody was started and how they decided to implement the network marketing business within the company; and how it is fast growing to more than a  multi-million dollar business model it has become in a few short years. The company started with just two owners; Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon. These two were basically working as infomercial salesmen who were doing amazingly well in their sales in other businesses and when they came together they realized their niche was in health and fitness. They decided to come together and start a company, which they called “Beachbody” and then they ran into a guy named, “Tony Horton” (who you may know from P90X popularity) 😉 Together, these 3 men developed and sold their first workout programs and were having amazing success within their customer base. The problem was that they also needed a place for these customers to come together and share their successes as well as receive support and motivation from one another. They created a customer “forum” online and that’s when the many organic “sharing” of the workout success and help within the community truly was born.   These “success customers” or “coaches” (as now known) were able to help the new customers gain more success than ever and they found that the customers who didn’t utilize the forum and the “coaches” had less success or none at all. 90% of the success stories came from the members who were “coached” by the success story customers. It became apparent that this was something which needed to be celebrated and rewarded with compensation benefits. The “coaching” network was born and those who were working to motivate and help those who were beginning their own journeys were given a 25% commission on the sales that they were helping to generate. I don’t know about you; but this could not be further from the definition of a “pyramid scheme”. When I joined, I purchased a workout program and my Shakeology and I didn’t blindly put my money into an empty “company model” in hopes of getting rich quick. The only money I invest in my business, is giving me something in return that I could use for my goals in health and fitness. The other aspect was in signing people up strictly to “earn” money from. When I have a coach sign up, if they are not interested in building a business with me; I’d rather they stay on as a customer so we can work together strictly to help them reach their goals. I only want coaches that actually want to build a business at home; on their own time and their own terms. If they are willing to help other people; if they want to get fit and help other people change their lives and pay it forward while they are changing their own lives as well…then and only then do I benefit from these coaches. But only if they are truly helping others and benefiting from their own “coaching”. So the “shape” of the company may resemble a pyramid…but if you think about it, doesn’t every organization and company actually resemble a pyramid too? Just being honest! 😉 So I hope that helps you understand this issue.
Feel better?!?!  ME TOO!
Now that we have addressed some of the most common misconceptions !! Let’s talk about the benefits!!!! The TRUE, HONEST, HARD COLD Benefits !
I bet you are thinking …SERIOUSLY?!?! That is amazing!
Yeah, that is what I am trying to tell you! HAHA! But most people cant see it at first because our BRAINS ARE TRAINED — go to school , spend thousands getting a degree …then work in that job for YEARS behind a desk until you GET TO retire…BUT FINALLY the secret is out!  There IS a better way!
The benefits above are all completely real and true. When I began, I made (an average) of $200-$500 a week in my first few months with Beachbody. Just consider for a moment what would an extra $800 or more do for your life and your family? Would it help you relieve some stresses about bills? Would you be able to save up for a vacation or some fancy new workout gear? Would you just like to have some extra cash left over after all the bills are paid each month? These are all great goals when starting out as a new coach and they are all possible for anyone who commits to the training and steps to build this business.
What I liked best about getting started is that there are absolutely NO OBLIGATIONS! Many times, if you sign up for an opportunity such as this, you have a time commitment. This is completely risk-free…I actually had a coach sign up one day and decide she had changed her mind the NEXT day and we were able to cancel with NO QUESTIONS asked. I’m actually happy to help those who change their minds because we are all free to do so in our lives, why should this be any different?
I am now making more with this business than I made as a full time personal trainer in a corporate gym and it only took me taking a LEAP OF FAITH and believe that if this worked for someone else (which I knew was the case) then I could do the very same thing. 🙂
So I want to explain now that there are 3 different options when joining as a coach. Remember NO obligations and here are the options to choose from:

1. “Preferred Customer” OR DISCOUNT COACH. —> This is someone who LOVES the products and is going to keep ordering them but doesn’t want to be a coach! NO PROBLEM! You get everything at 25% off. If you are getting your monthly shipment of Shakeology (who isnt) There are NO strings attached and ZERO work to be done with this option. Here is how it will break down.
-Shakeology (retail) = $129.95
-Shakeology (coach) – $97.46
(add in the required monthly fee of $15.95 for if you ever want to start coaching…..$114.00)
That is a savings of $16.54 per month which adds up to $202.08 !!! (that is a HUGE savings over time, wouldn’t you agree?)
-Because you are technically a “coach” you get to write off all of your Beachbody purchases on your taxes 🙂 🙂 🙂
Extra refund?…YES PLEASE!!!

**Remember you also get 25% off EVERYTHING on the website.. including programs, apparel, etc…
2. “Hobby Coach” or  “Part Time” —> This is someone who doesn’t want to make it full time thing but loves the products and how they affect their life and wants to make a little extra FUN MONEY from telling people what they are doing to look and feel so awesome! Who doesn’t want an extra $200 bucks in their bank account every month ? This is the FUN perk with no real WORK to be done! Does someone notice you lost weight or your skin looks better than ever? They would ask you “what are you doing?” and you simply SHARE with them. That’s how easy this option is 🙂

3. The “Business Building” coach –> Someone who wants to take it to THE TOP and make it a SIX FIGURE income and beyond business! Helping people for a living!!!!! All for the small price of $39.95 !!!

I know that I’m a visual learner and need to SEE the facts before I really understand what is being said. So I found this graphic and thought you might enjoy checking it out to see for yourself. Think of this business as a “Franchise opportunity” and this makes complete sense:
—-> For just a second, I want you to play “what if” with me…what if you became a coach?
”What if” you never made a penny but you got healthier–that’s it!  You started drinking shakeology (for a discount), working out consistently with the help of your fellow coaches, what if you started feeling better, being present in your family’s lives, having more energy and just feeling ALIVE! Would it be worth it?

“What if” you shared Beachbody with a friend who was diabetic, depressed and on a downward spiral just praying for someone to reach out and help notice them..they just aren’t in a place to get started on their own. They are defeated. YOU are THAT person! YOU reach out and play a huge part in changing/saving their life!

Would it be worth it?

“What if” you jumped wholeheartedly into this opportunity and committed to doing whatever it takes? You do the small, consistent tasks daily no matter what’s going on in your life because you not only dream of something better, you KNOW it’s out there and you are DETERMINED to get it! You commit to be here a year from now! You have big dreams and realize this is an amazing outlet to get you there! You do the 3 vital behaviors relentlessly because you KNOW you were DESTINED FOR GREATNESS! In 2 years, you are making a six figure income, helping people–feeling blessed and humble and thankful!

Would it be worth it?

“What if” you forgot about it…this coaching thing’s not for me..fears, apprehensions, preconceived notions, whatever the reason…you just don’t want to do it. You don’t have to. But I challenge you today to think about the things in your life that make you unhappy or miserable…what are you doing about them? Five years from now, will you be having the same bad day– overworked, underpaid, tired and stressed? What if you DID something about it instead. Would it be worth it?

Fill in this application to be considered for a spot on the team 🙂

Sleep more to lose weight?

How many hours per night are you currently sleeping? Like, really, legit “sleeping” and not just laying down with thoughts racing or waking up every few hours and falling back to sleep. It’s such a critical part of our success in life, health and more – that it just needs to be said…so I am going to share some really important info that I’ve learned today.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.07.45 PM

Energy is something we all need and crave. We hope to find it in our coffee cups, our energy drinks, stimulants and more; and while these do help for a while…they also bring you down hard…like crashing down hard! 

And that is just not fun to experience.

The first thing we need to understand about energy is that we aren’t meant to be running at full speed ahead all of the time. This type of thinking is what I have previously fought with (as a natural type”A” personality who likes to run and not stop until I crash and want to hide from the world) and had to readjust after years of breaking myself down again and again. We cannot maintain the constant “full out” energy speed and expect to live a healthy and fulfilling life. We need to respect the natural ebb and flow of our energy levels; and our family and friends will love us more for it! 😉

So let’s talk about the most important aspect of the downtime; sleep. 

If you sleep more, you will achieve more. Sounds kind of crazy at first, right? Ya, I know but honestly it is totally on point! Our bodies require enough shut-eye every night in order to function at it’s best and to recharge after the busyness of each day. Do you know what else sleep is responsible for? Let me just tell you 😉

It helps in immune functioning, metabolism (just try to reach your goals and not sleep…it ain’t gonna happen!), memory, learning and many other vital bodily functions. Sleep is when our bodies work on repairing, healing, resting and growing. If we don’t get enough sleep, we are gradually wearing ourselves down and our ability to succeed in any way. Are you game to give it a go now?

Let’s start by finding out what is actually considered enough sleep. There is a huge difference in the amount of sleep you can get by on (something I hear many people say, “I only need 4 hours and I’m good to go”…) and the amount you actually need to function at your best. For 97% of us (6% of people have a gene that allows them to get enough rest on just 6 hours a night but this is very very very rare), we need more than just six hours of sleep per night. I know, I used to think, “I’m fine to get less sleep because I can still wake up and get everything done”, but I started to see and feel the effects of the lack of rest and decided I was tired of feeling tired. Better sleep and more sleep allows our bodies to function at higher levels of performance. And who doesn’t want to perform at higher levels, right??? You’ll not only work better and faster but you’ll also have a better attitude towards your daily tasks too.


The personal amount of rest for each of us differs but the research shows that the average adult requires at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night to restore the energy it takes to handle the daily demands of life. How can we find out if we are getting the amount that our bodies need? The best way is to evaluate how you feel as you go about your days. If you’re getting enough sleep, you’ll feel energetic and alert all day long, from the moment you wake up in the morning until your regular bedtime hour. If you’re not, you’ll start to reach for that caffeine or sugar mid-morning or mid-afternoon…sometimes both.

So what happens if you don’t get enough sleep? Let’s cover some common issues that most people will suffer;

difficulty concentrating, difficulty thinking clearly, forgetting things or not being able to remember. You might also notice that your ineffectiveness or inefficiencies at home or at work; and may blame these missteps on your busy schedule. The more sleep that you miss, the more pronounced these symptoms become over time.

Kind of scary, right?

Not getting enough sleep also makes us more moody and cranky and less able to deal with daily stresses. Personalities are affected and we can become more cranky and less patient (ever snap at your kids our spouse like I was doing and feel awful later?) Most people will not enjoy being around you as often due to becoming a difficult and crabby person. I know, I have been there. We tend to cut back on sleep in order to fit in more “things” in our lives. We are always running against deadlines, and our schedules are packed with more to-do’s than there are hours in the day. Unfortunately, lack of sleep also wears down our immunity and is responsible for more illnesses, viruses and diseases when these “cracks” in our systems allow us to be attacked by offenders that can be fought off when we are well rested.


So what happens when we do get enough sleep? We are happier people, we are much more fun to be around and our minds and bodies are repaired and functioning at higher levels. Think about how we drag when we are tired. Then think about how we feel when we are fully rested and can take on the day with vigor and enthusiasm. It’s actually something that attracts others to us. Happy, positive energy is something you cannot buy and is not easily attained when over-tired. Getting enough sleep helps us to live longer, to be more creative, to attain and achieve a healthy weight more easily, to feel less stressed and to help us avoid mistakes and accidents. If you are interested in diving deeper into this subject, check out “Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success” ~ by Shawn Stevenson.

Will you be adding more sleep time now that you know?

How to shift your mindset about exercise and weight loss

Let’s talk about exercise.

I hear quite often from people who are struggling with their weight loss efforts and begin to feel frustrated because they are unable to reach their goals for many reasons that can be due to misconceptions about their basic plans. People crowd into gyms on January 1st after the much promise of “I want to lose weight this year”, New Year’s resolution has been proclaimed the evening before. Did you know that by February 1st, 70% of those “resolutioners” quit? They just quit! Why? Because it wasn’t a strong enough desire for them to continue long term. It was a short term “fix” to some deeper issues.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.32.15 AM

Or how about people that commit to rigorous new exercise programs like Crossfit, Insanity or running, just because they heard someone say they had some success in it?  Although there is much success within these programs; it’s not all about the programs alone. What works for one person isn’t necessarily the best plan for another. If you are a beginner, for goodness sake, start with something that can be sustained and enjoyed long term at the get go, like walking? Movement is movement, bottom line. Just get off the couch and you’ll achieve better results than sitting and watching a Netflix season while bingeing on bon-bons. The goal for more challenging programs like those above should be for those who need it and actually enjoy being challenged and able to sustain the workouts along the way.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.37.41 AM

We should never pummel our bodies into oblivion in order to “shape” it into the perfect body we imagine. Our bodies are meant to be respected and challenged according to our levels and any previous issues. I see too often, those who seem to be punishing their bodies with exercise. They almost seem to dislike what they are doing and aren’t happy about the time they spend working out. Many times, these individuals (when not taking precautions and training smarter..not harder) will suffer an injury or burnout at some point.

One thing I repeat quite often to my group exercise classes, (and yes, I teach Insanity LIVE!) is to smile when feeling like you want to quit or stop. (this applies to all fitness plans) To actually force a smile (and even if it looks forced) will immediately improve your mood. It’s a quick shift in our brains that we are not suffering; although it may feel like we are.  This has become a habit of mine in every challenging situation I am confronted with. Just to know that I can curl up the corners of my mouth and I will feel more confident and positive in the very moment is a powerful and quite amazing habit. Why not give it a go? What have you got to lose anyway?

So what would be a better route when choosing to get healthier and fit? If we can’t just focus on pushing ourselves in our workouts, what other way can we benefit and reach our goals of weight loss? Of course, you probably know it’s in our nutrition. I’m not even going to tell you how to eat here…just the fact of getting yourself on a plan that supports your goals, your energy levels, your preferences and the enjoyment of nourishing your body will be the best plan for you. I dislike diets because they are centered around deprivation.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.39.11 AM

Stop eating carbs and lose 15 lbs!! Drink this diet potion 3 times a day and lose your unwanted belly fat! Drink this veggie smoothie every day for a month and lose 30 lbs! 

Sound familiar? Yea, and it makes me cringe when I see these headlines, advertisements and posts because it lures those who want the quick fix into thinking this will be the magic plan. This will be the week, month, year that we finally lose that unwanted weight and feel happy about ourselves again.


Diets work. Plain and simple. But they are temporary. It’s like a band-aid on a much larger issue. Pretending that this will “cure” our ailments of overeating, cravings, bingeing, etc is ridiculous and the diet industry thrives off of this mindset. We want “quick”; we want “instant” and we don’t really want to be too uncomfortable while we wait for these results.

Which brings me back to the first point made about exercise that can seem to be daunting or feel miserable. I am going to be honest and say I dislike running. Do I run? Of course! But instead of using it as a tool to lose weight or be able to eat all the carbs that I want; I use it as a challenge and work to my levels and listen to my body’s cues. This wasn’t always the case. I was enjoying my running with local friends and groups as a leisure experience that challenged my body and ultimately, made me feel proud after accomplishing a challenging route. I’m not sure when I thought it would be a good idea to enter to run a marathon…but that, I did. And I trained correctly. I followed a running plan that slowly increased in mileage over time (you should have heard my hubby freak out the day I was going to run 18 miles by myself!! “who does that???” he asked….lol) and then tapered back down just before the big day. I had a goal of finishing the marathon between 4 hours and 4 1/2 hours (although I secretly hoped I could qualify for Boston! ha)

I was proud that I actually finished the run in 4 1/2 hours and was able to cross the finish line…although, hubby caught me just after and literally dragged me to the recovery area. I remember, quite vividly how I felt in those final 4 miles. After mile 22, I couldn’t bare to take another step.

But another step, I did take. And again and again. It was quite painful at that point; body, mind and spirit. I had to reach in and gather every extra ounce of will to just get the race over with. I thought about people I knew who actually repeated this process. And I wondered WHY???

But in the end, I was proud that I finished. The reason I was able to finish, however, was because I trained right. I researched best practices for training and read up on nutrition and tips to keep me strong and help me recover between long days. I didn’t mix in another workout plan at that time because I just couldn’t. I focused on stretching, yoga, resting, nutrition, hydrating along the way instead. This was not for weight loss goals, though, it was about doing something I thought I would never accomplish. Why? Because I could!


True story!

But would I want to do it again? Probably not! I wouldn’t rule out a 1/2 marathon or shorter race but a full marathon I will leave to the professional lovers of running. My body and mind prefer lifting weights and circuit style training. This doesn’t mean that’s all I do. We should commit to doing the things we currently SUCK at. Not that it has to be perfect or that we have to learn to love it forever; but we should always know what it’s like to be challenged. Our minds are powerful tools and if we think of exercise as a tool to feel better over time (and hey, let’s face it…look better too!), we may start to enjoy it as we go along. Exercise, to me, is a way of feeling my best. I have more energy on days that I workout. I feel more positive. I am confident and feel healthy and stronger. I know that I’m setting a good example to those in my life who need it. I don’t exercise to lose weight. That comes from our nutrition, mostly. Exercise can help our goals but should never be the main focus. Haven’t you heard the saying, “You cannot out-exercise a bad diet”??? Been there…done that too! 😉

Starting out on 60 Day Shred Plan

Day #2 of my 60 day shred program is under wraps! I have to say that I am actually a bit nervous and giddy about this plan and the results that I know will follow from my dedication and support from others on the same journey!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 12.15.10 PM

The New Year started out as any other, full of promise and resolutions and more people on track with their workouts and food plans than ever before – yet it also makes me a bit sad because I know it will drop significantly by Valentines Day. So this surge of energy and excitement from others feels almost like false hope; year after year. And yet, I know there will be those who have begun because it was New Years; and decide to stay with it long after the multitudes decide the sacrifices of the journey isn’t worth the results.

Today’s post is dedicated to those who stick through past Valentine’s day; past Easter; past summer and past the next holiday season. I am here fighting the fight with you!

This past weekend, I took my progress pictures, I studied the nutritional program and calculated my allotted portions and foods; I scheduled in my workouts for the week and I went shopping for the foods on the grocery list to prepare some foods ahead of time when life would be busier.


Having a plan always helps us start stronger. It’s surprising how many times I thought I had planned out “well enough” only to be sidetracked by life’s happenings and kids, family stuff, etc…all threw my “plans” out the window. This time I know I am more committed because of the GOALS I have to complete this plan. I’m not in it for a half-assed success plan…I’m in this for the transformation story I can share with others because I decided to simply follow the system. And it’s a proven system!

No “extra” workouts (you know some of you are so guilty of this…and so was I! LOL), no “fudging” on foods and thinking “it’s just a little bit extra and won’t matter in the long run…”; no giving myself excuses like I did in the past; “this is too hard for me”; “I can’t eat like this, it’s too difficult and I want/need more” etc etc etc

Simply put…NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

I calculated the portions for my goals and I was a little bit confused whether to add “lean out” as my main goal or “build muscle”. I know that by doing Insanity Max:30 the last 2 months, I have definitely leaned out already…but in order to “get shredded” (I just love saying that!); should I continue to lean out? Or do I now change things up so my body responds sooner and build some muscle instead?

Ultimately, I know I’ll get amazing results but this is where I was stuck yesterday. I decided I’d try out the lower phase and followed “Plan A” eating. The foods were a bit less than I’m used to but I know the calculations are set to help us succeed where we are so I wasn’t under-eating at all. Today, I’m still considering adding the goal of “build muscle” as I am excited again to use weights from the past 2 months of just body weight and HIIT type trainings.

Here’s how I’m working it out:

Here’s how Plan A is set up, and how my meals fit the portions yesterday:

1200-1499 calories

3 Green containers, 2 Purple containers, 4 Red containers, 2 Yellow containers, 1 Blue container, 1 Orange container, 2 tsp

My Day 1:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup oats (1 yellow) , cooked with 4 egg whites (1/2 red), 1/2 banana (1 purple), 1/2 tsp peanut butter (1/2 tsp, and coffee, black

Snack: Chocolate Shakeology (1 red) blended with 1 cup water, 1 cup ice and 5 pecan halves (1/2 blue)

Lunch: 8 egg whites (1 red) scrambled with onion and squash (1 1/2 green), hot sauce, apple with cinnamon (1 purple)

Snack: 1/4 c oats (1/2 yellow), 1/2 red container greek yogurt, 1/2 tsp PB

Dinner: Salad greens/tomato (1 1/2 green) with 1/2 red container ground turkey and 1/2 blue container avocado

Snack: 1/4 c oats (1/2 yellow), 1/2 red container greek yogurt, 1/2 tsp PB, herbal tea

My workout was the Chisel Balance with Autumn and it was hard to balance!! LOL Great workout and today I’m feeling it! Choose a plan and stick to the plans and complete the program to really know how the results show up! 100% all in!

Check out these results from a 53 year old rockstar!! No excuses, ladies!!!