Why me?

I am feeling the need to share deeply today.

I usually share how I’m working on bettering myself; mentally, physically, emotionally, nutritionally, etc etc etc.

I usually share some fun recipes that can be added into a healthier than most lifestyle.

I usually share some humor or deep thoughts and struggles from my life.

Today, is not usual.

Today is a day that I’m feeling the beginning of becoming completely transparent. I want to share on a deeper level and maybe even risk offending some of you in the meantime. If so, that is not my intention but I will not apologize for this transparency or messages either.


I have been a Christian woman my whole life. I have a deep connection in my faith, church and community. I don’t usually share this because it is part of me already and more of a personal topic. I don’t wish to change anyone’s beliefs because that’s not my goal in life. My goals in life are based on MY FAITH, MY FAMILY and MY passion to help others achieve their best lives through my examples and failures.

That is all.

When life throws us curveballs, crap shots and just plain, ugly situations and challenges; we have many choices in how we will deal (or not deal) with these circumstances.

We have been dealt many challenges in our lives. I’m not alone in this and neither are you. Some of us go through more than others and while that is not “fair” by any measure or understandable in any way, it’s just the way it goes. What I believe in is prayer and faith in my God. It also requires us reaching out and loving on others in our lives and those who touch our lives. I don’t have time for people who are small-minded and who don’t care to think about the consideration of other people. We are not the center of the universe by any means, and yet, we should fight to take the best care of ourselves; mind, body and soul.

Currently, we are dealing with some less than awesome news. It’s personal and it’s private and I’m not going to share the details for obvious reasons. What I will share is this; we are all 100% responsible in doing our best every darned day. We are 100% responsible in leading others to living a better life. We are 100% responsible to everyone we know and love and have a connection with to support anytime there is a need. We are 100% responsible to stop being ignorant to ugliness, stupid to our mistakes and silent when there is something meaningful in our hearts to share.

Faith is my core. I believe that God uses me daily in many ways and that He does the same with you. We are just the messengers. We are just here to be a support, example and loving soul to everyone out there that needs and desires it.

While there are days that life knocks me to the ground; breathless and struggling to continue, I have the responsibility to stand up and fight. I have the responsibility to being a light to those who need it. I hit the lowest point in my life about 15 years ago and can remember quite vividly as I lay on the bathroom floor, crying and wishing for an end to my pain. I was a complete basket case. I thought that nobody could feel pain as I was feeling.

I was 100% ignorant and 100% incorrect.

So what, I was dealing with something that shattered my world? There are plenty of other people in this world who have and do, deal with much much more. Who am I to think I’m any worse or better off? We are all alike and we all have the responsibility to be there for each other every step of the way. Even as we struggle forward.

It was one day I will never forget.

One day about 15 years ago.

I know this because my children were 3 and 4 years old. I was laying on the floor of our small, pink bathroom at the time; sobbing and feeling like there could be nobody on this earth who could relate to the bitter and deep pain I was feeling at the time. It was unfair, it was cold, it was unsettling in every way I could imagine.

As I think back, it’s still difficult to comprehend. But it was my deepest struggle at that point. It was my hurt, pain and unhappiness in the situation. But what made me look up that day?


I believe it was God who said to me, “Wake up and LOOK!”

I peered over my shoulder towards the bathroom doorway and I saw 2 pairs of young eyes, peeking around the corner to look at me. That is a moment I will never ever ever forget.

Those were my babies. Those babies were scared. They saw their mother on the ground and acting completely helpless and not anything like who they needed me to be. The look in their eyes was fearful and uncertainty. I felt as though I was kicked in the belly.

What was I doing to them? Here, I was worrying about ME. I was feeling sorry for ME. I was acting hopeless because of MY feelings of despair.

But what about them? What about my role and responsibility to helping them and showing them love and support? I was letting them down and I needed to get myself on track with a goal and a deeper reason for my life other than where I lay.

I remember also, pushing myself, weakly, up off the floor. I remember shakily standing up and washing my tear-stained face and heard their little feet run off into the next room. I forced a smile upon my face and went to find them. I wrapped my arms around them and promised myself I would make it my life’s goal to always be there for them. To always be there for others who needed me. That’s how we deal with hardships. We are not alone. There are so many others who rely on us and who need us and our strength; as we also need theirs.


That day changed my life. That was the day that helped me see that there is a bigger cause than my own thoughts and feelings. The same is true for you today. I hope this message touches you in some way to do something greater with our life.


Banana Chocolate Chip Snack Cake

My kids loooove when our bananas go riper than we like to eat…because we make this!!!


-1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, sifted
-2/3 cup coconut sugar
-1 teaspoon baking soda
-1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-3/4 cup Almond Milk
-1/4 cup vegetable oil
-1 cup mashed banana (roughly 2 medium ripe bananas)
-1 tablespoon white distilled vinegar
-1 teaspoon vanilla extract
-1 1/2 cups semisweet chocolate chips

1. Preheat oven to 350F. Lightly grease an 8×8 square pan.
2. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt.
3. In another large bowl, whisk together the almond milk, oil, banana, vinegar, and vanilla. Pour over the dry ingredients and mix everything until combined, being careful not to overwork the batter. 4. Stir in 3/4 cup chocolate chips.
5. Spread the batter into the pan and top with the remaining 3/4 cup chocolate chips. Bake 25-30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean (it may have some chocolate on it). Cool completely before serving.

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Choose to live a happy life!

How would you describe yourself to others?

Would you be complimentary with your words about yourself?

Would you describe yourself as you would a best friend?

Or would you describe yourself  “less than” average and apologize for your shortcomings?

Most of us would fit the latter personalities. Why do we have such low self esteem and acceptance of ourselves?

Photo on 2-23-16 at 9.30 AM

It can be a challenge to love ourselves and to to be our own biggest cheerleaders, right? It took me years to finally be proud of the person I am and take care of myself as I know I deserve. The more that I accept myself and think kindly of myself; the better I become at setting the time aside to workout and eat right! The standards are set much higher if we believe in our best selves.

I used to compare myself to everyone around me. People I knew; people I saw but didn’t know; people in magazines and on t.v, friends, family and just anyone who I could conjure up at any given moment.

The problem with what I was doing was that I compared myself unfairly and in unrealistic terms. These comparisons were always unattainable and only served to make me feel “less than” and “not quite good enough”. Not surprisingly, this left me with low self confidence and self worth.

When we feel this low about ourselves, our abilities and our accomplishments; it’s not uncommon to self sabotage.

Overeating, anxiety, depression; are just a few examples of what happens when we put extreme levels of pressure on being someone or something that is never possible.

We all know that “perfect” doesn’t exist and yet we are guilty of beating ourselves up constantly for NOT being “perfect”.


Before I started my at-home business as a Beachbody coach, I fought to find time and balance in my life. As a busy, working mother; I was always running from one task to the next. Getting everything done in the time I had set for myself was nearly impossible but for whatever reason, I felt it my duty to complete or else beat myself up for failing to do so.

I had three young children, a husband and too many items on my “to do” list. Even with an assistant, these unreasonable tasks I had placed on myself could not be done in the time expected from myself. I would not put this much pressure on my best friend…and yet, like most of the women I know who suffer from these same issues; we expect we are super-human.

In response to dealing with the strains and expectations (which ultimately fed my “failure” mentality), I would then have a food-binge to deal with the stress. I then would fall into the cycle of feeling depressed about my lack of self control and willpower which lead to believing I was a complete loser. Depression, anxiety and negative body images were some of the results of this self-defeating process. Can you relate?

It helps to know that we are not alone and there is always a way. Finding support and balance is key. Staying on track and learning how to pick back up again when we fall down (which will happen along the way); is key to overcoming the issues of our past. There are so many things that we have no control over in life; yet, we allow them to affect us negatively anyway. What gives?

Have you ever been guilty of one or more of these issues:

Wondering what other people think of you? Wondering how other people get to live like they do and believing you have “less than” everyone around you? Wondering why you are “stuck” in a situation when others seem to be living so much “happier” and with less stress than you do? Wonder why others can look and feel so good about themselves; when you feel completely exhausted and unable to keep up with the demands of day to day life? Wonder why you can’t get yourself “together”? Wish you had a job as successful and joyous as “others” do? Wish you made as much money as others? Wish that your cars were as nice as others you are watching? Wish that your home or the location of your home was as nice as someone else? Wish you had better education or success as someone else?

and on and on this list can go.

There are no end to comparisons. What we do not realize, however, is that while we sit and wonder about all of these “happier and more successful” people we are comparing our lives to…there are many others who are doing the same with us.

Don’t think it’s true? Well, you’d be wrong! There will always be someone who feels less valuable than you do. There will always be others who feel like they have less than you do. There will be others who wonder what you have and how you do what you do for your life.

Comparing ourselves to anyone else only makes us feel insecure, miserable, frustrated, depressed, “not good enough” and we feel that we cannot be happy with the things that we have right now. We feel we can’t be “happy” until we reach some magical goal or milestone. This is definitely not the way to life our best lives.

Since I work on my own now, I have to work on myself too. I read books, listen to audio, watch videos, listen to trainings…and what I’ve learned is that we are all very much alike in most ways. We deal with similar issues. We struggle in similar ways. No matter where we are or who we are; we will not be satisfied unless we learn to be thankful for all that we have.

Life is a journey and it has many ups and downs and it’s a process. I believe it’s important to learn how to be happy and be grateful for everything we have right now even if we haven’t reached our ultimate “goal” yet.

Striving to be like someone else or look like someone else is never attainable. Striving to be our best and using others as motivation is fine as long as they’re someone who has done something similar to you, or has a similar body to you.

We need to be responsible for ourselves; how we choose to live, what we choose to do and who we choose to use as “inspiration”, “motivation” or as a “role model”.

There will always be external influences that have the potential to destroy our self worth if we allow them to. This is why I believe that many issues we have are internal. If someone or something is making you feel bad or causes you to have low self esteem then it’s important to have a look at what could be causing it – most of the time it is coming from within.

My goal for my life now as a role model in my family; a leader in my team and an inspiration to others whom I don’t even know yet, is to be positive and reach as many people as possible so that I can help deliver this message of hope and acceptance to everyone. I also want my team and my family to do the same for others in their lives. It starts with us. We can empower others and we can help them to share the same message with others. It’s not an easy task but it’s what has become my passion and I know it’s worth the efforts indeed.

The biggest accomplishment in my life is self love and if I can somehow help others achieve this then I’m going to do it and I won’t stop no matter what!

Self worth and self love can only be achieved from within, it can’t be gained from others.

Everything we choose to do should be from a place of LOVE, not hate. I love myself and my body so I choose to exercise and eat healthy so I can be my best and feel my best. I want others to feel this way too – however that’s achieved because we’re all different and what makes me happy is different for someone else.

Love who you are now and realize that this is a process and the goal is to ultimately be HAPPY – whether you exercise and eat healthy food or not…. you should always do things that make you happy, not what you think will please others.

It’s not about “perfection”, it’s not about comparison, it’s not about being ‘the best” – it’s about doing my best and being “my best”, and loving everything that I am – flaws and all. – This is what makes us human and unique after all!

Who’s with me? Share this message if you care ❤


Diet is a 4-Letter word!


So, it’s the weekend, right?

I know too many people who take that as a free for all in terms of eating and doing anything they want. I totally get it cuz I always did the same thing before…and then for some reason couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t seeing my results! :-/

hmmmm…seems pretty obvious but maybe not.

I want to share exactly what and why you probably have heard this a zillion times and the reasons they are critical to our body’s success.

We have gone through our entire lives learning from the media. Learning from the diet industry. Learning from other people that share their “thoughts” and “opinions”, right?

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 1.00.41 PM

I know from the young age of 11 years old, I thought I had to be on a “diet”…at ELEVEN YEARS OLD!  It was a constant up and down battle with myself and listening to the media, reading magazines and hearing my peers talk about their thoughts and feelings about what the best practices were and what products and secrets would help with the weight loss.

I went to Weight Watchers at 15 and learned how to portion my foods out but I know at the same time I was still filling voids in my habits with the frozen treats that the company provided for sale. I’d eat great for breakfast and lunch and then “earn” a Weight Watchers frozen chocolate brownie cake for my after lunch as a “treat”. Then the same thing for after dinner with another “treat”. Some days, I’d even warm up a frozen Weight Watchers cinnamon roll and eat it with a serving of cottage cheese as my “breakfast”.

Now these are not terrible habits, as I was able to lose 20 lbs initially doing just that. But was it healthy? Could my body sustain this way of eating long term with no negative effects later down the road?

Honestly, it wasn’t ideal in terms of nutrition. This was a simple and effective weight loss system that kept me in the “diet” phase. I could not be in the best shape; inside and outside by following this plan. I mean, think about it…we can always lose weight doing anything that cuts out any food groups or is restrictive in any way for a short time, right? Losing weight is not the issue…keeping it off  and living our healthiest lives possible is where the battle lies.

There are a zillion plus one diets out there at any given time…and counting. Just google the word “diet” and a plethora of calorie and nutrition restrictive programs will pop up. Drink juiced veggies and fruits all day and lose weight! wow! Surprising? Not really, you’re cutting out every other food group that exists so why wouldn’t you lose weight doing this? But could you do this for the rest of your life? Would you want to?

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 12.59.33 PM

How about the diet where you eat just protein, veggies and fats? Sure, you will lose weight because you cut out a whole food group! No carbs/grains so that must mean that they are “bad” for us, right? WRONG!! Our bodies require carbs for certain times and energy needs; so in terms of sustaining this way of eating…probably not! (just give it a try long enough and see how grumpy and lethargic you start to feel over time)

How about drinking a “Quick Slim” diet shake 3 times a day and eating a salad for dinner? Of course you’ll lose weight! That’s not the dilemma here either! Have you read what’s inside those “diet” drinks and shakes? Do you know what half of those ingredients are or where they come from? Why would you put that into your body just to lose weight when losing weight is not the issue? Keeping the weight off and feeling good about ourselves is the problem. Get to the root of the problem in order to find the solution. Diets are just bandaids. They temporarily “cover up” the problem but never deal with the solution. So the yo-yo cycle continues..and we call ourselves “weak” and feel we have no real “willpower”.


Is what you’re doing now helping you long term? Fast forward 5-10 years from today and imagine you practice the same eating and fitness program until then. Will it benefit you more or less in the long run? I’m not saying to get rid of everything we enjoy; heck, I eat cake, cookies and candy regularly and am not interested if someone tells me I can’t have them! What I am saying is that we need to stop pretending that the issue is in losing weight. We can lose weight over and over and over and over again….and you know what? Some of us might be okay with that process. But think about the body and how it takes a beating each time with the weight gain and the weight loss repeatedly done over the years. We break down lean muscle tissue and we replace it with more fat stores than we began with before the word “diet” was introduced into our lives.

So today, in honor of this weekend, choose to treat yourself kindly to 1 or 2 foods or drinks that you enjoy. The rest of your meals and drinks should be chosen based on good nutrition. Stop buying crappy diet foods. Make sure any drink, shake or food you choose is filled with only the best ingredients and fulfills your body’s daily requirements of vitamins, minerals and full nutrition. If you’re overdoing it on the weekends, only to go cold turkey again on Monday…something is off balance.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 12.58.59 PM

It’s not your “diet”…it’s your habits and mindset. I would love to hear from you if you agree or disagree with this! Please feel free to comment below. 🙂


What’s my age again? Stop fearing this number!

I am going to be completely honest again with you…cuz when am I NOT???


I cannot stand when people lie about their age. Our age is a number. It doesn’t define us or say anything about us except for the fact of how long we have been on this earth.



So why lie? We can look older or younger depending on many factors. Our genes have a huge role in how old or young we “look” to others; as well as how our day to day habits weigh in on our bodies and in our lives. Smokers will look older. Those who have less than healthy habits and lifestyles will tend to “age” sooner in their appearances too. Have you ever heard of metabolic age? \

This is number will give you an idea of what kind of physical health your body is in using your metabolic rate or BMR.

If you rate lower than you actual age in years, it means your body and your habits are working for you. However, if your metabolic age is higher than your true age in years, it may mean that you are having some health problems or may need to change your eating and fitness habits asap.

We find your metabolic age by calculating your activity level, genetics, height, weight and actual age in years. You get your metabolic age when you compare your basal metabolic rate with the basal metabolic rate of your age group.

Birds of a feather, you say? I say that I want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, can you agree with me here?  For example, I shared a story this past year about a woman I met in the gym locker room. I was waiting to teach my Insanity LIVE class and had sat down on a bench to check my online messages (cuz I run my biz mobile-y and this is something you will see me do throughout my day); when a woman walked into the locker room. She was poised, confident and had great posture and great energy. I only noticed her through my peripheral vision and hearing her movements but I didn’t look up to stare in any way. She opened her locker and proceeded to get her things together.

“Are you a fitness instructor?” She asked me. Startled, I looked up to smile at her. She had a short, sporty hair that was completely white and she carried an athlete’s body. I noticed her arms were clearly “cut” and defined and she was moving around effortlessly as she put items into her gym bag and took other items out to use.

“Yes,” I responded, “I’ve been teaching for over 25 years.”

“25 years???” she asked in surprise. “That’s amazing! My daughter recently became certified and is teaching a few classes per week too.”

“That’s great!” I said, “I have been teaching since before my kids were born and all the way through their pregnancies and births. It’s definitely a passion.”

I then asked, “What does your daughter teach?” and she went on to explain the varieties of classes her daughter is looking to lead. I then added, “She definitely has a great role model in you.”

That’s when this woman started to share her story; as I sat there on the bench, stunned into silence.

She explained that 25 years earlier, she had been a heavy smoker. The company she was working for at the time, had a track installed for the employees to use as a means to move more. She attempted to walk one lap and was completely taken back at how she would have to stop every few feet to catch her breath. This realization shifted something within her and she decided then and there to quit smoking and begin walking the track every weekday.

Over the next few years, she progressed in her fitness levels and decided to join the local gym. She shared how much she had to learn but wasn’t going to allow any excuses to slow her down from becoming stronger and more healthy. This woman was seriously fit. I could swear she was a lifelong athlete by the looks of her.

She then told me her age.

Eighty-four. I nearly fell off of the bench. I just stared at her, my eyes bulging out of my head, I’m sure; and my mouth wide open in shock.

“You’re EIGHTY FOUR??” I echoed in response. She smiled and nodded, apparently used to this reaction and went on to share that her daughter who was “new” to teaching group exercise classes was 62. That did it for me. She became my new role model for when I’m 84. I’m more than certain, even with her previous years of smoking habits, that her metabolic age is clearly more than 15 years younger than her actual age.

I could have sworn she was no older than 60 by looking at her. Seriously.

So that leaves me with what my true age in years are…I am 44 years young and I am proud to tell anyone if asked. Be proud of your age by doing what you need to do in order to create a healthier and more active lifestyle. We are only as good as our worst habits, right?


If you want to figure out your metabolic age, he website Pure LifeStyle makes it very easy for you to figure it out. Want some help in reaching your goals in fitness, health and overall happiness? Then fill in the application below and I’ll contact you on some options to consider. You won’t know unless you start, right?

How to motivate your kids to be healthier

So let’s talk about food and old habits.

I mean, just the sound of food sounds like it’s going to be fun, right?

But what if I said, let’s talk about good nutritional foods? Did I lose you? Wake up!!! 🙂 lol

Seriously though, just the fact of me starting a new program and meal plan (like the new 22 Minute Hard Corps), makes me realize how our bodies resist changes along the way. For example, I ate a good breakfast from my planned meal and then my Shakeology with berries and peanut butter for snack and it all seemed good…



until, after lunch. I don’t know what it is about this time, but it’s like my body has a radar for 2pm and wants me to EAT like never before! Now, I am not new to this so I understand my problems.

  1. I’m starting a new plan and my body is not used to it. In response, it reacts with hunger, cravings and other annoying feelings based on what it deems as “my normal eats”…and thinks I may be starving. HAH! Right?
  2. The habits that I’ve created up to this point have made my body expect to eat something at about this time so me not giving in only makes those cravings get louder in order to gain my attention.
  3. This is normal and as long as I know I’m getting in the right amount of calories, nutrition and supplements to sustain my body’s needs and changes at this time, I can rest assured that I won’t die from starvation as my body is seemingly concerned with.

So, it all comes down to mindset. I don’t like the word willpower because it makes me think that I am not strong enough to stick to my plans. In reality, our bodies are actually working against us sticking to the new plans because it’s different. Different is not something our bodies like too much of. But in order to create new “normalcies”, we must get through the difficult “different” times and issues. Much like a new workout program, have you ever tried a new workout and been extremely miserable and challenged through it all…only to be ridiculously sore after the fact? That’s change at it’s best! Our bodies respond to changes by simply changing. That’s what we wanted to do in the first place, right? So why do we give up when we are faced with some resistance?

Yesterday, I shared my meal plans and I’m committed to staying on track today and being completely honest with you on how I do. My workout was a success (complete with sandbag! My new BFF) at 5am and then my 13 year old son started it today too..but since he won’t workout with his mom; he did his workout at 6am. I’m not mad! 😉

Get this….I really have to brag! I know as a mom, we want our kids to do and be their best. Right? Of course! It’s what we do!

Over the years of working on myself; fitness and food issues alike…they saw me working out, eating foods, opting to not eat certain foods, drinking water, readjusting to new habits, learning new ways to figure it out and although they never seemed much interested (maybe even a bit annoyed at times! haha),  but they were always watching.

Who’s watching you day to day?  #ialwaysfeellikesomeoneiswatchingme #1980sgirl

Cut to the present day and time; I have never required or even suggested that they do a workout program or eat how I eat. I just did it for myself for years. I have finally figured out the best way for my body to be happy and not get too restrictive. They see me enjoy pastries, fun foods and more along the way; but they also see me workout weekly, choose healthy foods most of the time and drink my water and shakeology daily. It’s been over 6 years in the Beachbody world; and it’s been over 25 years just working on my fitness and health goals that has brought me to this point. I consider myself kind of an “expert” 😉

So about 2 years ago, my daughter came to me and asked which workout program I’d recommend for her. She was running a lot but wasn’t happy with her results. I told her she could continue running but she would also have to add in some strength training, flexibility, rest days and full nutrition to balance it all out for best results. This was before summer season and she was highly motivated. So we started her on P90X3. Then she moved onto 21 Day Fix; 21 Day Fix Extreme, Body Beast, Piyo, Master’s Hammer & Chisel..to name a few. She started adding Shakeology to her daily meal plan and following how I ate as her food plans. Then my elder son asked me about adding muscle to his lean frame. We worked in some Body Beast and added more to his food plans in terms of full nutrition and a more balanced calorie intake. He also drinks shakeology daily and has added muscle and definition and WEIGHT to his frame. He’s a happy camper and currently doing Master’s Hammer and Chisel too. Then about 6 months ago, my youngest, (my 13 year old “bubba” boy) asked me, “what program should I do, Mom?”

I felt like crying. Seriously sobbing mom over here. All those years of me working my butt off and hearing people ask me why I was doing what I was doing, and rolling their eyes at me when I would eat “differently” from the rest of the crowd on most occasions and making time each day to get my fitness complete and my nutrition set…all the struggles that I went through and all the doubts I had over the importance of it was answered in turn when I saw all 3 of my kids doing the right thing and honoring their bodies. Sure, I make cookies and we eat fun foods. We have a normal life and I never ever ever require they follow exactly what I say. I don’t have to. I just bring the foods into the home and eat the foods I eat and they watch and they follow.

My youngest started with P90X3, moved onto Insanity Max:30 (I told him to do the modified version and that was enough for him) and now he’s starting 22 Minute Hard Corps along with me. I am just in awe…but I never ever say so! If I did, he would probably stop because mom is getting “annoying”…right? lol


Last proud moment I have to share, as I’ve been a “sweet tooth fan” most of my life, and I’ve also created a habit of enjoying “desserts” after dinner in our family.

The irony was that I wouldn’t eat most of it but I would bake up a storm of unhealthy items (feeling confident they were better than store bought cuz I made them!) and the family would love them! They actually started to expect it as “norm”. When I would not feel up to making something, they’d ask (almost in a panic) “What’s for dessert????”

I knew it was time to make a change. I started bringing more healthy options for dessert and baked less and less during the weekdays…but never stopping altogether. (gotta have some fun along the journey too!) My normal “evening snack” usually consists of Greek yogurt and oats. Now hubby and daughter are eating the same with me every night so we are always low on the stuff! But I’m not complaining at all! And do you know what my “bubba boy” usually chooses?

Navel oranges. He cuts them up in circles to make it “fun” to eat and sits down with his bowl of cut up oranges when we watch our evening Netflix series of the moment. He starts his day with a workout, has a shakeology for breakfast (this from a kid who never ate anything but sugary cereals for breakfast, cuz he wasn’t hungry in the am) and now he starts his day with this full dose of nutrition!!

Mom pride in full effect!! Kind of makes me want to continue this journey and see what else comes from it! Seriously, who is watching you today?

Day 1 of 22 Minute Hard Corps

My new program kicks off tomorrow and I am committed to pushing through my difficult areas; which usually (okay, always) revolve around following the nutrition plan as laid out! So here are my plans and I’m sticking to them!

22 minute hard corps, workout, bootcamp, at home workout, workout at home, results, fitness, get fit at home, short workouts, clean eating, support, shakeology, what is 22 minute hard corps

My workouts:

These will be done at 0500 hours. (see what I did there?) yes, there will be lots of that coming too! 😉

The workouts are just 22 minutes a day; 6 days a week. I will not be adding in additional workouts to make me “feel like I’m doing enough” either! I know many of us struggle in this area but this will only mess up with my nutritional needs and my recovery periods so as I know our programs are proven to succeed as laid out, I don’t need anything else!

*(I should note that I do teach 2 weekly gym classes but they are not counted as my workouts as I’m usually moving around and checking on other’s form and not using the weights that I would use if it was my workout alone).

So that’s taken care of. I also write down my workouts each day in my day planner like an appointment with myself. And I don’t cancel on myself EVER!!

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My Nutrition:

Now, here is where we get serious and knowing my previous struggles in this area; planning is key to my success. Knowing that this is only an 8-week program (and then I do another program based on my next goals…I never “stop” progressing and learning), I can set my mind to doing my best every meal, every day and every week until the end. Starting pics will be in tomorrow’s post. Follow me for support cuz I def need all that I can get!

I will make create more variety in my meals this challenge, than my “usual” normal plan. The reason I’ve decided to do this is because when I fall back into my “normal”; which is not “bad” in any way from the years of experience I’ve been adapting, it only keeps me in the same place. In order to make changes, much like in my workouts, I know that my foods need to shift up a bit too. Nutrition is key and so is supplementing, so my daily Shakeology and my energize boosts will be helpful to my success as I push for more.

Ready to see week 1?

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Extra Stuff:

Gotta fill up my 20# sandbag!! First…gotta get some sand! 😉


Here are my “rations”
How the meals break down based on calorie needs.
How the meals break down based on calorie needs.