Get off the scale and lose weight

Ok, ladies!! Listen up!!! 👂🏻

I hear too many of you focus just on the scale!! Heck, I used to be guilty of that too! 😳😳

But here’s the reality, the scale is not telling us the whole story. We cannot tell how fit or healthy we truly are by the number it reflects. Have you ever weighed yourself multiple times in one day and actually believed that your weight fluctuated that quickly? Me too!

I remember when I would wake up in the morning, hop on the scale. Then I’d feel happy or sad, depending on the number that was reflected on the machine.

I’d go without eating as long as I could possibly handle, and then eat something “small” and “good” by making sure it was low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie and obviously low nutrition! And back to the scale once again, to see what the “damage” was. I mean, seriously? It was really that ridiculous…and I’m not even telling the whole story.

The point of this story is that too many of us live and breathe, eat and feel…based on a silly number that is not reflecting our “weight” only. There are so many fluctuations within our bodies on a given day and I actually used to believe that if the scale said I was “up” five pounds in the course of a day…I really did get upset that I gained 5 lbs that day!

How could one person gain 5 lbs in one day? It’s just impossible. But haven’t you thought the same thing before too? And then what do we do? We decide we need to get serious and start a restrictive and temporary “diet” plan and exercise program to help us get back down to a number we can feel better about. This is not healthy and it is not living.

When I was 15 years old, I lost over 20 lbs with the Weight Watchers program and felt proud of myself for following a strict food plan and adding in some simple exercise, as I never did much in terms of activity before! (believe it or not) I remember standing in line every week to get weighed in.

Already a humiliating experience, I must say.

As I approached the scale, I would hand the employee my “weigh in card” and she would quickly glance at the previous week’s number to compare with the current weight. It was quite common for the weigher to look up at me in surprise and say, “You don’t LOOK like you weight that much!”

Was that comment supposed to make me feel better about myself? I mean, why would anyone say those words to a teenager, no less? I would ramble on how my body is denser than most and quickly deal with the awful experience of watching them write down my “new” number and add or subtract from last week’s number to tell me how “good” or how “bad” I had been.

I despise diets and I despise the scale. Look to be honest, I’ve always hid the number I weigh because I felt embarrassed by it. When you’re told, repeatedly that you don’t look to weigh as much as you weigh…what does that do to your psyche? It hurt each time just a little bit more.

Now I am proud of my number. I am proud of the work I do to take care of my health…not the number on the scale. I don’t even weigh myself unless I am curious and need to chart it every so often for my program results. I rely mostly on the feeling of my clothes, the measurements done monthly and my pictures to compare. That’s it. And you know what? It works!! I focus on my strengths; how much longer I could last in a workout; how many more reps I could complete; and so on. These are true successes…not that number.

The best tip? Get on a proven plan, eat right most days, get in a nutritional dense supplement, stop feeding your emotions, start taking control of your life and start living with passion!!

I used to be embarrassed to share my weight. Why??? Anyone could simply look at me and see what I look like…so why would  number on a machine need to stay secret? Why do we protect the number on our driver’s license? Why would we care if that number changed over the years? It’s like we aren’t dealing with reality. Would knowing that number on the scale make me a better or less better person?


I don’t think so and I know you don’t think so either.

What defines you? If you think for a minute it’s about the scale, we need to have another conversation. and for the record, I weigh 150 lbs…

But I’ve heard I don’t look it 😉


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