What’s my age again? Stop fearing this number!

I am going to be completely honest again with you…cuz when am I NOT???


I cannot stand when people lie about their age. Our age is a number. It doesn’t define us or say anything about us except for the fact of how long we have been on this earth.



So why lie? We can look older or younger depending on many factors. Our genes have a huge role in how old or young we “look” to others; as well as how our day to day habits weigh in on our bodies and in our lives. Smokers will look older. Those who have less than healthy habits and lifestyles will tend to “age” sooner in their appearances too. Have you ever heard of metabolic age? \

This is number will give you an idea of what kind of physical health your body is in using your metabolic rate or BMR.

If you rate lower than you actual age in years, it means your body and your habits are working for you. However, if your metabolic age is higher than your true age in years, it may mean that you are having some health problems or may need to change your eating and fitness habits asap.

We find your metabolic age by calculating your activity level, genetics, height, weight and actual age in years. You get your metabolic age when you compare your basal metabolic rate with the basal metabolic rate of your age group.

Birds of a feather, you say? I say that I want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, can you agree with me here?  For example, I shared a story this past year about a woman I met in the gym locker room. I was waiting to teach my Insanity LIVE class and had sat down on a bench to check my online messages (cuz I run my biz mobile-y and this is something you will see me do throughout my day); when a woman walked into the locker room. She was poised, confident and had great posture and great energy. I only noticed her through my peripheral vision and hearing her movements but I didn’t look up to stare in any way. She opened her locker and proceeded to get her things together.

“Are you a fitness instructor?” She asked me. Startled, I looked up to smile at her. She had a short, sporty hair that was completely white and she carried an athlete’s body. I noticed her arms were clearly “cut” and defined and she was moving around effortlessly as she put items into her gym bag and took other items out to use.

“Yes,” I responded, “I’ve been teaching for over 25 years.”

“25 years???” she asked in surprise. “That’s amazing! My daughter recently became certified and is teaching a few classes per week too.”

“That’s great!” I said, “I have been teaching since before my kids were born and all the way through their pregnancies and births. It’s definitely a passion.”

I then asked, “What does your daughter teach?” and she went on to explain the varieties of classes her daughter is looking to lead. I then added, “She definitely has a great role model in you.”

That’s when this woman started to share her story; as I sat there on the bench, stunned into silence.

She explained that 25 years earlier, she had been a heavy smoker. The company she was working for at the time, had a track installed for the employees to use as a means to move more. She attempted to walk one lap and was completely taken back at how she would have to stop every few feet to catch her breath. This realization shifted something within her and she decided then and there to quit smoking and begin walking the track every weekday.

Over the next few years, she progressed in her fitness levels and decided to join the local gym. She shared how much she had to learn but wasn’t going to allow any excuses to slow her down from becoming stronger and more healthy. This woman was seriously fit. I could swear she was a lifelong athlete by the looks of her.

She then told me her age.

Eighty-four. I nearly fell off of the bench. I just stared at her, my eyes bulging out of my head, I’m sure; and my mouth wide open in shock.

“You’re EIGHTY FOUR??” I echoed in response. She smiled and nodded, apparently used to this reaction and went on to share that her daughter who was “new” to teaching group exercise classes was 62. That did it for me. She became my new role model for when I’m 84. I’m more than certain, even with her previous years of smoking habits, that her metabolic age is clearly more than 15 years younger than her actual age.

I could have sworn she was no older than 60 by looking at her. Seriously.

So that leaves me with what my true age in years are…I am 44 years young and I am proud to tell anyone if asked. Be proud of your age by doing what you need to do in order to create a healthier and more active lifestyle. We are only as good as our worst habits, right?


If you want to figure out your metabolic age, he website Pure LifeStyle makes it very easy for you to figure it out. Want some help in reaching your goals in fitness, health and overall happiness? Then fill in the application below and I’ll contact you on some options to consider. You won’t know unless you start, right?


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