Stop the Diet Cycle

So tell me if this sounds vaguely familiar…

You decide you need to lose weight/get in shape/look or feel better about yourself so you set out to make it happen. You are excited and you find a diet plan that looks amazing and an exercise program that seems completely do-able for your schedule and you set out for some great results.


Finally! you say…I’m going to reach those goals that continue to elude me and this is the way it’s going to happen. 

So you set out and write out a grocery list, filled with all the foods from your new diet plan; you head to the sporting good store and buy some new workout shoes and clothes to start your fitness plan and you are already imagining yourself strutting down the beach the next summer in that white string bikini you’ve always dreamed of wearing confidently.

This will be the year, you say to yourself.  You proceed to set up your food plans for the coming week and you prepare some meals ahead of time so you are not caught in any excuse cycles as you’ve suffered in the past.

This time will be different, you think. It’s GO time!

So the first few days of your week go surprisingly well! You already anticipated the hunger pangs after the first day and some muscle soreness from your new workouts; but these are inevitable in creating new changes in the body. So you smile and power on through the week.

Obviously, we have cut back our calories and added in some workouts and in return, we celebrate a loss of 4 1/2 lbs after the first full week.

Success!! This is finally going to be MY year, you think to yourself!!

Then, we plan for another successful second week and proceed to repeat the success from week 1. Things go well enough; but then, you hit a snag at about day #10-14. For some reason, you are not feeling as awesome as you did the first week.

You notice you start to feel more tired than usual. Your energy levels are dragging and your workouts are starting to suffer due to these spells of fatigue and lethargy. You start to feel irritable and grouchy at the most simple things. You notice you have less patience, and you start to snap at people in your life that seem a bit surprised by your grumpy moods.

What is going on?

First of all, if you have ever heard of “RDA”…I’ll share a bit about what is happening in your body at this point in the program. “RDA” stands for “recommended daily allowance”. If you are still a bit fuzzy on this term, just check out your food labels on any product. You will see an area clearly stating the foods’ “recommended daily allowance” for said food.

This is basically the daily requirements for a 2,000 calorie plan.

But you are now restricting calories in your new program and that would equal about 1200-1500 calories, at most. (I’ve even heard that most women commonly shoot for lower numbers too). You are dieting and you are adding in exercise. You are nowhere near the RDA for nutrition.

And why would this matter? It’s nearly impossible to cut back on your calories to this extreme and not cut back on your nutrition. This is where we typically fail in our quest to reach our perfect body goals. By day 10-14 on our new program, our body is basically screaming for more nutrients and that comes across in our minds and in our bodies as “cravings”.

Ever had these? 😉

Yes, I’m sure that you know exactly what I’m talking about! Cravings are basically our body telling us that we need more of “something” in the nutrition department. But since our bodies cannot tell us exactly what we are lacking, we just crave the foods we love most.

Have you then experienced issues similar to these:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.56.40 PM

You’re feeling tired; you’re feeling cranky and you’re starting to get irritable about this new plan that you’re on. We are feeling this way basically because we are trying to get by on less nutrition and then we don’t feel as good anymore. We start to lose focus and our drive for reaching our goals takes a huge nosedive into oblivion.

You then may be invited out to join your friends for an evening at a restaurant. You see your friends enjoying pizza, chicken wings and some drinks. You get so annoyed at how miserable you’re feeling that you finally say “SCREW IT!” I’m going to eat this because I feel miserable and I deserve it after how hard I’ve worked all week!

Right? Ever done anything similar to the above scenario??

Then we end up overeating and we feel guilty and we feel sick. We tell ourselves that we suck; we say, “I do this every single time” “I’m such a failure and I have zero willpower”…

Then the all time favorite: “I’ll start again on Monday”…

So the bottom line is that you are not a failure and you do not suck and you need not just repeat the whole cycle again because the same result will happen. When our bodies are low on nutrients, then the situation will repeat again and again.

I can relate because this is exactly what I fought for repeatedly. I thought something was truly wrong with me and I would never experience success in my goals. This situation happens because we buy into the diet industry’s teachings that there is another better way out there and we need to just find the one that fits our lives.

But that isn’t true either.

This all happens only because the body is low on nutrition. If we add in the daily nutrition which our bodies require, we will feel more energetic. We will feel better and we are then able to do more and recover better and the weight loss becomes a natural byproduct of the good nutrition and calorie deficit.

No secrets, and no lies.

We are doing it backwards. We cut back on all of our nutrition and on the calories needed to maintain the daily required nutrition and we cannot succeed in this scenario.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.01.11 PM

This is the #1 reason that I have used Shakeology for over 6 years now, day in and day out. I’ve missed a handful of days during the past six years and let me just say that I don’t “feel” different on days I get it into my body (it’s not a drug, after all) but I definitely notice how I feel when I don’t get it into my body on any given day.

If you are even remotely intrigued in seeing this for yourself, send me a message about getting a trial offer to see how your body responds.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.02.00 PM

I can guarantee you results or your money back every time! Now that you are out of excuses, aren’t you ready to move forward?


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