22 Minute Hard Corps – Month 2

You know that day when you realize that the season is changing?

I hit that day this past week when I realized how close we are to the summer season. I’m not sure if you can relate (I’m thinking maybe you can), but I suck at staying on track long term with my eating. I usually start off a new program like a true rockstar (one of my favorite terms for when I’m feeling in da zone!)…and then about a few weeks in, I figure that I can have a bit of “this” and a bit of “that” along the way.  What ends up happening is that my focus on foods becomes blurred and although I don’t have issues getting my workouts in, these extra food allowances totally screw me up and I have to get myself back to attention at some point.


So let me back up a bit and explain what I’m talking about and how I’m making the adjustments this month. I started my new workout program “22 Minute Hard Corps” with Tony Horton of P90X fame and love the fact that the workouts are so time efficient! I planned to be more on track in the food plans; and the short workouts would be a welcome relief in my time crunched schedule.


That lasted about 2 1/2 weeks.

Not kidding. The problem in my world is that I “think” I’ve got this handled. I have been in a maintenance phase for my body weight but there’s always room to improve in some way. Many of us get stuck in the “temporary diet” phase; where we get set up and lose a bunch of weight and maybe get fit and then we celebrate our results and then decide we’ve “made it” and slowly go back to our old habits.

Ever been there too? 😉

But what did our old habits give us before? Ya, I know, right?

Those results were the same results that made us start the diet plan in the first place. We rinse and repeat. So we start over again when we can’t take feeling bloated/overweight/yucky/etc any longer.

We do this again and again and again. It’s a never ending cycle. The biggest issue with this never ending cycle isn’t the fact that it gets old after awhile (although that is a problem too!). The bigger and more dangerous problem is when we continue this diet on/off process, we start to add more fat to our bodies over time. Had we NOT dieted and un-dieted over and over again, we would most likely be better off.

How is this possible, you ask? Well we first lose the fat and maybe we workout a bit and we put on some lean muscle mass.

Good, right? You bet! But then once we go back to our old, unhealthier habits of not watching what we’re eating and not working out…we put the fat back on and may even lose some of that muscle mass. When we begin the process over again, we start off with MORE fat than the first time around and then what’s worse is we may decide to restrict our calories to unhealthy areas and begin to lose more lean muscle tissue and then later put on more fat again.

and again.

Think that the reason your metabolism slows as we age, is age alone? Not so much!  Somewhat, yes, but it’s worth noting that once this pattern continues over the years…our bodies become less responsive due to more than usual fat stores in the body and less muscle (which, when lean muscle in our bodies is higher, it is responsible for faster metabolism when we are at rest) which just leads us to becoming more discouraged and less motivated to get off the crazy hamster wheels that we’ve adapted to.

If you get anything from this post today…just STOP DIETING!!!! 

Yes, no more dieting, please! Instead, decide to work on the habits that help to end the craziness and create a life of balance and confidence in our bodies. I started after my first son was born. It’s been a journey ever since but the bottom line, is that I don’t ever “finish” creating challenges and making new results to keep my body looking and feeling it’s best. Laziness and complacency do not sit well with me. I don’t like to hear when clients tell me they are too “busy” to eat right and workout. I know it is common and you’ve most likely have said it before too (heck, I’ve said it before too!) but the change needs to happen today.


So here’s what I’m doing.

Like I said, I’m on the new Tony Horton 22 Minute a day workout program. I follow the calendar of workouts from day 1 to the last day. It’s proven to work in getting results when followed as it’s written out. No danger of spinning our wheels or doing too much/too little in hopes of reaching new goals. But like I mentioned earlier, the problems for me are always in my foods.

I started month 1 (last month) with a clear head and focus on sticking to the plans ‘as is’.

Then about 2-3 weeks in, I “decided” it would be okay to add in an extra fruit one day. Not a big deal, you say? Not at all…if it stopped with that ONE piece of extra. But it never does. I then decided it was also “okay” to sample foods while I’m cooking dinner. My salad looked a bit ho-hum one day so I topped it with some extra cheese (don’t even remember throwing handfuls of shredded cheese into my mouth but I’m sure I did!) I figured I wouldn’t have to measure out my chicken for dinner since it was a “lean protein” and good enough to just eyeball.

See where this is headed? To danger zones! Then when the weekends hit, it doesn’t even phase me to completely go off track and plan to ‘get back’ on Monday. But that’s never even a solid plan for Monday.

As I was finishing month 1 of the plan  last week, I realized I was tired of pretending I’m doing “good enough” when I clearly was only lying to myself (and everyone else who I decided not to come clean to)…so I set up a goal of sharing with you; with my following; with my clients and with my support group of when I went “off” plan. I’m proud to announce that it’s Wednesday of week 5 (I know, a whole 3 days into month 2! haha) and I haven’t gotten off track once yet! 

I say “yet” because it inevitably will happen. We are not meant to be perfect ever. But when that episode happens, I will be blatantly honest in my blog and in my posts online. (you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram for all the juicy details when they come!)


So just to be clear, here is what I’ve been eating and I’m totally on it today too~ I think it’s the fear of having to admit I’ve gotten off track so early that keeps me focused this week! (I almost threw some bites, licks and tastes into my mouth when cooking last night but the realization of having to share it with you all made me stop and say, “I don’t need that”)

Here’s a list of what I ate yesterday and so far this week has been on track like a BOSS!!! Where do you need most help?


2 eggs scrambled with veggies

1/2 cup oatmeal topped with strawberries

Coffee with 2 Tbls 1/2 and 1/2 (not on the plan but I like it and it’s only 40 calories)



with 1 cup water and 1 cup ice

strawberries and peanut butter

So good!


Ground turkey salad

topped with 2 Tbls Bolthouse dressing



1/2 cup oats with 1/2 cup almond milk

greek yogurt and peanut butter


Taco salad: ground turkey on salad topped with hot sauce and 2 Tbsp dressing


Oats, almond milke, yogurt and peanut butter

That’s it! All day yesterday was great and same with today! I’m really excited to see how I finish this month off! What are your goals?

13002584_10209353193057690_8810674722941451580_o (1)

If you need help, here is how you can join in on my support group this month as they help me so much!!!



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