Why it’s never our fault

Funny how plans go, right? I mean, we all start out with a goal in mind in any particular area and sooner or later, reality hits and we are forced to make a decision of instant gratification or long term success.

I know when I set plans for myself in terms of getting better results in my fitness, health and business areas; I write out a cool plan of action, with my daily “to do’s” and goals; I’m fired up and excited beyond measure. It seriously feels like this time is the different!!! 

And I don’t disappoint myself in the beginning of any challenge; business, fitness, personal, etc. I am always so excited and I dive right in. Type A personality right here, thank you very much!! 😀 I love to take on a challenge and to make it my project to move towards perfection.

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There always comes a point of resistance. For workouts, it can be a busy schedule change or lack of time; for weight loss, it could be hunger pangs or lack of planning out meals; and for business goals, it can simply mean learning a new technique or stepping outside of our comfort zones. We think that if we wait until we get “motivated”; or just for a better time…then things will start to fall back into place.


What we don’t realize (and what I’ve been studying in depth this year), is that motivation comes from action. Without action, there will be no motivation. It’s a never ending cycle of disappointments once we hit our ceilings in any goal plan. A “ceiling” is simply our highest point of success to this time. It’s the place we’ve mastered at least once before but for some reason (usually our mindsets, our beliefs or our programming from past experiences and people) we can’t seem to bust through that area. It’s our “wall”…or at least, that’s what I like to call it.


When I was doing Insanity Max:30; I hit that wall quite often. In fact, that’s the genius behind this specific program from Shaun T…it’s about hitting our “wall” or what he refers to as our “MAX OUT TIME” and taking note of it in order to push further (even by just 1 second is the goal) the next time we take on that particular workout.

It’s seriously the point of breakdowns. I recall feeling like I could break down and cry almost every time that I hit that point. Never before in another program had I been challenged in this way. Never before in my life had I realized that we put up our own walls in order to not feel as though we needed to BREAK down through it. Who wants to feel like crying, for heavens’ sake? Who gets excited by being uncomfortable and even miserable at points? But it’s in these times that change is made.

I know you’ve heard the saying, “When there is no challenge; there is no change.” and that’s exactly the point. If we stay comfortable in our own safe boxes…we not only stay the same; but we start to regress. We are either moving forward or backwards, depending on our choices and our actions. I’ve realized that I’ve accepted this plateau in my life without giving it much thought. It’s so much easier to place blame on outside sources or people.

It’s not MY fault…nobody else is helping me” “I can’t want this for anyone else so I guess I’ll stay the same”..etc

Have you ever blamed someone or something else for your unhappiness or lack of growth? We tend to blame our work and family schedules over getting fit and healthy. We blame our finances on not being able to do the things we want to do most. We blame our society, our community, our spouses, our children, our parents, our siblings, our co-workers…are you getting the picture?


But the only person that is responsible for where we are at in any given moment is staring back at us in the mirror.

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