How do you lose weight and keep it off for good?

How do you lose weight and keep it off for good? Have you been trying to lose weight and not sure why you keep repeating the same cycle? Lose weight, gain weight. Lose weight, gain weight. What is it that is creating this never-ending cycle of craziness?  Have you ever called yourself a “failure” and considered giving up altogether and just admitting defeat?

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 4.32.53 PM

I know that pain. I was stuck in it for over 15 years and now that I’ve found balance; I’m not surprised that most of the people I talk to today are also stuck in this cycle, with no idea how to get out.

I will be honest about weight loss. It is one of the hardest balances to maintain because of how we go about it. We treat weight loss as though food is the enemy. Yes, food can act like a drug at times by how it makes us feel; but it is not the problem. The real issues lie in how we perceive foods and how we feel about ourselves over years of ups and downs. Think about it; an alcoholic or a chain-smoker would need to give up their vice “cold turkey” in order to become free from the “drug” addictions, right? But with foods, you would die if you gave it up. So what do we do instead?

We take the next step that usually seems so “easy” which is to follow the hyped “diets plans” that promise quick results and the perfect body just by simply following their “magic plan”.

Well, I’m going to burst that bubble for you right now because it’s been going on for much too long now.



There will never be a magic pill that can do what we need it to do for our bodies and there will never be a food or a secret that will be unveiled in order for us to reach our goals and dreams for that desired body shape and weight we have always dreamt of.

Why? Because by focusing on these “bandaids” to our problems, we are never getting to the core. So, what should we do instead?

Honestly, it takes gosh-darned hard work. Yes, there are going to be some ways to make it all easier (as I will share with you what has worked for me) but the work and the effort will all still be a non-negotiable for your own success. Bummer, right? Actually, I believe this is really the silver lining that we’ve been searching for all this time. Since we are not true “failures” any longer, but just simply failing at a no-win solution; we have more power than we ever thought possible!

I have found that we tend to fall into two categories that seem to be hurting our efforts:

  1. We eat well below what is necessary for our bodies to sustain it’s primary needs. And then we expect our bodies to sustain the needs as we add in extra exercise, (which is just more stress) and “diet/processed” foods (which do nothing to fuel our bodies in any way at all, and instead start to break it down)  – AND/OR –
  2. We eat what we want, when we want it because we consider the fact that we can work out and exercise to the point of over training. We also may be using energy inducing products/caffeine drinks, thinking that this will all help to “burn it all off” and more…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Well, both of these methods are failures.

Would you succeed at first?

Sure! But that’s not saying much at all. Take for example, one diet I have seen in the past called, “the candy bar diet”.  I remember hearing all about it and thinking “Wow! Eat all the candy that you want and still LOSE WEIGHT??” #genius, right?


Oh my goodness, that’s a tempting thought when we are stuck in these viscous cycles of craving sugars, fats and unhealthy foods but this is NOT going to help us at all!

Consider just for a moment, all of the foods and all of  the choices we eat in a given day or week. Now think for a moment of cutting them ALL out; one by one. What would happen, at first? Obviously if we are eating less; foods and food groups, we will lose some weight, right?  OF COURSE! This has always been the case, and probably why we get stuck in this cycle.

So for example, in the Atkins diet you cut out most everything that isn’t high protein and fat. Even in this “candy bar” diet, you are cutting out MOST everything that is good for you but the body only knows the fact that’s it’s getting in lower calories and less food choices.  So, it will lose weight in the beginning. Now think for a moment, what this looks like inside of your body.

If you are eating LESS calories but it’s all filled with TOO much of something that will lead to another bigger problem; and later down the road, leads to health problems and health scares?  Too much sugar? Leads to more weight gain over time; leads to diabetes, leads to heart issues, and more. How about too much protein? How about too many carbs? How about too much additives? How about too much of everything???

Screenshot 2015-09-20 at 8.22.23 PM

Now, change needs to happen; and it needs to happen with us first understanding that we are not just here to reach this magical number on the scale. We must focus, instead, on the true health benefits of what we are doing to ourselves day after day.

Now I know it’s not as sexy to consider our health and our long-term good habits versus just losing some weight for summer season or a reunion or a wedding, right? But this IS honestly the #1 reason that we are becoming more obese and more unhealthy and that we are creating more health issues for ourselves than anything else. We need to stop this NOW!!! Are you with me?

If you’d like to learn more about the tips and strategies that have helped me and my clients in finding a better way and a natural balance for your life, please fill out the info below and I’ll contact you to to chat.



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