Motivation: What is it and how do I get it?

What is motivation? How do you get it? How can you help motivate others?

These questions have always been factors in my personal and business success; as well as how I can help both my clients and my team mates.

So let’s start with “what is motivation”?

The dictionary defines it as the following:

Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.

Motivation results from the interaction of both conscious and unconscious factors such as the (1) intensity of desire or need, (2) incentive or reward value of the goal, and (3) expectations of the individual and of his or her peers. These factors are the reasons one has for behaving a certain way. An example is a student that spends extra time studying for a test because he or she wants a better grade in the class.

Yes, I Think I Can!!

Isn’t that interesting? I find that when the commitment level is highest, the results are more apt to follow. When we begin a new goal or challenge with mediocre interest and commitment, then we are met with either mediocre results or we will quit before we reach the goals because the desire wasn’t strong enough to push past obstacles. And there will be obstacles. Life will challenge us and if our commitment levels and intensity are strong enough, we will prevail. An example that helped me see this as truth was when I decided to commit to competing in a fitness competition. It is one thing to decide to compete, it changes when you commit in writing and in putting money down.

I had always desired to reach goals to compete on stage with professional fitness competitors. My biggest struggle has always been in following a nutrition plan as laid out no matter how unhappy it makes me at times. I love to workout and I love to eat. I know many others who will agree with me on these two facts. But in all reality, as I’m sure you know, we cannot exercise to un-do a bad eating plan. But what if we follow clean eating principles, you ask? right? (I know this because I too wondered about this) I ate a strict and clean diet. I eliminated processed foods, white sugars, white flours, fast foods, anything that contained ingredients that I didn’t recognize as whole foods or could not pronounce. Simple is best in my opinion. But simple wasn’t allowing me to reach the goals that I was dreaming of realizing.
What Is Pushing You Today?

Good enough was definitely not good enough for me. I wanted to be at my peak; in both fitness and how I looked and felt. I wanted to drop my body fat below 20% and I wanted to feel like a badass. That’s about as technical as I get. So, I hired a professional fitness competitor to coach me in my workouts, meals, and training to walk and own the stage. I received a lot of negativity from people in my community and those who considered competing on stage a moral sin. That was definitely something I struggled to get past. In my heart and mind, I knew why I was doing this and it was not to “show off my body to others”. It was more about proving that I had what it took to take my commitment to the highest level I could imagine. What could be scarier than committing to walking across a stage in nothing but a bikini and heels and feeling like you’ve already won?

I wanted that. I wanted to conquer that fear.

before and after comp

So, I paid my trainer every month for 6 months to write me up the best workouts for my body to reach the goals I needed to win my trophy. She created meal plans and I signed up for the NPC competition in March of 2012. My husband and family supported me 100% and that was all I truly needed to feel confident with my support.

It was a grueling six months. I had never done anything as challenging as this in my entire life. The commitment level I took on was one I had never quite imagined I had in my reach. The plan was to workout for 6 days a week at the gym (or anywhere I could get the workouts done) and the workouts generally lasted 90 minutes to 2 hours a day.

No non-committed person would agree to this. If I hadn’t signed up for the event and tell my family and friends what I was doing, I may have easily dropped off when it became hard.

And it did become excruciatingly hard. I had decided to begin my training in October of 2011 and in my haste to register, hadn’t considered that I would be following the intense plan over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday events. My commitment level was set and I knew it would be hard but I still told everyone that I was going to stay strong.

During this season, I also earned a week at a resort for some Leadership training in my Beachbody business. This meant that I would be a guest at a 5 Star Resort overlooking Dana Point harbor in California. All food and drinks were included. The gorgeous room and all the accommodations were paid for. I could have easily decided to “just enjoy” the foods that were served and do my best to stick to the clean foods, right?

Wrong! That would not be the highest level of commitment that I was working towards. So what to do? I asked my trainer/coach what she had done in her training seasons as she traveled. The answer was to pre-plan all of my foods ahead of time. Then call the hotel and ask them to set me up in a room with a mini refrigerator because of my “medication” needs. I knew this wasn’t completely true but in my reasoning, I figured that medications meant my daily requirements for my goals in staying true to my needs and this is exactly what it was. I packed up my foods in plastic containers, brought my supplements with me and planned to do my workouts in the hotel gym in the early mornings before the conferences began.

All in all, I did it. And it was absolutely fabulous to know I stuck to my promises and succeeded in my goals.

When we are committed to this level, nothing can throw us off track. Life will always challenge us in new and unexpected ways and it’s up to us to prove to life that we are not going to back down. If we back down, we are not as dedicated to the goals as we said or thought we were.

True story.

I took that stage and won not one, but two trophies that day. I took away 2nd place in my division (and I was truly one of the oldest competitors, at 40 years of age); as well as 3rd place in the overall division (which means out of all the competitors)! I was ecstatic and felt like I could take over the world.

So what about the desire to motivate others? Once you are motivated to degrees that propel you along no matter what may come in your way…there comes a time we hope to motivate others to reach their own goals.

The easiest answer is to live your best life. Become the best version of yourself. I work in the fitness and health industry, as well as in the network marketing industry. This means that I want to motivate not only my clients and customers, but also my team mates who have desires to succeed in their own business and financial goals. Emotion, however is timeless. I can want the success for my clients and teammates more than they truly want it themselves; and if I don’t understand this fact, I could easily overwhelm myself and decide to quit on my own goals.

You cannot change people but you can always point them in the right direction and lead through your own lifestyle, results and actions. This is what I live for every day. I’ve inspired my family, friends and many in my community to take the initiative in their goals and there is no better feeling than the feeling of someone thanking you for helping them change their life. There is nothing better than seeing your children adopt habits and goals that far outweigh any of their peers because of your lead. There is nothing better than being the best you can be and living up to your goals through the challenges of life.

This is why a mentor or a coach is critical to your success. Remember how I had my own trainer to help me with my competition goals? I, myself, have been a personal trainer for over 20 years…and yet I hired my own trainer/coach with my goals. Why? Because I knew I was taking my commitment to higher levels and unknown territories and who better to help me than someone who’s been there before? A mentor/coach will give you a plan and consistently push you to rise up further. A mentor/coach will not allow you to become complacent and finding a mentor/coach will spark your mind because you are already playing the game at a higher level than you have ever done before.

If you would like to get started on our next goal and need some help and mentoring, I am looking for new and committed clients to do just that! There are many options in getting started but let’s start here; fill in the form below and click submit and I’ll reach out to you to talk about the best plan for you. Nobody will see your answers but me! 🙂



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