Goals – Shmoals


It’s a brand new year! I know it can be exciting to set up some awesome goals for the coming year, because what could be a better time than on a clean, fresh calendar year?

Just a second…

Before you jump into making promises that will probably start to stress you out by February 1st, I’d like to give you a few ideas that can help you succeed better than ever. These aren’t just annoying “expert” shared ideas; they are actually tips from my own experiences over the years.

I’ve been known (and still am) for getting super excited about a new idea and jumping in before I’ve even done little (if any) research. Thank goodness for my hubby (and his sometimes annoyingly “calm” judgment) who keeps me balanced as I get a bit off kilter with new ideas and new energy.

Seriously, I don’t like details. Like any details. I like basic, bottom-line information. This can be good for a strong start to most projects and plans…but not so good for finishing things up 🙂 That’s what my hubby likes to “remind” me when I jump into a new project (and some can seem downright insane to me later!). Thank goodness for different perspectives, right?

Back to my original point about taking time to reflect on the most important goals for us in the moment. I suggest sitting down to write out the one thousand and one goals you’d love to accomplish this year…and then let it sit for at least an hour while you walk away to get back to reality. When you sit back down at your list (bring a nice cup of coffee or tea with you to relax and reflect), analyze each and every goal on your list and take some time to honestly answer if the goal is something you’re invested in staying consistent to for the long haul…or is it merely another empty promise you’ve made before because you’ve “heard” it was a good thing to do?   #guilty

What are your goals for 2017? Just to give you more clarity on this clear-cut list of goals, I thought I’d share mine to see exactly how I cut out the crap and made some time to be very specific

Here they are (in no particular order):

  1. Blog more often. Writing is one of my passions and I start out every year, planning to commit to consistent blogging, only to fall off track after a few short weeks. I’ve realized my problem has been to “over commit” myself to blogging 7 days a week; every week for the year. That’s really overdoing it when I have a life and work to focus on too. That’s why, after some deep thinking and contemplating my past issues with consistent blogging, I’ve decided to commit to writing 3 days a week and planning my themes ahead of time. You are so excited right now, aren’t you? 🙂 lol
  2. Limit my to-do list. This goal sounds a little under-productive, right? But as I mentioned above, I get all excited about doing everything that my mind can absorb and then end up going off the deep end and wanting to jump ship (why the boating references?) when I realize I’m only human and can’t (let alone not want to) keep juggling so many items at the same time. The best way to curb my issues is to limit myself to a few projects at a time and set aside focused time to work exclusively on each throughout my week.
  3. Limit my one on one clients each month. Again, although I get excited to help umpteen people reach their goals and dreams, I can only realistically give valuable time and energy to a few personal people in a given week. I’ve set up a private online group to keep everyone supported along the way and I will commit to spending time in the group each week so that I can have the best of both worlds and help more people with less stress.
  4. Spend more time with my hubby and family. As the family gets older, my parental responsibilities lessen and this allows me to spend quality time that actually feels like fun! #imaginethat I am setting aside one on one time more often with my hubby and kids so that I don’t feel like work and social media take over our lives. (seriously, the next time you’re out, check out how many people are actually talking to people versus staring at their phones! #scary)
  5. Continue my fitness and health goals but allow more time to be spent in recovery. I have been loving my yoga practices more than ever and notice a huge shift in my mental and physical abilities when I take more time to be still and focus on stretching and resting. Too many of us have experienced aches, pains, injuries and fatigue and it will only help us live longer (and happier) lives by taking time to slow down and rest. More to come on that topic.
  6. Invest time again with my Beachbody family. This is the area that was in limbo this past year. For those of you who’ve followed my story, I’ve been a Beachbody “rep/coach” for just about 7 years now and have seen so many fluctuations and shifts in the past 2 years that I wondered whether to continue or just push forward with my training business. Funny thing happened as I pulled back from being a “pushy” network marketer and spent more time on working with my current and past customers; I actually felt less stressed and saw my income grow and stabilize again. #imaginethat I absolutely love our products and services but despised being lumped into the “network marketing” world so this issue has been resolved as I can now help those who want help and allow everyone else to find what works best for them. #winwin

So there you have it! My no-nonsense (and not that exciting or flashy) list of goals. As I look over these 6 areas of focus, I know in my heart of hearts that I feel happy and confident in being consistent with these areas and confident I can give each of these areas my full attention for growth.




So now that I’ve shared mine with you; what are your goals and plans for 2017? Care to share in the comments below to make them more real?


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