How I’m committing to my meals on month 2 of the 22 Minute Hard Corps!

It’s time for some accountability!! I am usually so good at following a workout plan and kicking it up a notch in the intensity, weight, reps, etc…but my downfall always comes back to the nutrition. Success comes from focusing on the areas that are hindering us and finding a way to get better at these areas. My area is foods.

I love food. Always have, always will. I despise “diets” and refuse to follow a plan that restricts foods that I love and tells me how I’m supposed to eat.

Been there, done that; and I know firsthand that it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Now, I always follow a plan that allows my body to feel it’s best; to get the results I’m working on in the moment and to also allow my fun foods to be enjoyed in moderation. Deprivation does not work. Diets are meant to be temporary and then once we reach the goals we set out for (and these are met half assed anyway), we return to the old habits that got us to the starting point again.

Can you relate?

And we repeat this cycle and wonder why we feel so miserable about our bodies and our abilities to succeed long term.

I love that I can follow a plan and figure out the areas that need to be improved and just do it. I love that I can share my journey and have support with my challengers and my friends along the way. I love that this is a process that blesses our lives and our bodies in ways that a “diet” never could live up to.

This coming week begins my 6th week on the 22 Minute Hard Corps plan.

Month 1, was all about how bad ass I felt in the workouts, even when they were only 22 minutes a day. These workouts are nothing to laugh at! They are hard core and definitely create a challenge. I noticed that although I was seeing progress and results happening, I was kind of “dogging” it in the food plan and was starting to allow small excuses to become more habitual.

Once month 2 started, I realized in order for me to truly succeed in this program as it is intended to do; I needed to get serious and focused about my foods. Yes, I stick to a basic plan and don’t suffer the issues that I did in the past; but I allowed myself to taste foods as I cooked. I allowed myself to throw foods into my mouth that I didn’t track. I allowed too many “it’s okay” type treats to be enjoyed on more occasions that I’d suggest to a fellow client.

So I am putting myself up to the challenge and tracking and sharing every morsel of food and drink that I enjoy in this second month on plan. I am sharing everything; both good and not so good so that others can see that I am human and I struggle too. But the successes are not in the “perfection” times of our plans…they come from overcoming the struggles that we endure along the way. Getting 100% accountable and serious about what we are doing (versus not giving full attention to at times) is going to make or break our results.

In keeping to the theme of this challenge, I wanted to share how listening to “PINK’s” song “TRY” today helped me pinpoint the focus that inspired this challenge:

“Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame”…  
My desire here is to feel my best, get the best nutrition for my long term results in my life and in my health habits and thus, the flame has begun. 🙂

Where there is a flame
Someone’s bound to get burned” 
…now here is when we fall off of our well intended plans. We start a new program or eating plan and we are all excited (flame started) and then we fall off track due to life’s busyness; lack of planning; lack of willpower; etc…

But just because it burns
Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die”….
this part is crucial for us to acknowledge. We are NOT failures because of a misstep or a slip up (even if that “slip up” is decades long)…we are not going to die from the slip up (or at least not yet)

You’ve gotta get up and try, and try, and try
Gotta get up and try, and try, and try
You gotta get up and try, and try, and try”….
I think this part speaks for itself, right? We just have to get up again and again and again and again…

so here goes nothing…or “nothing” to lose except my bad habits! 🙂  Here are some of the foods I ate this weekend:


For Saturday, it looked like this:

Breakfast: 2 eggs and 1 green container shredded zucchini squash scrambled + 1/2 cup cooked oats topped with 1 purple container of strawberries, coffee with 2T 1/2 + 1/2

Snack: Cafe Latte Shakeology with 1/2 banana, 1 cup water, 1 cup ice and 1 tsp peanut butter, blended up.

Lunch: Salad topped with 1 veggie patty and 2 Tbls of Opa brand dill dressing

Snack: (before heading out to see a movie with my son) 1/2 cup oats soaked in 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 red container 2% greek yogurt, 1 tsp peanut butter and a few drops of liquid stevia.

Movie treats: 2 servings of Starburst minis (about 300 calories worth) and my water bottle

Dinner: Salmon on top of greens and my Opa dressing

Evening snack: herbal tea with the greek yogurt snack (from above)

All in all, a pretty successful day given my previous movie day treats!!

Sunday looked like this:

Breakfast: I wanted pancakes so I opened up the 21 Day Fix “Fixate” cookbook and made the Oat/banana pancakes and topped them with 1 purple container of strawberries and 1 Tb of the Knotts brand strawberry syrup (blast from my childhood past!) + Coffee with 2 Tbs 1/2 + 1/2

Snack: (before heading out with my daughter to get some much needed beauty school supplies) Cafe Latte Shakeology with 1 cup water, 1 cup ice, 1 purple container strawberries and 1 tsp peanut butter (I actually LOVED this recipe!)

Lunch: we stopped by the Nordstrom cafe and enjoyed lunch. She had a Nicoise salmon salad and I had the Lime Cilantro chicken salad. (YUMMY!)

Snack: not so awesome but there was leftover “Mini Starburst” and I measured out 1/4 cup (1 serving) and it was sooo sugary and sweet that I was kind of “EWWW” when I finished this smaller than usual serving (=150 calories) and also a Pink Lady apple, sliced up and topped with 1 TB melted peanut butter and 1 TB mini choc chips

Dinner: will be veggie scramble. Veggies topped with 2 eggs and Cholula hot sauce..easy and good!! (family is finishing off the roast beef I made for them!)

Snack: my all time favorite (and one you’ll see quite often from me)…my oats + greek yogurt concoction and some herbal tea.

Time to kick start the new week and share all that happens…I’m kind of nervous cuz you’re watching but I know it is only making me think twice before throwing foods into my mouth as I tend to do when I feel like it! 😉

Here are my results so far…5 weeks in! What will you accomplish this month?


Need some help? My next group will be just as awesome and I’d love to work with you on some team accountability together (you won’t have to be so public though!)



22 Minute Hard Corps – Month 2

You know that day when you realize that the season is changing?

I hit that day this past week when I realized how close we are to the summer season. I’m not sure if you can relate (I’m thinking maybe you can), but I suck at staying on track long term with my eating. I usually start off a new program like a true rockstar (one of my favorite terms for when I’m feeling in da zone!)…and then about a few weeks in, I figure that I can have a bit of “this” and a bit of “that” along the way.  What ends up happening is that my focus on foods becomes blurred and although I don’t have issues getting my workouts in, these extra food allowances totally screw me up and I have to get myself back to attention at some point.


So let me back up a bit and explain what I’m talking about and how I’m making the adjustments this month. I started my new workout program “22 Minute Hard Corps” with Tony Horton of P90X fame and love the fact that the workouts are so time efficient! I planned to be more on track in the food plans; and the short workouts would be a welcome relief in my time crunched schedule.


That lasted about 2 1/2 weeks.

Not kidding. The problem in my world is that I “think” I’ve got this handled. I have been in a maintenance phase for my body weight but there’s always room to improve in some way. Many of us get stuck in the “temporary diet” phase; where we get set up and lose a bunch of weight and maybe get fit and then we celebrate our results and then decide we’ve “made it” and slowly go back to our old habits.

Ever been there too? 😉

But what did our old habits give us before? Ya, I know, right?

Those results were the same results that made us start the diet plan in the first place. We rinse and repeat. So we start over again when we can’t take feeling bloated/overweight/yucky/etc any longer.

We do this again and again and again. It’s a never ending cycle. The biggest issue with this never ending cycle isn’t the fact that it gets old after awhile (although that is a problem too!). The bigger and more dangerous problem is when we continue this diet on/off process, we start to add more fat to our bodies over time. Had we NOT dieted and un-dieted over and over again, we would most likely be better off.

How is this possible, you ask? Well we first lose the fat and maybe we workout a bit and we put on some lean muscle mass.

Good, right? You bet! But then once we go back to our old, unhealthier habits of not watching what we’re eating and not working out…we put the fat back on and may even lose some of that muscle mass. When we begin the process over again, we start off with MORE fat than the first time around and then what’s worse is we may decide to restrict our calories to unhealthy areas and begin to lose more lean muscle tissue and then later put on more fat again.

and again.

Think that the reason your metabolism slows as we age, is age alone? Not so much!  Somewhat, yes, but it’s worth noting that once this pattern continues over the years…our bodies become less responsive due to more than usual fat stores in the body and less muscle (which, when lean muscle in our bodies is higher, it is responsible for faster metabolism when we are at rest) which just leads us to becoming more discouraged and less motivated to get off the crazy hamster wheels that we’ve adapted to.

If you get anything from this post today…just STOP DIETING!!!! 

Yes, no more dieting, please! Instead, decide to work on the habits that help to end the craziness and create a life of balance and confidence in our bodies. I started after my first son was born. It’s been a journey ever since but the bottom line, is that I don’t ever “finish” creating challenges and making new results to keep my body looking and feeling it’s best. Laziness and complacency do not sit well with me. I don’t like to hear when clients tell me they are too “busy” to eat right and workout. I know it is common and you’ve most likely have said it before too (heck, I’ve said it before too!) but the change needs to happen today.


So here’s what I’m doing.

Like I said, I’m on the new Tony Horton 22 Minute a day workout program. I follow the calendar of workouts from day 1 to the last day. It’s proven to work in getting results when followed as it’s written out. No danger of spinning our wheels or doing too much/too little in hopes of reaching new goals. But like I mentioned earlier, the problems for me are always in my foods.

I started month 1 (last month) with a clear head and focus on sticking to the plans ‘as is’.

Then about 2-3 weeks in, I “decided” it would be okay to add in an extra fruit one day. Not a big deal, you say? Not at all…if it stopped with that ONE piece of extra. But it never does. I then decided it was also “okay” to sample foods while I’m cooking dinner. My salad looked a bit ho-hum one day so I topped it with some extra cheese (don’t even remember throwing handfuls of shredded cheese into my mouth but I’m sure I did!) I figured I wouldn’t have to measure out my chicken for dinner since it was a “lean protein” and good enough to just eyeball.

See where this is headed? To danger zones! Then when the weekends hit, it doesn’t even phase me to completely go off track and plan to ‘get back’ on Monday. But that’s never even a solid plan for Monday.

As I was finishing month 1 of the plan  last week, I realized I was tired of pretending I’m doing “good enough” when I clearly was only lying to myself (and everyone else who I decided not to come clean to)…so I set up a goal of sharing with you; with my following; with my clients and with my support group of when I went “off” plan. I’m proud to announce that it’s Wednesday of week 5 (I know, a whole 3 days into month 2! haha) and I haven’t gotten off track once yet! 

I say “yet” because it inevitably will happen. We are not meant to be perfect ever. But when that episode happens, I will be blatantly honest in my blog and in my posts online. (you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram for all the juicy details when they come!)


So just to be clear, here is what I’ve been eating and I’m totally on it today too~ I think it’s the fear of having to admit I’ve gotten off track so early that keeps me focused this week! (I almost threw some bites, licks and tastes into my mouth when cooking last night but the realization of having to share it with you all made me stop and say, “I don’t need that”)

Here’s a list of what I ate yesterday and so far this week has been on track like a BOSS!!! Where do you need most help?


2 eggs scrambled with veggies

1/2 cup oatmeal topped with strawberries

Coffee with 2 Tbls 1/2 and 1/2 (not on the plan but I like it and it’s only 40 calories)



with 1 cup water and 1 cup ice

strawberries and peanut butter

So good!


Ground turkey salad

topped with 2 Tbls Bolthouse dressing



1/2 cup oats with 1/2 cup almond milk

greek yogurt and peanut butter


Taco salad: ground turkey on salad topped with hot sauce and 2 Tbsp dressing


Oats, almond milke, yogurt and peanut butter

That’s it! All day yesterday was great and same with today! I’m really excited to see how I finish this month off! What are your goals?

13002584_10209353193057690_8810674722941451580_o (1)

If you need help, here is how you can join in on my support group this month as they help me so much!!!


How to motivate your kids to be healthier

So let’s talk about food and old habits.

I mean, just the sound of food sounds like it’s going to be fun, right?

But what if I said, let’s talk about good nutritional foods? Did I lose you? Wake up!!! 🙂 lol

Seriously though, just the fact of me starting a new program and meal plan (like the new 22 Minute Hard Corps), makes me realize how our bodies resist changes along the way. For example, I ate a good breakfast from my planned meal and then my Shakeology with berries and peanut butter for snack and it all seemed good…



until, after lunch. I don’t know what it is about this time, but it’s like my body has a radar for 2pm and wants me to EAT like never before! Now, I am not new to this so I understand my problems.

  1. I’m starting a new plan and my body is not used to it. In response, it reacts with hunger, cravings and other annoying feelings based on what it deems as “my normal eats”…and thinks I may be starving. HAH! Right?
  2. The habits that I’ve created up to this point have made my body expect to eat something at about this time so me not giving in only makes those cravings get louder in order to gain my attention.
  3. This is normal and as long as I know I’m getting in the right amount of calories, nutrition and supplements to sustain my body’s needs and changes at this time, I can rest assured that I won’t die from starvation as my body is seemingly concerned with.

So, it all comes down to mindset. I don’t like the word willpower because it makes me think that I am not strong enough to stick to my plans. In reality, our bodies are actually working against us sticking to the new plans because it’s different. Different is not something our bodies like too much of. But in order to create new “normalcies”, we must get through the difficult “different” times and issues. Much like a new workout program, have you ever tried a new workout and been extremely miserable and challenged through it all…only to be ridiculously sore after the fact? That’s change at it’s best! Our bodies respond to changes by simply changing. That’s what we wanted to do in the first place, right? So why do we give up when we are faced with some resistance?

Yesterday, I shared my meal plans and I’m committed to staying on track today and being completely honest with you on how I do. My workout was a success (complete with sandbag! My new BFF) at 5am and then my 13 year old son started it today too..but since he won’t workout with his mom; he did his workout at 6am. I’m not mad! 😉

Get this….I really have to brag! I know as a mom, we want our kids to do and be their best. Right? Of course! It’s what we do!

Over the years of working on myself; fitness and food issues alike…they saw me working out, eating foods, opting to not eat certain foods, drinking water, readjusting to new habits, learning new ways to figure it out and although they never seemed much interested (maybe even a bit annoyed at times! haha),  but they were always watching.

Who’s watching you day to day?  #ialwaysfeellikesomeoneiswatchingme #1980sgirl

Cut to the present day and time; I have never required or even suggested that they do a workout program or eat how I eat. I just did it for myself for years. I have finally figured out the best way for my body to be happy and not get too restrictive. They see me enjoy pastries, fun foods and more along the way; but they also see me workout weekly, choose healthy foods most of the time and drink my water and shakeology daily. It’s been over 6 years in the Beachbody world; and it’s been over 25 years just working on my fitness and health goals that has brought me to this point. I consider myself kind of an “expert” 😉

So about 2 years ago, my daughter came to me and asked which workout program I’d recommend for her. She was running a lot but wasn’t happy with her results. I told her she could continue running but she would also have to add in some strength training, flexibility, rest days and full nutrition to balance it all out for best results. This was before summer season and she was highly motivated. So we started her on P90X3. Then she moved onto 21 Day Fix; 21 Day Fix Extreme, Body Beast, Piyo, Master’s Hammer & name a few. She started adding Shakeology to her daily meal plan and following how I ate as her food plans. Then my elder son asked me about adding muscle to his lean frame. We worked in some Body Beast and added more to his food plans in terms of full nutrition and a more balanced calorie intake. He also drinks shakeology daily and has added muscle and definition and WEIGHT to his frame. He’s a happy camper and currently doing Master’s Hammer and Chisel too. Then about 6 months ago, my youngest, (my 13 year old “bubba” boy) asked me, “what program should I do, Mom?”

I felt like crying. Seriously sobbing mom over here. All those years of me working my butt off and hearing people ask me why I was doing what I was doing, and rolling their eyes at me when I would eat “differently” from the rest of the crowd on most occasions and making time each day to get my fitness complete and my nutrition set…all the struggles that I went through and all the doubts I had over the importance of it was answered in turn when I saw all 3 of my kids doing the right thing and honoring their bodies. Sure, I make cookies and we eat fun foods. We have a normal life and I never ever ever require they follow exactly what I say. I don’t have to. I just bring the foods into the home and eat the foods I eat and they watch and they follow.

My youngest started with P90X3, moved onto Insanity Max:30 (I told him to do the modified version and that was enough for him) and now he’s starting 22 Minute Hard Corps along with me. I am just in awe…but I never ever say so! If I did, he would probably stop because mom is getting “annoying”…right? lol


Last proud moment I have to share, as I’ve been a “sweet tooth fan” most of my life, and I’ve also created a habit of enjoying “desserts” after dinner in our family.

The irony was that I wouldn’t eat most of it but I would bake up a storm of unhealthy items (feeling confident they were better than store bought cuz I made them!) and the family would love them! They actually started to expect it as “norm”. When I would not feel up to making something, they’d ask (almost in a panic) “What’s for dessert????”

I knew it was time to make a change. I started bringing more healthy options for dessert and baked less and less during the weekdays…but never stopping altogether. (gotta have some fun along the journey too!) My normal “evening snack” usually consists of Greek yogurt and oats. Now hubby and daughter are eating the same with me every night so we are always low on the stuff! But I’m not complaining at all! And do you know what my “bubba boy” usually chooses?

Navel oranges. He cuts them up in circles to make it “fun” to eat and sits down with his bowl of cut up oranges when we watch our evening Netflix series of the moment. He starts his day with a workout, has a shakeology for breakfast (this from a kid who never ate anything but sugary cereals for breakfast, cuz he wasn’t hungry in the am) and now he starts his day with this full dose of nutrition!!

Mom pride in full effect!! Kind of makes me want to continue this journey and see what else comes from it! Seriously, who is watching you today?

Day 1 of 22 Minute Hard Corps

My new program kicks off tomorrow and I am committed to pushing through my difficult areas; which usually (okay, always) revolve around following the nutrition plan as laid out! So here are my plans and I’m sticking to them!

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My workouts:

These will be done at 0500 hours. (see what I did there?) yes, there will be lots of that coming too! 😉

The workouts are just 22 minutes a day; 6 days a week. I will not be adding in additional workouts to make me “feel like I’m doing enough” either! I know many of us struggle in this area but this will only mess up with my nutritional needs and my recovery periods so as I know our programs are proven to succeed as laid out, I don’t need anything else!

*(I should note that I do teach 2 weekly gym classes but they are not counted as my workouts as I’m usually moving around and checking on other’s form and not using the weights that I would use if it was my workout alone).

So that’s taken care of. I also write down my workouts each day in my day planner like an appointment with myself. And I don’t cancel on myself EVER!!

Photo on 3-13-16 at 11.28 AM

My Nutrition:

Now, here is where we get serious and knowing my previous struggles in this area; planning is key to my success. Knowing that this is only an 8-week program (and then I do another program based on my next goals…I never “stop” progressing and learning), I can set my mind to doing my best every meal, every day and every week until the end. Starting pics will be in tomorrow’s post. Follow me for support cuz I def need all that I can get!

I will make create more variety in my meals this challenge, than my “usual” normal plan. The reason I’ve decided to do this is because when I fall back into my “normal”; which is not “bad” in any way from the years of experience I’ve been adapting, it only keeps me in the same place. In order to make changes, much like in my workouts, I know that my foods need to shift up a bit too. Nutrition is key and so is supplementing, so my daily Shakeology and my energize boosts will be helpful to my success as I push for more.

Ready to see week 1?

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 12.00.49 PM


Extra Stuff:

Gotta fill up my 20# sandbag!! First…gotta get some sand! 😉


Here are my “rations”
How the meals break down based on calorie needs.
How the meals break down based on calorie needs.
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22 Minute Hard Corps Bootcamp

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Okay, peeps! We are set to launch a NEW program from Beachbody and I’m soooo excited about this one! Why? Because whenever you tell me that you can guarantee me results with just 22 minute workouts a day…I’m freaking INNNNNNNNN!!!!

We all know Tony Horton from his P90X fame; but those were over an hour long each day!!! :-/

Time issues became such a problem for most people who wanted to lose weight and get into better shape…so programs like Focus T25, that is only 25 minute workouts a day…and 21 Day Fix, with just 30 minute workouts a day were created.

And you know what? They freaking WORKED!!!!!  So what better way to raise the ante than to create a 22 minute workout?

Yep! I said it…22 minutes and you can get some serious results with Tony Horton and ME as your awesome Coach!!!

BUT YOU CAN’T REALLY GET RESULTS in just 22 minutes a day, can you????

Yes, SIR!!! (or YES, MA’AM!!) You totally can and this is guaranteed to do so or your money back!!!!!

This is about focusing on the workout of the day (again, only 22 minutes so don’t think you have to add another hour or so extra!), pushing yourself to YOUR max, hitting your nutrition by plugging into the plan as it’s written out to a “TEE” and then you also get MOI as your support and accountability partner in crime (well, not much crime going on but we’ll be pushing our results to the limit!) and the rest of our challengers within the group.

Fun times!!!

I’m serious when I say that there is so much comfort in knowing that we are not alone in our journeys. We are not alone when we have bad days, when we are struggling to get in our workouts or set up our meal plans, we are not alone when we slip up on our nutrition. We are all in this together and nobody gets left behind! We are getting our own private “BOOTCAMP” training at home with the 22 Minute Hard Corps program.

All of your excuses are invalid. Every. Single. One.

I am a mom of 3 kids who lost 30 lbs when my kids were babies. I was dealing with my own stress, my own emotional eating struggles and my own previous bad habits and lack of knowledge in how to eat properly without having to kill myself in the gym. I finally came to the realization that I was tired of “saying” I was going to get fit and healthy. I was tired of “throwing in the towel” when the scale would jump up for no reason. I was tired of feeling tired all of the time and not being confident in my own skin. I decided that this would be my priority so that I could enjoy my kids as they grew up; I could run around with them as they were younger and keep up with them as they grew older. I didn’t want to be a mother that my kids had to worry about because of my health or weight. I made my goals a priority in my daily life because honestly, I wanted to change more than I was willing to stay the same. And doing the same things that I always did was only bringing me the results that I always had.

I know that it’s still a few months out from summer season. I know you probably don’t worry about wearing shorts or a bathing suit until warmer weather sets in or you are starting at a vacation or event that forces you to care. Right? Well let me tell you that if you are still reading this and you got this far…consider that a sign to START RIGHT NOW!!! What have you got to lose? (besides the obvious)

No matter what your fitness levels are; no matter what you are able to do or not do; no matter if you’ve never worked out before  or you used to be an athlete…there is a way to make this plan work and I am here to help you do just that. We will modify as needed to make the program and moves a success for you. You can definitely achieve whatever the mind believes…and if you don’t believe it yet…I’m here to believe FOR you until you get there!

So what is 22 Minute Hard Corps anyways??

This program was created by no other than, Mr. Tony Horton, and yes, he also created P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Power 90 and more!

This program includes a mixture of eight routines that alternate between total body cardio & resistance workouts. There is 1 workout per day for 6 days per week…no more and no less. 🙂 The workouts are fast paced (think Army training) and there is little or no rest. These workouts are easy to learn with no complicated choreography to memorize! You basically move from one exerces to the next to maximize time and results.
What Equipment Do You Need?

You will need:

*Dumbbells and pull up bar (or you can use resistance bands with a door attachment). The harder you push, the faster you change!

I’m sure you are thinking that you aren’t up to this workout..but let me just tell you that YES, YOU CAN!! It is for everyone and as I did the sneak peek workout, there were different modifications for every level and this is how I have always run my fitness workouts in group classes and one on one sessions. We can find a way for you too!!

It’s an 8 week program; the workouts are 22 minutes a day – 6 days a week. It’s totally do able!!!

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What will you get with this program?

• 8 challenging workouts on 2 DVDs
• Quick Start Mission Guide
• 8-week Basic Training Action Plan
• Rations for Results Nutrition Field Guide
• Cold Start pre-workout drill
• Hell Week Challenge Card
• HARD CORPS: Battle Buddy Workout DVD (Network Exclusive)

So now is your time, do you accept the challenge?

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On the  21st of March we will start our pre season which consists of 1 week of goal setting, pictures, measurements, meal planning and education on the nutritional plan and then the following week is our official day 1.

******For 8 weeks I will guide you daily through the program with support, accountability, access to an online/app based closed group for support and guidance.  Each participant is required to purchase the 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack/Program and commit to replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the group.

If you are interested in getting more information about the program please complete the form below and I will contact you within 24 hours with details.

Fill out my online form.


If you do not currently work with a Coach please make me your FREE coach here.  


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Stephenie W lost 9 lbs and 7.5 inches in 8 weeks.  She said she loved the military/bootcamp style workout!!  The music and the beats of the drum motivate you to push thru to the end!
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