The Value of your Health

How much is your health and wellness worth to you?

Think about this for a moment, maybe more than just one moment and give your most honest answer. I find that most of us don’t put nearly enough value into this element and we have to ask, why not?

We spend a few hundred dollars a month on a car payment.

We spend a few thousand dollars on a house payment.

We spend hundreds of dollars a month on the foods we eat, the places we visit, the bills we pay, and so on…

But for some reason, when it comes down to exercise and eating the right foods; we think, “Oh, that’s okay. I’m good with what I’m doing.”


Is it because we feel good at this point in time? Is it because we aren’t willing to do something uncomfortable or scary or possibly something we may fail at? Is it because we’ve been taught that doing things for ourselves is selfish?

Or is it deeper?

Is it because we see ourselves as who we truly are, in a very vulnerable way, and working on our bodies and our health may just make us seem more vulnerable to the outside world?

Being different is hard. I know when I began my fitness plans, everyone around me thought I was nuts.

“Kathy, you work out soooo much”

“Kathy, when are you going to relax and just eat ‘normal’ again?”

“Kathy, you are SOO strong and dedicated…I could never do that”…

It got to the point that everywhere I went, I knew that my presence would make people uncomfortable.


Not because I was giving myself the attention and taking care of my body’s needs.

No, it was because I was different. I was doing different things and standing out.

This, my friend, is scary stuff.

Being different makes other people stop and pay attention. They wonder, why are they doing things different. Then they start to wonder why they are not also doing things that way. And it makes them uncomfortable.

Because we all want to be similar. We all want to belong. We all want to be “normal”…

But what the heck is “normal”, anyway?

Can’t I be a good friend, parent, sister, spouse, etc…and still be considered ‘normal’ because of these traits?

In order to stand out and be ‘different’ to some people, meant that I would also become ‘normal’ to another group of people. And this is awesome.

When you find your ‘people’, you are given new hope. When you find the friends who believe in what you believe in and are willing to fight for what you are fighting for; you are no longer alone.

You now belong to a “group” again.


It doesn’t mean that your family and friends who don’t follow your new goals need to be pushed away, it just means that your relationship may shift a little. Only if they choose.

You keep being you.

You keep putting more value on your body than you do on your car or your house.

You freaking LIVE in the same body for your entire life! Why would you NOT??

So, I ask you again, how much value do you give to your health and wellness?

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Nutrition Basics 101

I’m not the most knowledgable person in exact nutrition…but I do know after umpteen years what works and doesn’t work for the average woman. I know how hard it is to get back into shape after pregnancy (and not 1, but 3 1/2); I know how hard it is to stay focused on my goals as a mom.


I know how stress throws me off and makes me want to eat the entire contents of my refrigerator and pantry, and I’m not partial to what is available. I also know what it means to gain weight and feel out of control. I know what it means to starve myself for as long as I could take it; and then later binge because my body was going crazy for foods, calories and nutrition.

I can go on but I’ll spare the details. Bottom line is that I was at rock bottom. I was working in the fitness industry; leading group exercise classes and training clients all the while knowing what I needed to do to reach my own goals and not quite knowing how to change the problems that were holding me back.

The secret isn’t in finding the right program; the secret isn’t in finding the right diet formula or exercise plan or anything at all. The secret is to get to the CORE of what is holding us back and then finding support to hold onto when we fall.

And fall we will…

The common theme that I’ve been coming up against these days is that we have a zillion and one workout programs; diet products; supplement; vitamins; diet plans; apps; gyms; etc…

and yet, the obesity epidemic continues to GROW.


Because we don’t want to get to the uncomfortable parts. We don’t want to sacrifice our “quick fixes” or our fast food stops or the weekend binges, etc. It’s too hard, is what I’m hearing.

So the cycle continues. We eat too much. We feel bad. We starve or take diet products that aren’t good for our bodies and then we binge again because our bodies don’t like it and is begging us to wake up.

WAKE UP!! Diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, high blood pressures, and the list goes on. These are not just list of issues “some” people deal with. This is what we are setting ourselves up for and what we are teaching the next generations to do along with us.

Why? Because it’s easy. 

Why? Because everyone else is doing it and we don’t want to standout.

Why? Because we don’t need to right now. 

Start with educating yourself and your family. Start with some simple steps and lead by example. Start right now. Just start.

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