Cholula and Friday Meals

It’s the weekend.

Weekends are super tough when it comes to eating right, right? Seriously, I know for anyone just working on their fitness and health goals, it is a challenge to NOT go overboard during the “off” days.

I’m not any different. It’s tough for sure and yes, I do have goals that I’m working towards but wanting to just go off and eat some “fun” foods and thinking, “it wont’ REALLY matter, right? I mean, I have 11 weeks to go”….but it will. If it didn’t matter then why the heck do competitors plan 12 or more weeks out from the contest date?

HINT: Because it matters!

So, today is Friday and it was a good day. I’m exhausted and ready to go to sleep (cuz that’s my favorite part of my “training”) 😉 but I made a promise to both myself and to YOU to post more regularly this season…and hopefully; daily.


So here goes. I woke up to my water bottle…got that whole awesome gallon down again today! #winning! And then enjoyed my protein pancakes. I know that you can make them easily with protein powder but for sake of making this training season as “clean” as possible, I opted to make it with cottage cheese (I know, not completely CLEAN but it’s close! lol), oatmeal, egg whites and some PB2. Topped the finished pancake with 1/3 cup of strawberries and had my coffee on the side. (cuz it would be weird to put it anywhere else)

After that, I headed out to teach my LIVE Insanity class and this totally counted as my cardio! HA! and these people are crazzzzy!!! They just don’t stop coming to class!! I seriously work to challenge them and then they just smile and thank me (dripping in sweat and red-faced) and then the next week…THEY RETURN!!! Seriously? okay…moving on…

You know I’m tired when I start to ramble nonsense but you asked for it 😉

I then hit my Body Beast Build Shoulders routine. HOLY COW!!! I thought my arms would explode…pretty cool for sure! LOL I follow my workouts up with my shakeology and it was made with 1 cup almond milk and 1 Tblsp peanut butter and ice. Also, one apple.

As I get closer to comp date, I’ll be making it with water and ice….BORRRRING!!!

The rest of my day looked like this and I will be taking my stats this weekend to make sure we are on track…but it is still early on.


Lunch: 6 oz egg whites scrambled up with spinach, onion and zucchini. It was wrapped up in a Flat-Out wrap and topped with 2 Tbls cheese and Cholula…who doesn’t LOVE Cholula, by the way? (and why isn’t spellcheck accepting that as a word?) I think we have 3 full sized bottles in our pantry but who’s counting? (actually my daughter because if we get close to the end of the last bottle, you can’t pry her fingers off of it)

Snack: 1 cup carrots and 2 Tbls hummus

Dinner: egg whites (yes, slim pickings today but I didn’t have time to cook up anything else today) with more spinach, onions, tomatoes and of course, more Cholula.

Snack: greek yogurt with some 1/4 cup oats and 2 Tbls almond milk mixed in with 1 tsp peanut butter. YUMMY!!! It’s like my “go to” dessert these days! I know, I’m weird but I don’t care.

So that is it for today! Moving on to the weekend so I will make sure to track it and check in again. Tell me you are staying focused on your foods to help support my hard work too!!!


The Beachbody Classic

Drum roll, please!!!

I am soo excited to work towards competing in the Beachbody Classic this coming June!!

At the end of last year, I had decided on competing in the Australia WBFF this coming month but due to many changes in living situations and family restructures; I decided it was definitely NOT the time to take on such a huge challenge.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.16.59 PM

Now, I’m happy to announce that I can do my own version for our June competition through Beachbody. This started out for the first time last year; when participants who completed the “Body Beast” program competed on stage as a fitness competitor would. The excitement and success was overwhelming and they are not only bringing it back for the second year, but allowing challengers to use ANY Beachbody program to prepare.

I recently completed 2 rounds of the new “21 Day Fix” program and love that it follows loosely a fitness competitors style of training and eating. Since this is the case, I will be following the “container” system meal plans and I’ve added “Asylum Volume 2” for the month of April to my training regime.

Holy CRAP!

I’m sore EVERYWHERE and it’s only day #2!! Mind you, I’ve completed Insanity (numerous times) plus Asylum part 1 but this is ridiculous!!! I don’t think I did ONE crunch or sit-up yesterday but I woke up with the most sore abs EVERRRRRR!!!! lol

My journey back to the stage will be shared with you here and I look forward to getting some of my challengers to join me with this special event. Message me if you’d like more information on possibly attending or even joining me on the stage 😉 Don’t think you can’t either…anyone can do this and I will be happy to coach you along!

April will be filled with Asylum Volume 2 and then May and some of June will be a hybrid version that will be shared with you soon enough.  Containers, workouts and challenges….OH MY!!!