Feeling the Fear; and Loving it!!!

Change can be scary, it can be uncertain and it can be paralyzing at times. What’s the saying, “Feel the fear and do it anyway?”

How often has this rang true in your life? I know that it’s been almost a constant and some of the decisions were my own; but many were just where God wanted me to go.

Fear is something we all experience. You may look at someone who is very successful and think they are completely fearless, but I guarantee you they have their own share of fear.

I have fear all the time. What if I fail? What will someone think of me? What if I’m not good enough? The past few years were full of fears and experiences that were not guaranteed to turn out the way I wanted. In fact, many of the experiences didn’t go how I would have chosen; but I have faith that God lead me exactly where I needed to be and where I am today. How can anyone argue with that?



I competed in my first fitness competition and received many negative remarks that I went into it as an “un-Godly” woman and that really shook my life. I had to question my motives and if I was truly looking at it for my ego or something else. And you know what? Once I did it, it felt amazing.   I then decided to run my very first marathon…that’s 26.2 miles, in case you weren’t paying attention! That’s a LOT of miles for someone who doesn’t even enjoy running. True story.  But I did it. And the feeling of accomplishment overrode all of the sacrifices I had made to reach both of these achievements. Our family sold everything and moved overseas to another country. Talk about fear!!! It was scary, it was hard, it was awesome and it was ultimately a blessing.



My whole life is full of blessings. Some were tough to go through but what came out later was something I could never have accomplished or experienced without it.


This year, I have taken on another huge and super scary goal. You know the kind of goals that make you a little weak in the knees and kind of wanting to throw up?

Ya, that’s the type of goal I set for this year. I don’t believe if I hadn’t gone through all the challenges before, that I would even consider working towards this type of commitment. Whatever brings you passion and yet keeps your top priorities in place, is the key to your success and happiness.


A key difference between being successful and not, is either letting the fear stop you from reaching your goals or feeling the fear and going for it anyway. The moment we can learn to embrace fear then we open ourselves up to so many opportunities. The moment you let fear take hold and stop you from doing things, then you shut yourself off from reaching your true potential.


What will this year bring? Stay tuned….I’m just getting warmed up!


Bikini Fitness Challenge

Are you envious of fitness models and women who look good in a bikini? Do you just want to FEEL better about your body in general? Either way, you CAN have it and you don’t need any gimmicks or spend thousands of dollars to get there!



If you want to achieve long-term results, you MUST commit to a healthy LIFESTYLE change. Ditch the diet mentality and quick fixes; they are only going to steer you down a viscous cycle of deprivation, unhappiness and lack of health.  I am starting a monthly challenge to help you get in the shape of either a bikini competitor, or just a real-life best version of  YOU; without having the costs of a competitor or fancy gym and trainer fees! 😉

This challenge sets you up for success by showing you how to build a healthy lifestyle you can commit to. It will show you that healthy, clean foods can make you feel amazing and taste delicious. There is a huge difference between just losing weight versus being healthy, lean and fit. It will show you that exercise can boost your mood, energy and self-confidence. It will also teach you that a positive mindset and an optimistic attitude can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the quality of your life.

No more “diets”; commit now to making this four-letter word obsolete from your life.  You will never look back. Kick negative thoughts to the curb. You CAN do this. You have to believe in yourself. “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”.  If you want something bad enough; you have to search within you for the strength and follow through when things get tough…and believe me, life will try to get in your way and sidetrack you.  Don’t let this happen.

You must remember along your journey that nothing worth having comes easy.  If it were easy, everyone would be in amazing shape.  There are no magic pills or potions to get you there faster.  Stop believing any hype that says otherwise.  You must commit to the fact that transforming your body and life will take hard work, patience, dedication, determination, discipline and deep seated desire to keep going; no matter what.

What is this challenge about?  You will enjoy daily workouts from either a proven fitness plan or my own plan; plus a personalized meal plan that will nourish your body, without adding harmful additives, chemicals or preservatives of any kind.  Your body does not accept these unknown additives as “foods” and can wreak havoc on your goals and ultimately, your health.  I will be your “trainer/coach” for the next few months and you can decide to follow from anywhere of 30 days and on.

Your decision awaits but my next challenge begins soon so don’t wait much longer!

Are you in?  Or are you just going to make another excuse?

What will be included:

Meal Plans (with Vegetarian Options)

Grocery lists

Workouts for all weeks

Motivation and Accountability (help to keep you on track)

Tips on Eating Out

Shakeology for dense nutrition while cutting back calories and supplementing your life

& Personal attention that is available 24/7!

*If not satisfied within 30 days; get your money returned to you!*

If interested, please send an email to me titled: Bikini Fitness Challenge Group – www.spazzykay@gmail.com 

2 Days Out!!!