Body Beast; Week 8

New day; new month and new week!

My journey to the Classics in July continues and today marks week 8. The workouts are seriously challenging and although I had not used the Body Beast supplements in their entirety when I completed the program a few years ago, they are calling my name this time around. It’s funny how I always “think” I know better but when the program is a proven plan; actually scientifically so, maybe I should drop me ego at the door and just trust. 

Today is Monday and all weight lifters and gym-goers know that means it must be CHEST day! Yes, on any given Monday, if you were to visit the gym, the bench press benches are always in use. You actually have to wait in line to get your turn under the bar. So why would Sagi change this plan? Yes, even on Body Beast; Monday means CHEST DAY.

Breakfast means that I am sticking to my “usual” of cooked oatmeal with some peanut butter and almond milk; plus egg whites and veggies with salsa. Coffee on the side. This seems to be my staple for month 2’s breakfasts. I’m a creature of habit so I know that I will keep this going until I’m completely SICK of it and then look into a new option. I’ve done breakfast pancakes before; among different omelet choices, but for now, this is making me happy and that is what it takes when kicking my body to the curb in these workouts.

My “after workout” fuel is my Shakeology and in this phase, that means upping the protein by adding in a scoop of the Body Beast Beast Shake. Lunch is usually 2 or 3 hours later and consists of whatever lean protein I have on hand; chicken, tuna, egg whites, etc and veggies. I have an apple to curb my sweet tooth and sprinkle cinnamon on top. I used to scoop out some peanut butter but for all of you recovering addicts, you know that I need to minimize how many times I actually open that peanut butter jar. Who knew it was so habit forming?


I have to say that I am loving the way this program is going so far. I see noticeable changes in my abs, arms and focusing on working my booty as much as possible with some extra cardio workouts 3 days per week. Today I’ll use the stair climber machine at the gym for 40 minutes at a steady pace. My joints need some tender loving care so I will not do any of the jumping style workouts that I’m used to in my circuit style cardio sweat sessions for a bit. This momma needs to be in the best shape (or at least walk upright across that stage) at the competition.



12 Weeks to the Stage!

Wow! Here I go again..planning and focusing my goals to take it to the stage once again.

I have to say that I’m super nervous, a bit uncertain and above all else…freaking excited about it!!! 🙂

I have decided to go this on my own. The first time I competed, I went all out with an awesome trainer and learned so much about the sport and how to walk the walk…literally. I now know I can do this on my own…I will plan out my meals, I will do my workouts (using the Body Beast program to prove this thing works), take my supplements and get my rest.

Week 1 has passed and I’m happy to say that although it wasn’t all “perfect”; I know the workouts are making a difference already and I am making the tweaks in my nutrition that will help me get the best results withoutoverdoing it or underdoing it.


The first time I walked the stage, I came out with 2nd place trophy overall. I was happy but wanted to know “why not first?” (competitive much?? LOL) I sent the judges a message and their reply was that my shoulders were a bit too “big” and that my tan wasn’t even enough.

Well, obviously I didn’t have control over the tan…but I do know that I won’t be hiring the same company to do it again. duh

The shoulders comment made me a bit irritated as I am really proud of that area but I took it and appreciated the feedback so that I can make the changes to my training in this phase.

I will be sharing with you (my dear readers) all of my foods. I will be sharing with you my struggles, when I fall on my face (as it’s going to happen in life) and of course, how I get back up and keep going.


That is life. There are no excuses that are good enough to give up on what we want most. There are going to be failures for sure. That is a given. But the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t; are the successful ones get back up time after time after time. Not accepting defeat is a win, always!

So tomorrow is chest and tris. Making out my meal plans today and will chart and share how I do.

Still feeling a bit nervous but glad to have the accountability of YOU! 😉