You can’t handle the tooth!

Today was just LOOOOONG!!!

bahahahaha 😀

It all started here…

up at 5 am and completed my workout from Insanity Max. Day 1; month 2. Pretty good, overall.

Then got Joe up to do his workout while I got lunches made and breakfast eaten. I like to have my coffee and breakfast while I read my personal development and this starts my day on the right track, with the right mindset.

Got Joe to school and did some work before it was GO time for Amy.

She had an early morning appointment to get her 4 wisdom teeth removed…(I have 5, just saying…but that’s a story for another day!)

We were at the dentist’s office right on time and got some simple paper work completed and away she went. I thought that I was fine until she walked down the hall and there I sat…


So, I did what any other supportive mother would do…I went to the pharmacy to get her prescriptions filled. Honestly, I couldn’t sit still!!! I realize my mind just races too darned much so it was a better plan to get something done that would have had to be done anyway. As soon as I got back to the office again, she was almost done. I figured she’d be really “loopy” from the anesthesia, as that’s what they warned us of in the consult appointment. But there she sat next to me, nodding away at the receptionist’s explanation of all the things we needed to adhere to.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.05.12 PM

Ice for 24 hours on the cheeks, antibiotics and ibuprofen every 6-8 hours to aid in healing and swelling issues, keep head elevated, keep gauze against the sutures for a few hours, no foods, no driving…you know, the usual. 

She was really a trooper, in my opinion. I helped her to the couch in the living room and she just lounged there for most of the day. She enjoyed a protein shake and a shakeology shake during the day. I noticed towards evening, she seemed to be getting a bit antsy. As I set the dinner table up for the family, I suggested she could either stay lounging on the couch or sit with us at dinner if she preferred. She told me she was so boooooored and would sit with us for sure.

As I finished cutting the salad, she came walking into the kitchen and opened the cupboard – looking for the cream of wheat. I asked if she wanted to eat that and she said, “ya”…so I offered to make it up. and since she’s quite independent (no idea who she takes after! lol) she said she would be fine making it up.

Actually the recipe she created came out really impressive. She cooked it up with milk ( as dairy is said to help in alleviating the nausea that is typically associated with wisdom teeth removal), added some canned pumpkin for flavor (genius! maybe a new recipe idea for our next support group!) and some greek yogurt for creaminess and extra protein. She sat at the dinner table with us and enjoyed the meal she had created and listened to us chatter away.

When we were nearly done, my hubby asked me to explain her surgery since she couldn’t speak all too well. I told my side of the story but obviously I wasn’t there for the whole experience and she proceeded to share her side of the story…at least, what she remembered after the anesthesia. 😉

It was after just a few minutes of her talking, when I noticed she stopped…and looked a bit panicked and her face went pale. I asked, “are you feeling dizzy?” and she nodded, still looking worried. I helped guide her to stand so we could take her back to the couch and she asked, “what is wrong with me?”

Then she collapsed…

I was left trying to hold her but it was completely impossible with the way she passed out. I called for Ben and we clumsily helped her to the couch to lie down. I asked if she could hear us and she responded, yes…and once she was reclining on the couch, she started to regain color in her cheeks. Ben opened some doors and put the fan on and she felt better yet.

I had to tease her later on how she thought she was “fine” after just a few hours on the couch and could go about her usual food planing and walking and talking as if no big ordeal had taken place that day.

Yes, my daughter does take after me, after all!! I used to believe she was all her dads’ side… but this just made my day.

Day 1 recovery, in the books. Here’s hoping tomorrow is so much better for her!


Embrace the Funny Moments

So, I thought I’d share a funny story that happened this week as we headed out of town on our yearly family beach camping trip.

I rode in one car with my daughter who was driving. (which is so awesome that I don’t have to be behind the wheel at all times these days!) Hubby took the boys in a second vehicle with most of our luggage and supplies.

As we drove along on the freeway, I was zoning out after a rather hectic morning, (I mean, seriously, when you are staying busy with a crazy long checklist, it never fails that things will always come up and work to try and derail your plans. Not so much, luck!)

All of a sudden, my daughter shouts out, “What’s he doing???” in an exasperated and very annoyed tone. (they seem to pick up LOTS of things from their parents…lol) 😉

I glanced to her left and saw a car keeping in line with our vehicle.  She was trying to have them either get ahead or slightly behind us, with no luck.  I didn’t really see the driver but assumed they were just keeping pace and weren’t really aware of how annoying the pace was to my daughter.

For some reason, I decided to make a second attempt to REALLY look  at what this “person” was doing and leaned forward in my seat enough to see that there actually two young men in the other car who were smiling and trying so hard (obviously not successful) to gain the attention of my 18 year old driver.

Apparently my attention surprised them (probably since they didn’t see me as well in the passenger seat) and they finally sped along and stopped their attempts to impress my daughter. She thought that it was hilarious! Here,she was annoyed and then when I explained how they really couldn’t see me until I leaned forward and fixed my attention on them and they both shot looks of “HOLY CRAP! That’s her mom!” bahahahahahaha =D

About five minutes after this happened, the freeway was slowed down and stopped by a highway patrol car. Obviously there was something ahead of us and we were left sitting in a parked car for at least 10 loooooong minutes and we happened to be parked directly behind these “friendly” young men’s car.  They obviously weren’t too thrown off of their antics yet, as they both opened their car doors and jumped out to run all the way around the car and back to their original seats…smiling and laughing and glancing one last time towards my daughter.

Seems like fate fate gave us a good smile after our very stressful morning!!

Do you find humor in your days when you most need it?

Is it Graduation Season yet???

Whoa! It’s been awhile since I last posted and I realized I left you hanging with my “panic disorder” announcement….

Did you think my issues went array??? Not so much! I’m back and I’m so glad to be here…although I really hadn’t “gone” anywhere to tell of. I just have a busy life, just like you do, and have to really plan my tasks accordingly or the day (aka; my kids and hubby) “eats” it all up before I get a chance to realize it.

Yes, I ended about my panic disorder and how that has definitely brought me to where I am today and giving me an awareness that I know I would never have had the patience to understand. We all fight our “inner demons” and battles; large or small.  We all have the same choice to either lie down and let it beat us; or stand up and fight like you’ve never fought before…

And you WILL win!

This is an example I want to instill upon my children. Yes, I tell them quite often that they need to be strong; stand up for what they know is right; think in a positive light; etc…but there is nothing better and more lasting than good ol’ experience!

Take for instance, my 18 year old daughter. She has been through a lot of moving around while attending high school.. and mind you, high school is ONLY 4 years!!! But we have been in and out of the country many many many times and let’s just say it hasn’t done well for her school credits…as a whole.

Now, don’t think for a second that I am complaining, because I am most definitely NOT! (although I’ve heard through the grapevine that many have thought my writing about our recent moves were negative…NOT!)  I am thankful for everything our family has done. I know that it has taught us so much and it continues to do so. My children have experiences that will last them their entire lives and we have all come together as a family in a new way completely.

Back to my daughter and her less than stellar high school credits. The first time we withdrew her for our overseas adventure, she was a freshman in high school and we left just prior to year end finals. Although we had returned soon enough and re-enrolled her back to her previous school; she was starting off the year behind the rest due to the fact of final scores missing.

The second time we decided to move, she missed more than a semester and although we tried to enroll her in school overseas, it proved to be far too complicated due to the last few years of high school and the credits needed to graduate at her level. (that just means she would have had to attend school overseas for an extra year or more to catch up to their standards and obtain their assignments and scores). She has re-enrolled one more time this past January and let me tell you, this girl is a trouper!!!


Seriously, her counselor helped her tremendously (and we could never have done it without her help!!); she assured us that my daughter would indeed earn her diploma this school year but also warned us of the work load that was to come.

And she wasn’t kidding…

It seems like she went into overdrive starting this past January and hasn’t stopped since. In fact, the work load just continues to INCREASE as the time ticks closer to graduation day. But, it isn’t deterring my daughter from her goal of graduating with her class. And I could not be more proud as a mother. Talk about a lesson of life and commitment!!

She wanted to graduate with her friends and since it was such a deep desire within her, she has decided to give up (for now anyway) time with her friends on the weekends, staying up late/sleeping in late, and just acting like a “normal” teenager. She has decided, instead, to start up a workout program with me and follow the meal plan that is included. This is NOT a “diet” but a way to follow the best guidelines for her meals, food choices and portion sizes.

All in all, I have to say that my daughter has become my hero of the moment. I don’t know many people who would do what she is doing and with a great energy and drive that I know will help her continue into her early adulthood following her graduation ceremony.

This serves as a lesson for us all.  She took a difficult situation and made a solid decision to see it through to the end.  Are you able to do something this challenging without wavering and throwing in the towel; for a reward at the end of the struggle? I know I’m pushing harder these days because of her 😉

and guess which parent will be sobbing like a baby on May 28th at a local high school graduation? And I will do it proudly…and maybe without mascara!!! 😉