Success Story: Tina Reyes

Isn’t life more fun when we have someone to inspire us? That’s how I feel each and every day with my clients, customers and coaches. Today I want to highlight Tina. Check out her current results!!


I’m so proud of my challenger, Tina! She decided that she was ready to make some changes to end the year right and she’s def doing it right!

Here are her recent pics (cuz pics tell so much!). The far left is her starting photo, the middle pic is a month ago and the far right is her today. Here are her own words regarding her success so far, I know she’s not stopping anytime soon! Let’s do this, girl!!

“Before I started I was tired and lazy and I was tired of be tired. I rarely wanted to do anything outside of the house and we never did anything active as a family. My body was not my friend and doing the simple tasks like tying my shoes was hard.”
“My biggest inspiration for starting this journey is my daughter. She’s my best friend and my biggest cheerleader! And she’s getting married to her long time boyfriend next Aug.”
“Staying on track is the biggest challenge for me. Luckily my husband is totally on board and doing this all with me to. My support from you and everyone in our groups is amazing!!”

“I’ve been doing slim in 6 and I LOVE it. It’s hard and challenging but it makes me want to work harder to do it all. I’ve been able to do so much more than I ever thought possible.”

“So far since starting in Aug. I have lost a total of 16 pounds and 18 inches. The best part is the confidence I’ve gained. I feel like I can do anything! I have to say I’m most proud of sticking to the program and getting my workouts done!”

“My life no longer revolves around the TV or cell phone playing games. I rarely sit still for very long at a time and LOVE going on very long walks with my family. (most of the time those walks include Pokemon hunting to) LOL”

“I love my Shakeology!! Especially vanilla!! I don’t have the crazy cravings for junk like I used to and look forward to my Shake treat everyday!! ” – Tina

If you want to start your own transformation story, simply fill in the information below (it won’t show up publicly so don’t worry about that!) and I’ll connect with you right away to get you started on your goals. No diets, no gimmicks and long lasting results guaranteed!



Reach your goals – once and for all

What’s the secret to success? I struggled for many years in my desire to achieve my health, fitness and weight loss goals; as well as business, personal and success goals – only to be deterred time and time again. Have you ever struggled before in this way?

I often wondered ‘when do the results finally happen’ and ‘why are there people that we know who continuously achieve their goals while others struggle in their own self-defeating patterns?’

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 1.09.42 PM

Now I’m not saying that I am a success story in these areas; but I have learned many lessons over the past 20 or so years and thought it might help someone to hear what’s worked for me.

Think for a moment that exciting feeling when you begin something new. It may seem as though you have the secret to finally figuring it all out and the sky’s the limit in this phase. And why not? At this point of our journey, everything is fresh, new and sparkly (that’s my description but I think you get the point!). It’s at this point when we haven’t yet run into any challenges or encountered any hurdles so it can almost seem a bit skewed from reality. Nonetheless, we set out with our new plans and vow to change our lives; change the world and take on whatever may have held us back in the past.

Everything seems possible in this moment and it’s at this time (whether we are embarking on a new fitness/health journey; starting a new business venture; beginning a new relationship; etc) that we must decide WHY we have chosen this challenge/change. What is so important about these specific goals and what needs to change in our lives at this time in order to make this happen? You may be wondering what any of this has to do with starting something new. The first few steps help to set the foundation for changes and the new success that we so desire. Think for a moment, if we don’t start with the WHY; then what changes from today? If we consider the fact that adding changes; saying ‘yes’ to anything different than what we are currently doing, we will ultimately be saying ‘no’ to other areas of our lives that may or may not be acceptable.

Once the reasons are set and we start moving forward, there will eventually come resistance. We will run into days when we don’t ‘feel’ like doing what we planned; we will run into days when unexpected surprises pop up and we need to juggle and deal with these surprises; we will run into days where we are overly stressed, tired or downright tired of going through the daily motions that seemed exciting in the beginning.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.39.42 PM

It’s at this point of resistance that we make a decision; and it’s at this point of our journey that makes or breaks our success in the new plan. If we decide to give in to the resistance and slow down our progress (which usually means we are skipping our workouts/ eating on the fly/ passing on the new habits we set up for our success) then we are deciding that the results are not worth the sacrifice. Right? That’s pretty powerful if you sit and let it sink in. However, if we decide to push through the resistance and do what we planned on doing no matter what; (and this can seriously SUCK some days!) then we are making the decision to continue to fight for what we want to achieve irregardless of the struggle.

Now this part of the journey is actually another critical point that may seem uneventful; maybe even ‘boring’, but it’s going to make the most change of all. Doing what you said you’d do at the times when you don’t feel like it (or enter any excuses you’ve made here…no, they are not “reasons”) will actually be pushing your old bad habits further away. Imagine when you get up to do the workout or eat the meal when you could easily have passed it by because of your “excuses”; you are pushing through boundaries and setting a new “normal” for you to accept. This means that the next time an excuse pops up and you push forward again, you are quite literally, taking steps into unchartered and new success territories. Does that make sense? Because it’s kind of fabulous when you start to “get it” ūüėČ

The last and most crucial next step in forming lifelong habits is in changing old, negative thought patterns about ourselves. Most of us don’t believe that we are “worth” the time, energy, money it takes for us to reach our ultimate goals. If we are constantly berating ourselves; telling ourselves we aren’t worth it, we don’t need it as much as we thought or worse yet; that we are “ugly, stupid, fat, etc”…these are POISON to our results. The negativity we may have learned over the years will keep us stuck in our miserable states because we believe that we are less than anyone else in our lives. This is CRAP and needs to end today! If you have issues that are deep rooted from childhood or past experiences, I suggest searching for a reputable therapist to help you get beyond those issues. If your issues are simply from habits that you’ve created, it’s time to change your mindset and surround yourself with positive people, books, audio and lessons to create a better quality of self-acceptance and love.

The New Decade Begins!!

Knowing that when you put these practices into place, you will not only achieve new will become obsessed with them because they feel fantastic! You are a beautiful, blessed and unique YOU and it’s time to take back your happiness and start to believe in yourself – once and for all. Do this, and the rest will start to fall into place. You will become the type of person whom you’ve always felt was “lucky” or “entitled”.

How to get a jump start on your goals

Goals. We all have them, right? We have personal goals, financial goals, relationship goals, future goals, weight loss or fitness goals, vacation goals…and so on. The problem is never in the goals¬†that we make;¬†but more in what we are doing or not doing more often when hoping to reach those goals. If you think about it, every decision you make; every second of every day – starts to add up to a result. That result can either be your goal..or the opposite of your goal.

Let me explain.

Imagine for a moment you are opening a new checking account and your goal is to save $10,000 for your next dream vacation. You figured out the costs for your flight; how much your hotel and amenities will cost; what you would need to pay for food, drinks and souvenirs and anything else imaginable. The grand total that you would require is $10k…so you start planning on saving enough money and choosing a date to book your trip for this amazing travel opportunity. Your account is opened, you’ve deposited $100 to start and you set up a direct deposit 10% of each paycheck into your new checking account to save for your trip.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.31.05 PM

Exciting, isn’t it? That is probably how you feel at the start of every weight loss or fitness goal you set in place. You imagine that you’d love to lose 20 lbs (give or take) in time for a family reunion or summer vacation (or whatever the current reason would be) and you choose a workout program, healthy meal plan with recipes, supplements and support of a trainer so that you can make these goals a reality and succeed and enjoy feeling confident and strong.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.36.51 PM

This first step of planning and setting in place your ideal progress is the easy part. What becomes a challenge is what follows. Imagine now you are on a road and following a road map. You come to a fork in the road and you see that moving towards the right side of the path will lead you to your goals and dreams; while moving towards the left side of the path will move you in the opposite direction. Even though we¬†know better¬†doesn’t guarantee us results. Sure, we know that if we continue to invest 10% of each paycheck into our new bank account, we will start to see the balance increase over time. We also know that if we are following the advice of our trainer/coach/expert in the workouts needed to reach our goals and the foods and supplements/vitamins – we will eventually see our bodies morph into the shape and size that we were dreaming about.

But that would be too easy, right? In our human minds, we start to rationalize “better ways” or we talk ourselves out of following the plans we’ve set up. Maybe at first for just “one day” – but once we give ourselves permission to go off track, it’s going to be easier to do the next time around. An example would be: maybe you need a pair of new shoes for an event you are attending next week and you are short on cash. You may rationalize that investing maybe just 5%¬†this week and using the remainder to purchase those new shoes¬†won’t hurt us too much, right?


This is where we need to become more focused on WHY we are wanting to create these goals as reality. Why do you want to travel to that exotic destination? What would that feel like? What would it look like? Why is that important today? How about your weight loss or fitness goals? Why are you working to lose 20lbs? What would that look like for you? What would it feel like to be 20 lbs less and feel more confident in your body?

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.39.42 PM

If we don’t dive into our WHY; we won’t stick to the plans. One small detour changes everything. Think about every single decision we all make in a given day. If you are hoping to get up early and workout before you head off to work but you overslept because you were “tired”…it’s important to accept that you made the decision that day to take a step further away¬†from your weight loss goal.¬†¬†The decision to sleep in –¬†was more important to you than the results in that given moment. It may seem insignificant, but over time…those small choices begin to add up to large results.

I know it’s hard at times to stick to our plans, especially when we have a great “excuse” (which we usually refer to as “reason”) but having integrity and sticking to what we said we’d do is key to success. Saving the $10k for your vacation isn’t going to be fun along the way; but you better believe it will be well worth it while you are living it up and lavishing your journey. Same goes for your weight loss goals. It’s never fun to pass up on our favorite foods and drinks when we see others indulging, right? It’s also never fun to workout when we are not feeling like it; or when we are tired, sore and just feeling overwhelmed with life. (but hint; you won’t ever regret the workout once it’s done…but you may regret not following through with it as planned after the fact). However, when you think about the day of the occasion that you can show off your new body and hard earned results..all the sacrifice from before will be water under the bridge.

What decisions have you made just today…that have moved you closer to, as well as further away from your goals and dreams?


How to stay on track with foods on the Holiday weekend

I totally get how hard it is to always stay on track during the normal weekdays; but what about a holiday weekend and what about the summer months where it’s a constant reminder of our current results? I wanted to share exactly what it is that I do and how I have stopped thinking I had to be either “good” or “bad” on my plan. The secret is to find balance and to have a plan in all that we do.

Do you have to be¬†perfect?¬†I have to say that I don’t really enjoy this word as it only makes us feel like a failure. There is absolutely no such thing as a perfect human being. LOL We all trip and fall and following a meal plan with a normal life is a recipe for not being perfect. But the irony of it is that being imperfect is part of finding our success long term.

Say what? Right?

Bring your own healthy foods with you so you can at least enjoy some healthier options if nothing else is available.
Bring your own healthy foods with you so you can at least enjoy some healthier options if nothing else is available.

This is what I’ve learned over many years of trial and error and feeling like a failure over and over again. You can follow any meal plan that fits your body’s needs and succeed. There is no magic “one way” plan. Today I will ¬†share my simple strategy for success over a holiday celebration without feeling like a failure or as someone who has to be deprived in order to succeed.

  1. ¬†Stay Hydrated.¬†This is really the easiest thing to do and something we tend to skip over when we aren’t as focused on following a plan or being “good”, right? When you wake up every morning, holiday mornings and every other morning every day, drink at least 1/2 – 1 liter of water before you eat breakfast. Drink the water immediately as you are already dehydrated from hours of sleep and no hydrating in those hours. If you aren’t a fan of plain water, squeeze some lemon or lime juice into your water or cut up some fruit and herbs and place into a large pitcher, filled with water to create infused waters with fun flavors.
  2. Plan your meals when not at the event or celebration.¬†If you are planning to attend a party or festivities, make sure to structure your day’s foods around the event. I like to start the day as every other day and eat my breakfast. I then plan in snacks and other meals that I’d eat normally at home in order to keep my body fueled and on track as usual. I also pre-plan what I’ll have at the event. If I don’t know what foods will be available, I will always bring something that I know I can eat if nothing else fits my needs. Obviously you’ll want to enjoy fun foods and drinks but being mindful and mentally preparing yourself for the day will only guarantee a better result.
  3. What to choose at the event.¬†The next step is to understand exactly what to choose when you’re at the party or event. If it’s a buffet style meal, walk around the table at least 3-5 times and take note of all the available choices. There are more than likely many options of foods that you don’t even like but in our culture of indulging, we tend to just eat everything placed in front of us because we feel that’s a necessity. It’s not and stop eating what you don’t like. That’s rule #1. The next step is to fill your plate primarily with veggies and protein. Be mindful of the amount of dressings and sauces you place on your veggies or meats. Finally, choose the 2-3 options of foods that you truly love to eat. It may be foods that you don’t ordinarily allow yourself because you’re usually following a plan to eliminate high fat or high carb foods. At the event, choose your favorites and limit the choices to no more than 3 items and serve yourself a regular portion serving size. Don’t just put a dollop of mashed potatoes on your plate if you want a full serving. You’ll only leave feeling deprived and that opens up problems long after you leave the party.
  4. Eat dessert!¬†Simply put, I love sweets and if I am at a party and there are sweets available then I’m all in! But I like to follow the rules of eating one serving size and enjoying it in public, with a fork or a spoon in front of others. Why is this so important? Because we will take our time to enjoy the foods or treats and not scarf them down mindlessly and automatically eat more in response to just getting that “fix” of the treat. Be mindful, enjoy what you love most and leave the rest for everyone else.
  5. Limit alcoholic drinks to no more than 2.¬†Yes, you can. You are an adult and have the ability to limit your alcoholic drinks (if you choose to imbibe) to no more than 2. Go ahead and have your favorites without worrying about the amount of calories, sugar, etc. If it’s something you rarely allow yourself then go ahead and enjoy it in front of others. Above all else, have dignity in yourself and your body. When you’ve reached your limit of 1-2 drinks, choose to drink something that will¬†look¬†like a drink and¬†feel¬†like a drink by pouring club soda or sparkling water into a fancy glass and spritzing with some cranberry juice or other flavor and voila…it will almost seem like you’re drinking but you’ll feel so much better in the morning. No guilt and no headache. Enough said.
Limit drinks to no more than 1-2 for the day.
Limit drinks to no more than 1-2 for the day.
  1. Get activity into your day.¬†You don’t have to plan in a typical workout if you are in the mindset to “chill out” but make sure to schedule in more movement into these days. Take a walk with your dog, your loved ones or by yourself listening to some motivational words of wisdom on your phone. Go for a bike ride, take a hike, go for a run. Meet some friends and enjoy fun activities that feel like socializing but get your heart pumping too. It really doesn’t matter what you choose to do…just do something instead of sitting on your butt all day.

So there you have it. Simple steps anyone can do to enjoy the holidays and still wake up the following day without remorse or guilt or bloating that stops your heart. Have a healthy, fit and festive holiday! You are worth it and more!

I like to get some fun and healthy flavors into my body to feel like I'm cheating but I'm really not!
I like to get some fun and healthy flavors into my body to feel like I’m cheating but I’m really not!

A glimpse into our NO SUGAR private forum

Here we are only 3 1/2 days left of the 14 Day NO SUGAR challenge and I’m a bit surprised at how well it’s gone. You’d think with cutting out all sugars; real and artificial, healthy options and natural options – that life would get a bit crazy and uncontrollable, right?

I thought so too..but these ladies that are part of the challenge this month are rockstars and hardcore committed to finishing stronger than they started. I’ve also done better than I’d imagined since I didn’t even think I needed to stay strong because I’ve done this before (excuses much???) but when I say I’ll do something, I stick to my word. What’s life without having integrity?

Today I will share actual comments and shares from these women who are keeping me motivated every day and helped me bypass a fancy ice cream waffle cone this past weekend, that was decorated in the shape of a rose. ūüôā



NO SUGAR CHALLENGE Challenger comments:

“It’s getting easier to turn down foods and drink with sugar in it. I started the challenge well, then got hit hard by cravings and hostility (who knew I’d be so bitter!). Now I’m nearing the end, and am fighting every day to finish well. I went to another dinner tonight where I could’ve easily taken one bite or sip and no one would have ever known. But I would know. I couldn’t undo all the hard work. I couldn’t let down the other women in my challenge group. I wanted to say ‘yes,’ many times, but actively chose to say ‘NO.’ Gonna finish strong.
As hard as I’m fighting for food health, I need to also fight for my body. I feel a cold coming on; I made an executive decision to sit this one out. My body needed the rest, so no workout today.”
“Yesterday I had a non scale victory when a friend told me it looked like I lost weight! I have been trying to cut and lean out from body beast. I was excited to hear that even though the scale hasn’t moved a ton, which I am totally okay with.”


“I am grateful that today was the second day I woke up early and did my t25 speed workout. Burpees involve a little hop to the back. I am glad I can do that since my shoulder was out of commission all year. I’m hoping to get stronger day by day.”


“I am seeing RESULTS! 21-Day fix with Shakeology…I’m not getting hungry because I’m eating the right things before I feel that “ravenous” feeling I used to get when cutting calories. Now I never get there and I know what to reach for!”


“I am so grateful for all the wonderful new friends I have made in these groups! All of you have been so great and supportive -“


So, I’m not done clearing out the sugar yet, but I had a dream last night and I refused to eat sugary treats even while sleeping!#breakthrough¬†“


“My change I made this week is that I went grocery shopping, took my time and made sure to get what I had on list not just rushing through grabbing unhealthy choices that fill the belly! Felt great plus I have eaten breakfast everyday this week and can notice I feel so much better!!!!”


Do you see how I’ve been able to stick to this for almost 14 days now? If it was just me, honestly, I would have easily caved during the weekend ice cream treat. Who wouldn’t, right? I know I may have seemed a bit psychotic in passing up the gorgeous treat but it was more of a victory to stick to the goals that I had made for myself. We all wrote out a contract to follow and are working towards earning a reward we’ve promised ourselves if we finish the challenge without giving in…and there is also a punishment for not following through and we have to “give up” something in exchange for slipping up.

Easy? Not really, but if the goal and the commitment is strong enough then the practice becomes easier to handle as our bodies, minds and willpower get strengthened. What is your biggest vice of the moment and would you be willing to forego the habit for 14 days?

You don’t really want change

I want to be a little blunt with you today about your goals for your life. Do you want better health results? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to achieve more success in life? Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to get out of debt? Do you want anything to improve in your life? I may hurt your feelings a little and I’m actually okay with that. If you are not okay with that, then you probably should go and find some mind numbing positive hype that doesn’t ask you to take a look at your commitment level to succeed.

Wow! Talk about a bit harsh today, right?

I am totally feeling it and honestly, if there is something that you want badly enough in life, you better keep reading and take note. This is going to help you succeed in every single area of your LIFE! We are what we do consistently. Our habits will create our results…period. End of story.

I will share my past week and weekend with you in case you need an example. As you may have read in my previous few blog posts, I am currently in the midst of a NO SUGAR challenge that is 14 days long. Not 14 days of my choosing; but 14 days consecutively no matter freaking what! 

I have committed to following this with my current clients in my challenge group. I have never been one to tell my clients what to do, while I’m sitting there doing the opposite. That’s called hypocrisy and I follow the same guidelines in my parenting skills. Whatever I ask of my kids, I am doing the same. I don’t tell them to watch less t.v. and then go sit on my ass and watch t.v. while they aren’t home. I don’t tell them to eat right and get exercise when they don’t also see me doing the same thing, day after day. I don’t preach anything that I don’t currently practice.

As far as this no sugar challenge goes, I am actively engaging in a challenge with my clients who are fighting to change their bad habits and behaviors and replace these with new and healthier steps in order to create the life and results they have set as goals for their lives. Nothing worth having comes easy. I know you’ve heard this before, but have you really¬†heard it before?

No sugar for 14 days means nothing in my foods that is sugar or sugar alternatives. I’m even cutting my fruit portions back to 2 per day; instead of my regular 3 or 4. Now, I’ve had many people ask me quite frankly, “Kathy, why are you doing this? You already follow a healthy lifestyle plan.”


Well, sure I do. But who are you comparing that to? The average American who doesn’t care much about doing what it takes to reach their goals? Or the most elite athletes who are working hard, day in and day out in ways that we could hardly imagine? It all depends on who I’m being compared with that is key to this question.

For sake of this topic, I will tell you that I compare myself only to my best self. If I look at someone who is doing less than I am, then I will most likely give myself a “pass” and just feel good with where I am. What does this do for me? Maybe it makes me feel good about myself in the moment but it will only ultimately keep me in the same place that I am today. So if I’m okay with this fact, then there’s no harm done, right?

What if I compare myself, instead, to someone who is doing much more than I am today? I can either use this to hurt myself or help myself. If I use this to hurt myself, I’m most likely playing comparison games and saying things to myself like, “Why can’t I do that?” “Why are¬†they¬†so lucky?” “If only I had the time/patience/ money/confidence/etc that they do, then I’d be able to succeed in the same way.”


Now if I’m using this to help better my own skills and goals, then I’d say something like, “wow! what is it that they are doing that I’m¬†NOT¬†currently doing? and how can I change that?” or “How can I learn from their success and measure what I need to do to reach new heights in those areas too?”

See, these are both comparisons but most of us choose the first option to beat ourselves up and then disregard the person of success as¬†lucky¬†or having capabilities beyond our measures. These are both false and if you have ever done this (much like most of the human race…lol), then you can either change it up now or continue to feel defeated and stay exactly where you are until you change it up.

While I challenge myself to new levels of success, I am comparing myself to my past or current behaviors and measuring what someone more successful is doing and make the needed adjustments to these areas. Let me go back to my NO SUGAR challenge as a prime example.

This past weekend, marked 1 week down in the challenge. I asked my challengers to write up a contract stating that they would stick to this plan and create a reward that they will earn for themselves in sticking to this goal. They also needed to write up a punishment if they went off track. Now, not everyone in the group took this seriously. I already see the results of this first step in those that have stuck to their “word” and those that went “off a little bit here and a little bit there.” The latter group aren’t as serious about their goals. But it’s an easy “fix” indeed, by simply writing it down as a contract and having someone sign it as a witness.

Although I may not¬†need¬†to take this challenge as seriously as someone who hasn’t been on a health and fitness journey for many years like I have, it’s important to state that we are all human beings and struggle in similar areas. I may have more experience in some areas, and therefore, be better apt at handling the challenge but nonetheless, it’s still critical for me to assess my current state and measure it against my goals at this time to see where I need to improve.

Food and sweets have always been my struggles so this challenge is always a welcome wake up call. I had a wonderful week of sticking to my goals and hadn’t experienced much struggle because I’ve done this before and my body has become accustomed to healthier eating and a way of life. Where I struggled was in my weekend.

I found that I first noticed a slight craving for something sweet on Friday night. This is typically when I’d allow myself a TREAT with the family. Now there’s nothing wrong with allowing ourselves treats, in fact, I highly encourage everyone to do this along the journey…but the issue lies when our regular treats become habits that begin to compound over time. Although I allow myself 1-2 weekly treats, they only really count when I truly¬†enjoy¬†them and not when they become a mindless habit. My Friday night treats had become a mindless habit. Wake up call #1.

On Saturday, the same issue occurred again and I was more focused on staying to my goals. Since I was home most of the day; busy and eating from home, I didn’t struggle much more than the fleeting craving. The big WHAM-O challenge came on Sunday.

After hot yoga...feeling blissed out!
After hot yoga…feeling blissed out!

My daughter and I took a drive to visit with my aunt in Beverly Hills and we always have a blast being pampered by our aunt. She took me to hot yoga (my daughter despises yoga so opted to sit out and watch a movie instead) and it was such a wonderful NON sugar “treat” that I enjoyed more than I could imagine if not on this challenge. We then went to Whole Foods and bought fish and produce to create a fun “at home” lunch at her condo. All in all, the afternoon was so relaxing and we ate well and visited for hours. I passed up on the bread rolls, tartar sauce for the fish (it was amazing as it was), and stevia in my tea. No biggie, I thought.


But I knew what awaited me later.

My aunt had been bragging about this new “ice cream and yogurt” shop that opened up in her area recently. Freshly made ice creams and yogurts that were designed like a rose bouquet atop a waffle cone with the flavors of your choosing. Ya, I know that sounded like the treat of a lifetime, right?

So what’s a girl to do? I could have easily just enjoyed a scoop, a taste, or the whole store if I wanted to and not breathe a word of it to my challenge group. But ultimately, what would that say about me? How would I feel after the fact and where would my integrity be? Nonexistent for sure.


I took the high road and announced to my aunt what I was doing in this challenge and that I would enjoy the experience of visiting the shop and watching my daughter and aunt eating their cones, and I’d have a coffee instead. Now why on earth would someone in their right mind do this, you ask? Because I can and I choose to succeed over the temporary sugar fix that can be a temptation for most all of us these days. Peer pressure, or wanting to be a part of the group is a strong pull in veering us off course from what we say we want most. I may have slipped up if I didn’t know that there were other women staying strong through their weekend challenges and that this is only a temporary challenge. I don’t promote deprivation or diets as these are never successful long term and should always be avoided.

What I had instead
What I had instead

So there you have it. I stuck to my goals and I succeeded and you know what? It kind of sucked a little in the moment but even that was fleeting because my reasons for staying strong far outweighed that initial “sweet shock” to my body and the wanting of joining in with the crowd. I felt proud of my strength and determination and understand I am in control of my habits and decisions. I could plan to return again in a month and have a scoop of every flavor that I desire because that will also be my choice.

So I ask you today, what decisions are you making daily and are they in line with your current and long term goals? Stop being driven by other people and weakness in any given moment. If there’s something you want to achieve, you can have it but it’s going to take some time and sacrifice and feeling uncomfortable in certain moments.

Grow up and get it done…if you don’t then you don’t really want it. That’s the truth. Can you handle it?


It’s GOOOO time!!

I don’t know what has changed in my energy but ever since my birthday this past month (December 12 for those of you who want to make note for gifts next year!) HA! ūüėČ ….I am on a rampage to succeed bigger and better than I’ve been settling for. Maybe it’s because I realized (and I thought at first that I was a year weird) I was going to be turning 45 next year and kind of sick and tired of certain scenarios staying the same as they have been. Whatever the reasons were is beside the point. I’m just fired up and on the go!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.03.15 AM

Like, fired up enough that I wake up at 4-5am and start working! What?? I know, crazy, right? I would have said the same thing in my “previous” state…(a whopping 3 weeks ago!) but I realized that I can’t stop thinking about all of the great goals and plans I am working for in the next year.

So, I set up my goal planner and wrote down some crazy stuff!!! 10 BIG ASS goals that I will achieve (notice how I didn’t say¬†want¬†or¬†wish??)…Yes, I said that right. I WILL achieve these 10 ginormous goals by next year’s birthday. No, I won’t share them with you now but patience because they will all soon be revealed! bwahahahahahaha! ūüėÄ

Anyway, back to reality:

As you probably are aware of, if you know anything at all about me; I’m heavily in love with fitness. Give me a challenge and I’ll do what it takes to crush it to smithereens. (never have I used the word “smithereens” in my blog before so I am pointing it out) Where I usually lack is in my nutrition. This is a big reason I decided to take on a fitness competition just 4 years ago, at the age of 40. No, not to “flaunt” my stuff on stage…although taking those trophies home was kind of a high! It was more about proving to myself that I’m not all about the workouts and flub on my eating. (which, let’s face it; I was doing)

It’s funny because I hear this from so many women who also love fitness. “Yes, I love to workout”…and when asked about their nutrition, the response is usually, “Oh, ya! I eat¬†clean.”¬†Like that means anything!! LOL I eat “clean” too and believe in only whole foods and no crap fillers or artificial stuff ever…(just ask my family, cuz they knowwwww) but we can still overeat the good stuff, right? (I have a lot of stories referring to OD’s on PB; among other foods but we’ll save that for another time) so in my best attempt to put the two together and be completely accountable to my goals (I mean, how much MORE accountable can one get besides stepping on stage with mostly 20-30 year olds in nothing but a bikini and high heels?), I hired an online trainer/coach to help me with my workouts, food plans and how to strut the stage!


That was a journey I will never forget and I am grateful to all who supported me during those 6 months…but you can have your 2+ hour gym workouts and meal plans that make you crazy because of “no carb” days and “low carb days” and eating fish and asparagus every 2 hours ONLY…no thanks! It was fun but I’m back to reality and leading by living real life! lol

What’s up with this rant, you might wonder? First of all, I am on a high for sure and my energy has been through the roof so bare with me. I am taking this time to plan and implement the steps it takes to push forward and prove to both myself, my family, my naysayers..and even YOU; that I can do this. That this can be done. Much like my fitness competition at the age of 40, I can reach life goals like NOBODY else is willing to do at the age of 40+ (mind you, I stopped counting, obviously!)

  1. My fitness and meals will be solid and I’ll be sharing each program that I’ll be doing from here until next December. (maybe longer if you’re nice!)
  2. I’ll also be giving a lot more information on my at-home coaching business. For those of you who don’t know my background, I was a fitness instructor and trainer for over 25 years and although I loved is grueling work and the pay isn’t anything to brag about. lol….I became an at-home online “coach” almost 6 years ago, kind of as a lame attempt at collecting some “extra income” on the side. I basically help people reach their goals while working at home with a proven fitness program, proven and “clean” supplement line and 24/7 online support. It’s a “virtual gym” and has blessed me to be able to quit my full-time career of working early mornings and late nights when my family wanted me home…and actually help me earn back that income (and more) with this “home biz”.

This biz isn’t for everyone and if you’re wondering, yes, it runs like an “MLM” but the only one that I have found that fits my passion, life and goals. The greatest thing about it is that anyone with goals and dreams (and drive) can succeed at this biz! You do not have to be a fitness pro (although this is a great addition to fit pros for sure!), you do not have to be a professional in nutrition either. You simply have got to want to make healthy changes for your life and lead by example. You have to want to help others do the same with your support. The rest is done for us…and the workouts come with their own “personal trainers” to bring into your living room! ūüėČ I’m not the only one in my household who is doing this anymore…my daughter and 2 sons are on their own programs and using our supplements daily for their own goals and success stories. I’m a proud momma! ūüėȬ†12246990_10208268267935240_8306247315003551451_n

Anyway, keep watching cuz I’ll be sharing a ton of my ups and downs and everything in between along the next 12 months but if you have ever wanted to create your own home biz and have a passion for helping others succeed; as well as keeping you on track with your own health and fitness, I highly suggest getting some info sent your way today. No pressure but how will you know if you never find out?

Here’s an application to fill out and I’ll forward the info right away. You only live once and if you hold back because of fear of the unknowns and not wanting to get too uncomfortable; you might become complacent like I have been.

Or are you already there???