Eating takes the cake

Okay, time to let it all out and share what’s truly holding most of us back from reaching our goals. The women I talk with most days are crushing it in their workouts. They are doing so well, in fact, that they are doing more than they should be. The problem is; their goals are still not being met. They still feel “soft” around their middles and they are not able to lose that extra layer of fat that seems to just stick to their bodies. So what’s a girl to do?


What’s more important to reaching our goals; eating habits or exercise?

“Exercise!” Did you not read the paragraph above? I totally gave away the answer.

“Oh. I skipped that. Can I change my answer?” Sure. “Eating!” You’re right. What you eat is more important than exercise. Like, way more important. Way way.

And that includes what you drink. Unless you’re a legit professional athlete (which would make it strange that you’re reading my blog on what’s more important…LOL) , I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet”…and that is the absolute TRUTH!

Some women would say, “great news! I can skip working out now?” Not so fast! Exercise def helps get that body revved up and burning calories faster and helps to tighten and tone the areas we want lifted, without having to go under the knife! ;). Also, it’s great for our overall health.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 3.29.22 PM

I was never good in math…were you?  

Most people majorly overestimate how many calories they burn working out and majorly underestimate how many calories they eat and drink. No bueno. This is why a lot of us who work out regularly don’t lose weight — or worse, gain weight. And I’m not talking about “muscle weight”, I’m talking about fat. Yes, many people who work out consistently continue to gain fat. Maybe you’ve noticed this happen to you, or maybe it’s happening to you right now. That is exactly what I fought over for many many many years and finally learned what works and what needed to stop. Can I help you to stop repeating old and unsuccessful patterns too?

So let’s see if you’ve ever experienced a situation like this one… say you are trying to get fit and lose some weight, Ok? So you decide to go on a morning run for at least 30 minutes and you feel amazing. You’re so proud of yourself for pushing yourself in your run and feel like a rockstar by getting in your workout before 8am. Dude! Well done.

It’s only normal to stop by Starbucks on your way to work and pick up a double caramel coffee frap with just a litte whipped cream right? Cuz you ran. Totally legit to treat yourself to a “small” coffee treat, right?

Not so fast! Here’s the problem with the above story (and I’m sure you’re feeling a bit like I have been watching you, right? cuz so many of us have done this a few more times than we’d like to admit!)

Anyway, that run you hypothetically ran burned about 350 calories and the drink you ordered was more than a “small” treat; as it weighed in at 400 calories.

What? I knoooooow! So instead of moving the scale downward, that scale will start creeping upwards from just this one “coffee” treat. Imagine doing this daily for a month…that’s an extra 50 calories a day and over time that will add up to pounds and fat added to your body. (but that’s just with the coffee…I’m sure it doesn’t just stop there every day, am I right?)

We overestimate our treats for our hard earned workouts. I know, I’ve done it many times before too and it’s a sneaky thing that is so hard to figure out. It’s also less apparent when we are drinking those extra calories versus eating them, right? Seems less problematic for some reason. We feel like we worked so hard to run and workout and that is totally the case…but it’s also the case that it’s more time-consuming and more challenging to burn off calories than it is to eat or drink them, right? We can totally scarf down over 600 calories of french fries in about 5-10 minutes but it will take us over an hour of hard exercise to burn those same calories off. Where’s the fairness? Not here!

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Let’s focus on a better way! I’d like to ask you to swap out all of your fast food choices, coffee house orders and processed food purchases with healthy foods that are either grown from the ground or close to the ground…as in the meats, plants, veggies, grains and fruits we consume. Do this and let’s talk about Clean Eating next! Do you want some support in my next FREE Clean Eating group? I run these on the very first Monday of every month and they are totally FREE!! Just drop me an email saying you are interested in joining next month’s group to:

Who’s ready to take this to the next level?