Are You Struggling Today?

It’s amazing to me when I hear people assume that if you don’t complain or talk about your struggles; that you must no have any.


Our struggles are our stories!!! Embrace them and learn to grow from them.  That is your message to the world around you.

In keeping with today’s topic; I will share some of mine…

I am a very happily married woman of almost 20 years to my amazing hubby.  Do you think that it’s been bliss ever since the day we said, “I Do”???


…and to those of you who are, or have been married know that it would have been a complete lie for me to say otherwise.

We started out as your average “happy” young couple with dreams of a family life, successes, growing in our faith and many blessings.

While I can’t say we aren’t enjoying all of these today, it sure has not been “easy” in any respect.

Which reminds me of a joke my son told us this summer;

“Why did the washing machine stop working?…. Somebody threw the towel in…”

=D =D =D

We all have struggles and if we stick with what needs to be done consistently; we can work our ways through them and come out stronger than ever. This doesn’t mean it’s a great idea to complain to everyone around you or share all over social media about your issues…

Because there is such a thing as an “unfollow” button and that will get pressed if you make complaining a habit. Instead, act as though everything is going great and your reality will become so. You have more power over your progress and success than you know.

My point is that although life has had it’s share of ups and downs for us, we never gave up. We kept refocusing on helping each other and moving forward in the best way we could understand at the time. There is no fairy tale life. There is no perfection for anyone. I know we will continue to have our struggles but without them, we wouldn’t be as happy and as strong as we are today. My hubby is my best friend and I know he has my back just as much as I do, his.

But you have to get a little bit (sometimes, a LOT) uncomfortable before you feel proud of where you’ve come from…

Let’s focus in on the happy parts of today!


and so it begins….again!

DAY 1!!

Today starts my journey to my next fitness challenge.  WBFF stage!

I’m super scared and super determined to train harder than ever before.  My recent issues with hormone shifts and body not responding as quickly as before has thrown my focus into a spiraling mess.

I’m done with all of that and moving right along.  I find that I do best when I give myself a “finish line” and push to meet my goals.  What did that consist of today?  Let me tell you;

I began my day with my eating plan and it was a good day to do so.  Protein Pancakes for me!! Super happy girl for sure! (and I’m already dreading the no carb days later down the road and trying to stay focused on the here and now)

The meals were actually pretty AWESOME….and then I went to the gym.

I’m never one for doing a half-assed workout but OMG!! This was just insane.  Legs circuit training from HELL! I ended up on the floor; gasping for air during the final 3 sets of the workout.  1 1/2 hours in and I was finally done.

Dripping sweat.

Barely dragging my wringed out body out of the gym.

Good news: one of the trainers wished me well on my way out the door and said, “You train INTENSE!!!”

Made me smile.

I did have to stop and get some groceries to finish the day’s meals off right.  Then I figured I would get in a cardio session in the cycle class tonight.  Wasn’t as good as other ones but it got the job done.

I’m done.

For today, anyway!