Are You Struggling Today?

It’s amazing to me when I hear people assume that if you don’t complain or talk about your struggles; that you must no have any.


Our struggles are our stories!!! Embrace them and learn to grow from them.  That is your message to the world around you.

In keeping with today’s topic; I will share some of mine…

I am a very happily married woman of almost 20 years to my amazing hubby.  Do you think that it’s been bliss ever since the day we said, “I Do”???


…and to those of you who are, or have been married know that it would have been a complete lie for me to say otherwise.

We started out as your average “happy” young couple with dreams of a family life, successes, growing in our faith and many blessings.

While I can’t say we aren’t enjoying all of these today, it sure has not been “easy” in any respect.

Which reminds me of a joke my son told us this summer;

“Why did the washing machine stop working?…. Somebody threw the towel in…”

=D =D =D

We all have struggles and if we stick with what needs to be done consistently; we can work our ways through them and come out stronger than ever. This doesn’t mean it’s a great idea to complain to everyone around you or share all over social media about your issues…

Because there is such a thing as an “unfollow” button and that will get pressed if you make complaining a habit. Instead, act as though everything is going great and your reality will become so. You have more power over your progress and success than you know.

My point is that although life has had it’s share of ups and downs for us, we never gave up. We kept refocusing on helping each other and moving forward in the best way we could understand at the time. There is no fairy tale life. There is no perfection for anyone. I know we will continue to have our struggles but without them, we wouldn’t be as happy and as strong as we are today. My hubby is my best friend and I know he has my back just as much as I do, his.

But you have to get a little bit (sometimes, a LOT) uncomfortable before you feel proud of where you’ve come from…

Let’s focus in on the happy parts of today!


Can You Handle the TRUTH???

I decided to try out an experiment. My Facebook and other social media forums are shared info that are all based on my personality and style. I post what interests me; what I think will interest my friends and followers; and what will give value to others.

I don’t post negative comments.  I don’t post vulgar comments, pics, etc. My style is ME and I am proud of that.

But what happens if you post something clearly out of your realm and “norm”?  What happens to those posts?


Let me tell you what happens, they are the most POPULAR posts of all!!!  I am slightly amused (and a little disheartened) at my latest post that drew more attention than I was comfortable with at the time. Now, I decided to use it to show the value of what happened and what to pay attention to in your posts and in your life!

It all started when I was scrolling briefly through the newsfeed to see what was going on that day. (I usually do this for a few minutes and then get to what needs to be done) I saw a post that made me laugh and the girl who shared it didn’t seem the type to post this, but I clicked LIKE in response to it anyway.

That was my first mistake!

Immediately following the LIKE, I received a message from her. In it she wrote:

“Sorry to do this to you but…You should not have liked or commented! Now you have to pick 1) Damn diarrhea 2) Just used my boobs to get out of a speeding ticket 3) Anyone have a tampon, I’m desperate 4) How do you get rid of foot fungus 5) Why is nobody around when i am horny 6) No toilet paper, goodbye socks! Post with no explanations! Have fun! it’s a game, just wanna see what your FB friends think or comment. Please don’t be a party pooper!!”

O M G….was all I could say cuz this made me laugh out LOUD!!! 😉

Now, granted, there are games like these all the time on Facebook. Who remembers the darned giraffe profile pics? Dude, that was annoying!! And all of the crazy posts that make people scratch their heads but are just stemmed from a mass group message that asks the participants to post a specific quote regarding their birthdate, status, etc.

Well, I was not having any of this since it is a serious TIME WASTE and not conducive to my time spent on social media. (for those of you wondering why I say this; I use these forums for building value in others lives, helping people with their goals and to get my work done! NO time suck, here!)

The above post caught my attention because I had a epiphany to post something that was completely out of my “norm” and see what happens.

Well, first of all, I couldn’t figure out WHICH crazy comment to post. I contemplated the diarrhea post but that was just disgusting. I also considered the foot fungus post but ewwwwww!!!! So, instead of sounding like a dirty “potty mouth” lol; I opted for the same post that I LIKED in the first place…..

Just used my boobs to get out of a speeding ticket (which I would NEVER do, by the way!) lol

This was immediately pushed to the top of my timeline and in the news feeds because everyone was clicking LIKE or commenting “good for you!” or “OMG! That is NOT what I would think you would do, but okay” and the list went on.

and on and on and on

It went on for DAYS!!!! Imagine that!

And it wasn’t even a REAL post!

Which is why I decided to spend a few minutes today to share with you the importance of being true to YOU.   Don’t post what will get you attention just for the sake of attention (unless, of course you were testing out an experiment like I was) 😉

Which leads me to my final thought for today; don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. (do you remember that awesome quote?) This means that everything you read on Facebook, Twitter, etc, isn’t always the truth. Don’t take for granted that there is 100% truth to anything unless you research and know for fact. This will only keep you protected from stepping into minefield of trouble and giving out the wrong impression to others.

Unless, that is your whole point for being on social media in the first place…and to that, I will choose to UN-click your “show in newsfeed”….

Just saying