A Dream Chance

Okay, I have been allowing my extra awesome good news to sink in today and for some reason; I’m still freaking out!! (I know, I know…I’ve been dragging this on for a whole day already)

556166_10150966129313426_1163225493_n 376643_10151055067698426_1849405681_nFor those of you who don’t know enough about me; I love fitness.  (okay that’s an understatement; but let’s stick with that for simplest form)

And for many years, I’ve worked and trained in many avenues of fitness; as well as learning and studying anything and everything I could to perfect my training and the training of my clients and members.  I also delved into my own emotional ties with foods and how nutrition should be our primary focus for best results.

Throughout the years; I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities to work with amazing instructors, trainers, members, clients, friends, managers and more.  I’ve taken countless trainings and certifications to keep my knowledge on the front lines of new studies and exercise styles and formats.

During these trainings; I had always admired the “Master Trainers” (this would be the trainers who were training us at the certification sessions) and dreamed that one day I would aspire to work as one too.

Last year, when the P90X certifications were rolled out; I promptly enrolled and became certified to lead classes and trainings, using the popular and successful program that has become a household name. There were hints of more certifications from Beachbody to come.

And so…last August, Beachbody sent out an application form to those who qualified with specific criteria in looking to become a Master Trainer in the Beachbody programs.

Of course, I was excited to hear about it but never truly believed I would be qualified or able to be chosen for such an exciting and rewarding role.

In any case, (since I have never shied away from a challenge of any kind) I filled out the paperwork (which was a million pages long…) and submitted all of the videos and criteria that were asked from us.  I felt a bit overwhelmed but sent the form in anyway and just hoped for the best.

Not expecting too much (but always hopeful); I received a suspicious email from Beachbody yesterday and the letter read “watch this video”…


My heart skipped a few beats.  I had to catch my breath.  And then I pressed “play”….

It was a video explaining that I had been chosen (with a select few of others) to audition for the Master Trainer role at Beachbody.

Wait.  What???

Apparently, all of my hard work and experience and training over the past 2 decades have paid off.  I will be heading to Los Angeles (I know, it’s a stretch for me!) for a 4 day training and audition camp.

I’m in a daze.  Maybe you think it’s not that big of a deal but for someone who has been living in the fitness industry and given heart and soul to classes, sessions and more; I’m elated….

Of course, this only means more fun and exciting blogs for you to follow!!  This is only the beginning!!!