January 1: Becoming More This Year

January 1st

You’ve been here before. A new year staring at you with a blank slate.


The opportunity for anything you choose.


But chances are you’ve been motivated before to change our habits. Chances are you’ve been inspired to start a plan or better your life or whatever it was that has been important to you along your journey.


And yet, something happens along the way. You stop. You can’t really pinpoint when that happens but it does. And you become defeated by stopping, yet again and then tell yourself stories that you are not strong. You believe the voices in your head that whisper you are weak, you’ve failed so many times and you just don’t have what it takes to succeed.


I call B.S.


Hello! It’s been awhile! In case you’ve never seen my blog posts before, my name is Kathy and I’m a fitness coach, fitness trainer and all around fitness and health obsessed nut. I love challenges and my mission is to empower women over the age of 30 to take control of their body, their mind and their freaking lives – once and for all.

You’ve been a victim for much too long and it’s time to take control of your success.


In this first day of the new year, I want to talk about going deeper into our goals. We typically go shallow.


For example, you have most likely set basic outcome goals like, “I want to lose 25 lbs”.

Ok, great. And then what?


I want to look thinner.

Ok great and then what?


I want to be healthy…and then what?


That’s good, you say. That should do it.


I’ll then ask you if you were to lose 25lbs, look thinner (which would obviously be a fact after losing the weight) and healthy (which means nothing in reality because it’s not specific)…you will be happy?


Yes, you repeat.


POOF! Your wish is granted. Instantly, you are 25 lbs lighter, looking thinner and feeling healthy.


Then just as fast as it’s gone, it reappears.


What is this? you demand. How could this weight be gone and then reappear almost instantly?


It’s not magic, it’s what most dieters repeat, year after year. And over time, they end up growing larger and more unhealthy over time.


Why does this happen? Not because it’s your fault, I want to assure you, but because the goal wasn’t specific enough and the learned behaviors didn’t get to stick.


You see, we like instant.


Instant messaging; instant pots; instant results.


The problem with instant is that nothing is learned. There is no growth or knowledge gained. So ultimately, with the instant mindset, there is no long term success or change.


Success in this new year isn’t going to be about what you want to achieve. Why? Because when we reach a goal, it isn’t the outcome that makes us feel happy and successful.


That happy and successful comes from us waking up every darn day and completing what we say we are going to complete and then seeing our goals appear over time because we are doing the work.

If you start to enjoy eating good foods that you like and you do it every day this coming year; and then you also start to workout every week because you want to become stronger and stop stopping. So you workout every week for the next 52 weeks. You do these not because you have a goal of losing 25 lbs (cuz that goal won’t last, I promise you that!) but because you start to look forward to your workout sessions because of how they are making you feel about yourself. You are growing stronger. You are feeling more energetic and you are starting to become more confident in your abilities. Then what happens as the months go by? You obviously lose weight. You become healthier and you start to change the shape of your body and your life.


Success comes because you are now putting in the reps. Do you see why a quick instant diet solution is the complete opposite of this? Do you believe you have what it takes to become more in the new year? Share your goals below…

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Stress and the Weekends

Stress can be such a buzz kill to our good efforts, right? I know…it happens to the best of us! 😉

I figured you needed to hear this straight from me and how I am committing to moving through the crap this new week anyway. This past week, we had huge plans of family coming in and staying at our home and tons of food to be made ahead of time; house cleaning to be done; planning for all events that surrounded the stay and more…

At one point, my hubby looked at me and asked, “why are you so calm?????” 🙂 lol I guess he anticipated that I should be freaking out way more than I was! But, honestly, I have learned over the past few years to simply do my best and leave the rest to whatever was going to happen. I am not (and even though I don’t like to admit it…NEVER WAS) able to control everything. Yes, I am a bit “OCD” personality but that means nothing when life happens.

We were set to begin –  with the countdown on for the guests and events fast approaching…when a ginormous speed bump came into view and shifted every well intentioned plan we had set up.

Yes, everything changed and there was no getting out of that. I had no control. GASP 😉 I had to just reshift my focus on the next step. That was key to me NOT freaking out and having a complete meltdown and I do have to say that with my family at my side, we were able to deal with the issues and make it through safely…lol

Needless to say, in all of the craziness and all of the change of plans…my own personal “best eating plans” for my success in finishing Hammer & Chisels’ final 2 weeks went awry. Like, serious bread eating was done. (my comfort food of choice, along with cookies!)

I was devastated…not going to lie.

I felt like I was hit by a truck at some points and it’s kind of stupid because I was really only dealing with worrying about other’s in my family…and the change of plans in my home.

Nothing bad had happened to me aside from this adjustment period… and yet, I was kind of making a big ordeal about the stress. I know that I’m not the only person who does this, right? And imagine had it been directly concerning ME…that would have thrown me even more off balance.

So what happens now? Like, after I had eaten the garlic bread I wasn’t supposed to eat, and the huge sandwich I inhaled at lunch with my sister and niece…and maybe even some “bites, licks and tastes” of cookies and brownies. I felt bloated, heavy and lethargic and I now know better than to think I had “undone” all the good things from the past few months. It made me reflect back to when I first began this fitness/health journey; before I learned what eating the right foods means and what type of serious focus to place on my success along the journey.

I resonated with those who are suffering the unknowns…thinking that days, weeks, weekends, or months can be the end of our good intentions. Believing the nasty “diet world” hype that surrounds us at every corner, magazine, commercial, etc. can make anyone crazy if we don’t educate ourselves on what is true and what is going to help us continue. The one thing I know that is helping me is my online support group and the complete understanding that I have control and power to focus on my day to day plans. Nothing ever goes perfectly. We can plan all we want and it still can become skewed or completely off kilter but I can always reset and refocus, right?

So can you!

I want to share how I’m making this work for me; instead of having a binge fest and just saying, “to hell with it all this week cuz I’ve already screwed up my last week and a half of this meal plan on hammer and chisel. There’s no way I’ll get the results I wanted now…”

That’s NOT the way to think! I used to think this way and I bet you have (or still do) too! Right?? 🙂

So instead, I am drawing that line in the sand and getting on board like a BOSS LADY! I’m even catching up today in my business info that had to slide since I didn’t have the amount of time available as I usually do. Here’s what I will be committing to this coming week:

  1. Waking up at 5am all week to start my day with my workout, breakfast and personal development reading.
  2. Planning out my business hours and scheduling time for my family and breaks so I don’t overwhelm myself just because I am further behind than usual. (I used to over do things at this point in thinking I could “catch up” again in a day or two but this was a self defeating cycle that left me worse off in the long run)
  3. Making sure that my shakeology gets into my body every day this week…(although this is easy for me now and I haven’t skipped a day all year so far!)
  4. Planning my meals and sticking to the plans!!! (this one is my main priority this week…only because it’s the hardest thing for me to do!) I am even going to share this plan with you below so you can feel free to follow along or even share with me any questions you would like to ask (email me or post below)


Week 8 Hammer & Chisel:

Monday: Workout – Chisel Endurance and 10 min ab chisel

Tuesday: Max Hammer Strength

Wednesday: Chisel Cardio (this one is brutal!)

Thursday: the plan says it’s REST day but I switch my rest day to Sunday – Hammer Plyometrics

Friday: Total Body Chisel

Saturday: Hammer Power (my fave!!) and 10 min ab hammer

Here’s my meal plan for Monday: 

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 3.03.39 PM

I will share my plans for Tuesday through Sunday to stay on track. Being accountable to what I say I’m doing versus just pretending that I’m on track when I slip up (cuz life happens, right??) is the secret to my success in staying on track the past few years!!

I’m so excited to kick off our new support group as we prepare to get fit and healthy for summer this Spring! There’s still time to jump in if you are 100% serious, just message me today or fill out this form to get your goals lined up and I’ll contact you right away.



Post Summer Goals

So, Labor Day weekend has now come and gone and it’s hard to believe that we are heading into Fall season soon because it is still so gosh darned HOT here in southern California. Not a fan of 100 degree and muggy weather but I’m also not a fan of complaining so I’ll leave it there.

As many of you have heard me say for the past few months, I have been busy building lean muscle and cutting the fat on my body. I’m not sure how many of you can relate, but I am a BEAST when it comes to my workouts but the foods can be MEH over time. Know what I mean? 😉 It has been true with the Body Beast plan too. I did amazingly well the first round just before summer season. I logged in all of my foods, tracked my workouts every day and logged in my weight selection and stats in my progress and I was blown away at how much stronger I became and how much I changed in my updated photos.


I guess when the plan says you should be eating over 2,000 calories each day, you worry that you will actually LOSE weight, right? I also freaked out when the second month of the program was named “BULK” phase and the calorie needs actually went UP another few hundred calories each day.

Wait…what? But I’m not a guy! Have you ever thought this? Well you are not alone and I had to suck it up and just follow the plan as it was laid out (and trust in the process as I always tend to preach about! lol). The exciting part was that I started to see my results in becoming more LEAN and more TONED as I also dropped body fat and inches in my body. My clothes became looser and baggier and I needed to drop down a size (or more)…that made it all worth it!



As we now move into the season, I have noticed that this second round of the Body Beast hasn’t been as successful in my nutrition. I do get my workouts done and tracked, as before, but now my foods are done “on automatic pilot” and it’s easy to “fudge” along the way as I’m not tracking as I was before.

I’ve learned this is a wake up call that I need a CHANGE again! Our bodies and minds are good at adapting to what we are becoming more efficient at but in doing so, we then must create new challenges in our training and focus in our foods. So my plan is to MAKE THE CHANGE! (imagine hearing a screeching record player sound…)

My new plan is to change up my meals again and my workouts and the best way for me to do so is the following:

–> Get a jumpstart on my body’s habits by completing our “3 Day Refresh” program on Sept 18-20th.

–> Immediately follow the results with the PIYO workout and meal plan program – on Sept 21st.

This program has helped me:

  1. Achieve a stronger core and noticeable definition
  2. Complete the dreaded “tricep” pushups on my toes!
  3. Releasing tension and stress in my body through the flexibility aspects.
  4. Get back on my nutrition plan by changing it up enough to make it FUN again!

The funny thing is, even though there are NO weights in this program, I know that the strength from using my own body weight is truly amazing. (saves on having to get heavier weights this season!)

I also noticed that with Piyo, I don’t just feel like I am becoming stronger from the OUTSIDE only but also building internal strength at the same time. I focus more on my mindset, my emotions, my breathing, my stretching and just being more in tune with my body as a whole.

Now the food plan is a bit different than what I’ve been doing and here’s why. Obviously 80% of the results from any program lie in the foods we put (or not put) into our bodies. If we replace our old habits with better habits – we won’t just have a short term “fix” to a lifelong weight loss goal but a lifelong habit of making better choices, day in and day out.

We work on feeding our bodies 5-6 times a day with small, portioned meals that are set up to help our individual needs and goals. We focus on hydrating with at least 1/2 of our body weight in ounces of water daily and fueling ourselves with optimal foods that are nutritionally dense and never processed! I’m not a “fancy” meal type eater but these foods are definitely something we can live of and enjoy for the rest of our lives! I will share my meal plan with you soon to see what I mean.

Follow my journey this month on my Facebook Page and  if you’d like to join me for one of the programs above (3 day refresh or Piyo); or even BOTH, fill out your info here so I can send you all the details:  Shred the FAT

Or send me an email for more information: spazzykay@gmail.com