How to have it all

Do you ever feel less than successful in an endeavor or goal? Have you ever secretly been jealous of those who seem to attract success? Does it ever feel like you are always just missing out on the next goal or achievements?

What if I told you it has nothing to do with luck? What if I told you that you can most definitely create the most successful life of your dreams? Would you believe that is true? I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you cannot; you are correct.” I’ve been reading the book “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone and these are some of his steps and tips to becoming more successful and living life in the “10X” manner.

It’s all up to you; and you decide if you will be a success story for others to aspire to, or not. Simply put, here are some of Grant’s steps to help you begin your successful life. You must embrace these attitudes and beliefs as your own. You must live and breathe these basic, proven principles in order to create the success you are looking for. Anything less than these qualities will just equal less than successful results.

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#1. Successful people have a can do attitude. This means that no matter what comes, there is a way. We must always maintain that a solution exists in any situation. There are no excuses. Respond to the most daunting situations in the most positive way. You must believe that a solution does indeed exist even if you have to work extra hard in finding one. End of story.

#2. Successful people say, “I can figure it out”, when faced with a challenge or question. Even if you’re not sure how to do something, the best answer is always, “I’ll figure it out”, not “I don’t know”. This response does nothing for your confidence or your competence. When we say, “I don’t know”, it only shows that we are unwilling to find an answer. When I have clients ask me a question that I really don’t know; I don’t tell them that. I am honest with them but say, “That’s a great question. Let me check into that and figure out what the answer is.” Just being honest is key but also giving the response that we are going to find the answer instead of just shrugging our shoulders and accepting defeat. That’s what unsuccessful people do.

#3. Successful people focus on opportunity. They see situations and even problems, as opportunities. Problems that are solved equal new success. You can never truly succeed without some degree of difficulty. For example, if you want to become fitter and stronger, you have to put your  body through an exercise program that challenges you and creates discomfort and challenge. Only then, can you see the success and enjoy the results. It doesn’t matter what the challenge is, if you handle it adequately, you will be rewarded. Those who see problems as an opportunity and push for the solution; will see the successful outcome. Most people see setbacks as an excuse to stop moving forward or succeeding. Have you ever complained about the economy, recessions, conflicts, complaints from others, your own complaints and worries and how these areas were the “cause” of your problems? They are only telling you that you need to find a solution in order to succeed.

#4. Successful people love challenges.  Unsuccessful people see challenges as negative experiences but successful people are compelled and invigorated by challenges. I remember being scared when faced with a challenge in life. I would cower and hide and wish and hope that it would disappear so I could feel comfortable again. But staying “comfortable” never allowed me to grow into the successful person I was working towards. I had to adopt the mindset to embrace every challenge as a new journey to another level. Kind of like when I played “Mario Bros” with my kids. Every time I “leveled up” was only after I had faced a challenge and persevered. If I failed, I would just repeat it over and over again, until I succeeded. That’s the intensity that a successful person must have in order to succeed further along the way.

#5. Successful people love to solve problems. Think about everything in life that we deal with. Problems arise at every turn and every situation, right? I know when my kids were young and when they would get sick, it was my top priority to solve their issues. “Does your tummy hurt?” “Do you feel hot?” “Tell me what’s hurting you.” And with these answers, it was my goal to help to resolve the issues so that we could get them to start feeling better as soon as possible. Even if the situation was out of my control; like when my daughter started wheezing and could hardly breathe due to eating a candy containing peanuts (and she’s seriously allergic to peanuts). I scooped up my 5 year old “baby” and rushed her to the ER to get immediate, medical attention. I didn’t just say, “Oh, that’s too hard. I don’t have the skills to fix this”; and just shrug my shoulders! That would have been insane and very incompetent as a parent. I found a solution. I was working for the solution no matter what. That’s the mindset of a successful person in any situation.

#6. Successful people persist until successful. The ability to keep going no matter what happens; setbacks, bad news, resistance, etc…is a trait of a successful person. No matter what happens, if we keep moving forward; we will always reach the goal over time. Think about how children persist when they want something. Have you ever had a child ask for something that they wanted? They don’t stop. I remember grocery shopping with my kids when they were young, and every time they’d see something they wanted me to buy; they would ask incessantly until either, I’d put it in the cart or move on to another item they wanted instead. Talk about persistence!! It’s about staying on track with the goal in mind; not the issues that arise. There will always be issues that arise.

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#7. Successful people take risks. I’ve been working my online coaching business now for over 6 years. I had to come to the realization that I was not going to advance beyond my current potential if I was going to keep playing in the safe zone. I have succeeded enough in this business to validate that I can earn more than in my previous “day” job but honestly, there is more to be done and in order to achieve more…I had to decide to step out of my comfort zone and take some risks. Put myself out there online and share my story of failures, successes, challenges, etc? That sounded really scary and what would other people think? Would they judge me for doing this or for the things I would be baring? Yes and no. There will always be those who think negatively of anything we are doing. There will also be those who want to follow you and join you as you show who you really are and as they can relate with your story. The main focus should be on the outcome and being completely honest about myself and my life. I am not perfect and I don’t pretend to be perfect but some things are really scary to share. But this is what risk means to me. This is where I need to push myself in order to achieve more growth. Since I’ve done this, I’ve seen a humongous shift in my success and I continue to push myself outside the comfort zone. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

#8. Successful people must be unreasonable. Sound crazy? Being unreasonable simply means being irrational and not in accordance with realities. I know it sounds like I’m off my rocker but honestly, in order to be successful, we have to act without common “reasoning”. We have to step out of the box of “normalcy” and “average” thinking and average actions. If we stay in the realms of “reason”; the impossible will never become “possible”. I’ve been called “crazy”; among other definitions. People see my daily habits and regime completely ridiculous and “unreasonable”. They say, “You wake up at 5am to get your day started?” “There is NO WAY I could do that! I’m a night owl!” “That’s just crazy and unreasonable!” But then they also turn around and tell me that they envy my results, how I seem to be more productive than they are, how I must be “lucky” in some way. Really? Or is it just because of the fact that I choose to live “unreasonably” to what others are interested in doing?

#9. Be dangerous. I know this is the opposite of what we’ve been taught to do since childhood. Being cautious never allows us to reach new heights and enjoy new successes. In order to do something big, we have to be willing to embrace danger. Like I said above, it’s scary for me to put myself out there and share my life and my story of ups and downs. But I cannot attain my goals of reaching the millionaire’s club with this business if I’m always playing it safe. What do you truly want to achieve? Can it be attained by taking slow and careful steps or do you need to take massive action in order to achieve those bigger goals? Just like a trained fighter who steps into the boxing ring; the way to succeed in our goals and not be “killed” by the dangerous steps is to be properly “trained” and come out the victor in the end.

#10. Create wealth. People who have a “poor person’s” mentality believe they have to work for their money and then when they earn that money…they spend it on something unimportant OR they work hard to conserve and protect that earned money. The successful mindset is in knowing and understanding that money has already been made. We must instead, generate wealth through the exchange of new ideas, products and services and solutions. Not “making” money. Wealth is not limited to a monetary supply. Income is taxed; wealth is not. Changing my mindset to the “earn, conserve and save”  to the “let’s generate more wealth in the areas that money is flowing” was not an easy change. Our behaviors and our mindsets have been formed from our past and what we’ve been taught. It was only through trainings and personal development that I learned a new way of thinking; or the way that successful people think and believe. How many people do you know who create wealth versus those who just “earn a living”?

#11. Readily take action. Highly successful people take unbelievable steps of action. They rarely do nothing. Even when on vacation. I know I’ve always looked up to the way my father thinks, acts and works. He never stops or slows down in his goals; whatever they may be. He has been successful all of his life. Looking from the outside, you would think he had everything just come to him like a magnetic shift. But if you were to look more closely, you would know how many challenges and struggles have been in his way and how he never stopped finding a solution; how we never stopped taking action. I like to think that I have that personality. I work on improving it and building that “muscle” to be able to keep taking action on my goals and push through any challenges and any obstacles. Think about someone whom you admire because of their successes. Have you ever thought that they were simply “lucky” and had everything drawn to them? That is never the case. Success never happens to us; success happens because of us. In order to create success, we must take massive action and never stop until we succeed…and then keep going.

#12. Always say YES!!!! Eagerly engage in life and the possibilities of life in order to become more successful. Life is to be lived. Finding a way to make things work and creating new ways to succeed, should be the driving force when anything is asked of a successful person. The goal is to find a way, or a “YES” at every request. Think about a time when you called a customer service number with a problem; wouldn’t you feel more positive with the company if the representative immediately said, “Yes, I will find a way to resolve this issue”, rather than, “I’m sorry but we can’t help you”? I know I would and that’s the type of attitude a successful person takes when approached with a question or dilemma.

#13. Put it all on the line or be all in. Unsuccessful people rarely do much of anything at all. They talk a lot about “trying” to do something versus actually “doing” it. Most people rarely see anything through or work until they succeed in their goals. When was the last time you decided to “put all of your chips into the pot”? I know that I became extremely disappointed in myself with my business a year ago when I realized I had not grown in any way for over a year. The initial thought that I had was, “This isn’t working! I can’t grow this anymore than I have! I QUIT!” But the new mindset in me shot back with, “But what have you done differently in the past few years in order to achieve more?” And I knew I hadn’t done all that I should. It was at that moment in time, when I was ready to call it in and QUIT, that I said, “That’s it! I’m all in!” I vowed to do what I needed to do and be scared and follow what successful people were doing in the industry and stop complaining about my lack due to my inconsistencies. That is what it truly takes to be successful. It won’t happen by accident and it won’t magically appear any easier than this. Just DO IT! Just JUMP INTO THE DEEP END OF THE POOL! I would rather work with someone who is fully ready to commit rather than someone who is fully educated on how to do it. I know the team members I work with who are fully invested and doing what they say are the ones who succeed. Those who tell me they want it but show little or no action will never amount to much more than a hobby. I know, I did that too. I love the saying, “Stop talking and show me your feet”…or “get moving and stop talking about it!”

#14. Go all the way. Taking any endeavor and only going halfway is a waste of time. If you are going to set a goal of losing 100 lbs by summer and you get lazy, tired and off track and only lose 20 lbs instead…what does that feel like? I know it doesn’t feel great. Yes, maybe you feel happy that you are 20 lbs lighter than before; but what is the underlying thought in the back of your mind? “I didn’t reach my goal. I’m a failure. I didn’t do what I wanted. I need to lose more weight next time.” Right? If we half ass anything, we know we half assed it. We may tell ourselves we are happy with what we’ve achieved but if there is a bigger need for that bigger goal then we are going to feel like we fell short. And we did. It doesn’t mean we can’t keep going but it does mean that if we give up, we may have been better off not wasting the time to work to lose just the 20 lbs that will probably be gained again by going to our previous habits. So if you have a goal, only go after it if you are all in. If you won’t stop when you are tired, bored, busy, etc…but you stop when you are freaking there! And then you find a way to maintain that and not go back to where you started. Doesn’t that already sound like a better success rate? Less dieting tips would fill our lives and more success stories this way!

#15. Do it now. Stop looking backwards and stop waiting for a future date or magical “time”. Putting off any task is only an excuse and will never help you reach your goals. Successful people jump in today and never procrastinate. Action is necessary for all success. Putting it off only puts of your goals indefinitely and this becomes a habit over time. I know you probably can think of at least one person in your life who does procrastinates regularly. It drives me nuts…and especially when I’ve done it!! Now is the time.

The more you can do things that scare you and push you forward; the stronger you become and the more courageous you look to others. It’s just like working on your muscles of your body to look better physically; you have to take action or nothing will change. Take action in your life in whatever you are looking to achieve and don’t let the unsuccessful thoughts or behaviors to cloud your focus.


When weekends sabotage our goals

Have you been on track during your weekday schedule? Have you drawn out a plan for your success in hitting your goals? I know for many of us, we are rockstars during the week. We stick to the nutrition plan and we get our workouts in every day that we can. We feel unstoppable.

But what tends to happen as the weekend approaches, is that we feel we’ve done quite well. We may have family gatherings and parties; and our friends are expecting us to enjoy some downtime with them too. We decide that since the week was so successful and we are feeling confident in our ability to do it again next week, maybe one or two days off wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Right? I mean, haven’t we all heard that those “cheat days” can actually help fuel our metabolisms even more? Oh…that’s such great plan!



The weekend should definitely be filled with downtime; with relaxing and having fun but did you know that in doing so, most of us pretty much ruin those awesome results from the previous week by overdoing it completely? You know the saying; two steps forward and one step back? Well honestly, some of us are taking two steps forward during the workweek and about five or six steps back on the weekend. Let’s look at some of the worst case weekend habits that you should eliminate immediately so that you can continue to move forward in your success journey…never to return to previous poor habits.


Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.19.27 AM

1. Going crazy and binge eating on the weekend
One of the most common poor weekend choices most of us make is binge eating on the weekends. The idea that we have done so well all week but need to let go once in awhile usually results with eating and drinking everything unhealthy in our reach. Who cares, right? We’re getting back on track again, come Monday, so this won’t hurt that much! WRONG AGAIN! This only puts us either back where we first began our journeys, or worse yet, further behind as we continue these poor choices. This way of thinking is also creating a poor relationship with the foods we eat, as we continue this binge and then restrict pattern long term. The key to being fit and healthy is not being overly restrictive; heck, I can out-eat anyone at certain times when I really want to…but having good balance and understanding what to do overtime help us to create those long term results we are looking to achieve. There are times you must be more strict in your diet and exercise, as you are working towards achieving a specific goal. But the goal is not the end zone, in order to maintain those results, balance is the key. When I decide to overindulge (which I do for sure!), then I make sure the very next meal is healthy and on track. I just feel better this way and learning how to find and create that balance so you don’t continue to live the life of going from one extreme of being overly strict and not allowing anything to deter you from your plans, to then completely going hog-wild and overdoing it; again and again.

2. Sleeping too much 
It can feel like such a luxury to sleep in when the weekend finally arrives, right? I know that this was such a wonderful enjoyment for me before too. Not needing to wake up to an alarm and even we  you do wake up; just laying in bed and not having to do anything feels amazing. Yes, rest is an important element to our success BUT spending your entire morning in bed is only going to screw up your body clock out of it’s routine. This will result in feeling like crap come Monday morning when that alarm does ring. Enjoying some extra sleep on the weekends is fine, but it will be helpful for you in the long run to get up no more than an hour later than your normal weekday wake-up call. This honestly helps to keep our body clocks regular and our bodies from going through severe shifts; week after week.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.27.40 AM

3. Brunch dates? 
Brunch is a fun way to enjoy the weekends. They are so relaxing and a way to enjoy your friends and family over good foods. The problem is when those simple “brunch” dates turn out to be a huge cheat blowout. Have you ever decided to go all out and order the big breakfast deal? I know those hash browns, eggs, smoothies, breads, coffee and muffins look like a great choice, right? How about that ginormous stack of pancakes; covered in butter, syrup and cream? Yes, those treats are fun and helpful along the way but if you tend to over-do your brunch meals again and again and again and again…maybe you should take a look at another healthier option on the menu and make it more about enjoying the experience versus a food fest. I promise, it’s still worth it! (and no food coma later)

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.28.55 AM

4. But what about the booze? 
I’m not a drinker so this isn’t a problem of mine but I do know a lot of women and men who use alcohol as the way to unwind and relax over the weekend. Although, the occasional drink isn’t going to throw your goals too far off track; overdoing it is an easy next step as you start to enjoy the relaxed state of mind and body. Drinking in excessive amounts, prevents our bodies from losing fat and can lead to major weight gain over time. It also affects our ability to recover from exercise, it decreases our ability to build muscle and also leads to a list of other major health issues. If you enjoy having a drink or two on the weekends, make sure to keep it to a minimum or cut it out altogether if that isn’t a possibility for you.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.32.52 AM

5. Overworking over the weekend
As I work from home, I know all too well how easy it is to fit in more work over the weekends. It’s also more accessible to work more at home because of technology and the ability to “catch up” over the weekend. But I’ve found that this leads to a new problem of adding more stress into our lives when we need to find that balance again. Work is vital to our daily needs. We can’t eliminate it altogether but we can most definitely set up boundaries so that we can enjoy the perks of weekend downtime and renewing our energy stores for the new week. Stress can lead to more weight gain and many other health problems, even disease; over time. Make sure to plan out your work and rest hours just as you plan out your meals and treats along the way.

Do any of these habits ring true for you? Where can you make some changes?

For me, I work on balance. I am not a fan of “diet and deprivation”. It never works. Sure, you will lose weight initially on any diet (heck, even on a “diet” of crappy foods can allow your body to lose weight if you are in a calorie deficit!) but what then? Can you sustain those daily foods and energy requirements long term? For the rest of your life? This is where I had trouble many times in the past. I would lose “all the weight” and feel so good about myself…only to regain it all and have to start over again. Sound familiar? It is for most people. The key isn’t in finding the “right” diet or the “right” exercise plan because our bodies don’t really care what we do along the way. Our body only achieves the results it achieves through the practices we continue to place into our lives. Workout and eat right for 90 days and lose 20 lbs? Great! Then what? Then most people decide to return to their previous habits and what happens then? The body is only doing what we are telling it to do.

If you need some extra help or attention in any of these areas, feel free to drop a comment below or message me at:

Will you run with me in 2016?

Every day we wake up to a blank slate of a day; ready to be filled in by what we choose and what we decide is most important to us. Have you ever sat daydreaming about your perfect world? Have you ever wondered if you could truly amount to more than what and who you are today?

I am going to tell you that I believe you can. I believe that we all can. What’s the hang up? Sadly, it’s ourselves. We tend to believe what we’ve learned from our past results and failures. We base our success on what we haven’t yet achieved. We stop before we have ever truly begun. It’s sad, and I hear it from so many others now that I am pushing beyond my own limitations.

Think about it. What would your “perfect day” in your “perfect life” look like  to you?

What time would you wake up each day? What would you do first each day? Where would you live and who are you surrounded by? What are your work hours? What do you consider your successes?

These are just a few of the blank sheets you can fill in and you can start it today.

A new year is upon us…again. A new year to start with big goals that have haunted you before and yet you’ve been too afraid to start because of your past.


Believe me, I can relate with those fears. And I can relate with big goals and big dreams for my life and my family’s lives. In reality, we are the only person who is holding us back. It’s time for us to push for more; to show ourselves that we are capable of so much more than we have become complacent with. Are you tired of being “tired”? Do you believe without a shadow of a doubt that you were destined for more? Do you believe you can somehow succeed in every way you have dreamt about before? Well, I am right here with you and I am ready to blow the roof off this coming year too! As I look back at 2015, I realize that I have grown in many ways and come far in my beliefs, in helping my customers succeed in major weight loss and fitness goals. I have worked with others in learning how to truly believe in their capabilities and in turn, it’s helped me believe more in my own. I believe we all work together, and yet we are only responsible for our own successes or failures.

The goals I have for 2016 are so big that they do honestly scare me. But it’s that kind of “scare” that can easily be felt as excitement and a sheer sense of awe and wonder. I have been playing it “safe” for much too long now and I am looking to focus on throwing off every bit of doubt and fear and diving headfirst into the success pool!

I am creating simple and duplicable systems to share with my team. I want to build an empire and have already laid out the groundwork. I know that I can easily stay where I am today and be “content” enough with my income; my drive and my goals…but I cannot accept that as my dream come true.

My dream come true looks like this: I see a team of women, just like me; who are busy, and driven and love their families. I see us working together on empowering other women to become successful in not only their bodies, health and fitness, but in their lives and in their daily successes. I see us coming together and braving the uncertainties of building a successful business to help others in the same way we are being helped. In doing so, I see my family being blessed for their patience and faith in my perseverance in a “better way” and a life of freedom to be healthy, happy and able to give to others as freely as we wish.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 7.15.37 PM

Are you wondering why I am sharing this with you today? Because I want to ask you a question, is this something you can relate with:

Are you are a go getter?
Are you driven?
Are you motivated for greatness?
Are you independent?
Are you into health and fitness?
Do you believe you are worthy of something greater than where you are today?
Do you have the drive to build a life by your own design?
Do you want to fire your boss?
D0 you want to work from home?
Do you want to wake up and decide how to spend your dream days?
Then I am looking for you! I want you on my team! I want to build this empire together and dream bigger than we’ve ever dreamed before.
I am currently accepting applications for my 2016 New Coach Training Group!
This will be a 3 part training system that will last a total of 3 months which will help you start from a new coach and move towards a business owner and leader using systems and tools that are helping coaches succeed in this business every single day. It’s a choice to do or not to do. You will have access to a system that is easily duplicable and simple to follow. You will learn to manage your time effectively. There are daily assignments, which can be done at your pace. There will be weekly focused group calls, there will be 1:1 calls and there will be access to our team resources and support group.  My goal is to help you, as a new health and fitness coach, succeed as soon as possible. I am not looking for those who need a “boss”; I am looking for women who have a vision of something greater and want to run with me in creating that reality.
If this sounds like you, please fill in the application below to be considered for 1 of these 5 exclusive spots.
Don’t wait to commit.  Don’t put off what you want now and continue to dream about it later. I am running and only looking for those who are ready to run with me. You don’t want to miss out!  Plus, even though it’s the holidays, you want to get signed up in enough time to review the new coach training material and have your game plan ready for the start on January 4th.  
You are meant for something bigger and greater and there’s only one way for you to make that a reality. Successful people are not people that wish for it, they are people that work for it. They are willing to sacrifice some now, in order to achieve more later. Let’s get this started. Let’s make 2016 the best of the best of what is to come! Will you join me?

It’s GOOOO time!!

I don’t know what has changed in my energy but ever since my birthday this past month (December 12 for those of you who want to make note for gifts next year!) HA! 😉 ….I am on a rampage to succeed bigger and better than I’ve been settling for. Maybe it’s because I realized (and I thought at first that I was a year weird) I was going to be turning 45 next year and kind of sick and tired of certain scenarios staying the same as they have been. Whatever the reasons were is beside the point. I’m just fired up and on the go!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.03.15 AM

Like, fired up enough that I wake up at 4-5am and start working! What?? I know, crazy, right? I would have said the same thing in my “previous” state…(a whopping 3 weeks ago!) but I realized that I can’t stop thinking about all of the great goals and plans I am working for in the next year.

So, I set up my goal planner and wrote down some crazy stuff!!! 10 BIG ASS goals that I will achieve (notice how I didn’t say want or wish??)…Yes, I said that right. I WILL achieve these 10 ginormous goals by next year’s birthday. No, I won’t share them with you now but patience because they will all soon be revealed! bwahahahahahaha! 😀

Anyway, back to reality:

As you probably are aware of, if you know anything at all about me; I’m heavily in love with fitness. Give me a challenge and I’ll do what it takes to crush it to smithereens. (never have I used the word “smithereens” in my blog before so I am pointing it out) Where I usually lack is in my nutrition. This is a big reason I decided to take on a fitness competition just 4 years ago, at the age of 40. No, not to “flaunt” my stuff on stage…although taking those trophies home was kind of a high! It was more about proving to myself that I’m not all about the workouts and flub on my eating. (which, let’s face it; I was doing)

It’s funny because I hear this from so many women who also love fitness. “Yes, I love to workout”…and when asked about their nutrition, the response is usually, “Oh, ya! I eat clean.” Like that means anything!! LOL I eat “clean” too and believe in only whole foods and no crap fillers or artificial stuff ever…(just ask my family, cuz they knowwwww) but we can still overeat the good stuff, right? (I have a lot of stories referring to OD’s on PB; among other foods but we’ll save that for another time) so in my best attempt to put the two together and be completely accountable to my goals (I mean, how much MORE accountable can one get besides stepping on stage with mostly 20-30 year olds in nothing but a bikini and high heels?), I hired an online trainer/coach to help me with my workouts, food plans and how to strut the stage!


That was a journey I will never forget and I am grateful to all who supported me during those 6 months…but you can have your 2+ hour gym workouts and meal plans that make you crazy because of “no carb” days and “low carb days” and eating fish and asparagus every 2 hours ONLY…no thanks! It was fun but I’m back to reality and leading by living real life! lol

What’s up with this rant, you might wonder? First of all, I am on a high for sure and my energy has been through the roof so bare with me. I am taking this time to plan and implement the steps it takes to push forward and prove to both myself, my family, my naysayers..and even YOU; that I can do this. That this can be done. Much like my fitness competition at the age of 40, I can reach life goals like NOBODY else is willing to do at the age of 40+ (mind you, I stopped counting, obviously!)

  1. My fitness and meals will be solid and I’ll be sharing each program that I’ll be doing from here until next December. (maybe longer if you’re nice!)
  2. I’ll also be giving a lot more information on my at-home coaching business. For those of you who don’t know my background, I was a fitness instructor and trainer for over 25 years and although I loved is grueling work and the pay isn’t anything to brag about. lol….I became an at-home online “coach” almost 6 years ago, kind of as a lame attempt at collecting some “extra income” on the side. I basically help people reach their goals while working at home with a proven fitness program, proven and “clean” supplement line and 24/7 online support. It’s a “virtual gym” and has blessed me to be able to quit my full-time career of working early mornings and late nights when my family wanted me home…and actually help me earn back that income (and more) with this “home biz”.

This biz isn’t for everyone and if you’re wondering, yes, it runs like an “MLM” but the only one that I have found that fits my passion, life and goals. The greatest thing about it is that anyone with goals and dreams (and drive) can succeed at this biz! You do not have to be a fitness pro (although this is a great addition to fit pros for sure!), you do not have to be a professional in nutrition either. You simply have got to want to make healthy changes for your life and lead by example. You have to want to help others do the same with your support. The rest is done for us…and the workouts come with their own “personal trainers” to bring into your living room! 😉 I’m not the only one in my household who is doing this anymore…my daughter and 2 sons are on their own programs and using our supplements daily for their own goals and success stories. I’m a proud momma! 😉 12246990_10208268267935240_8306247315003551451_n

Anyway, keep watching cuz I’ll be sharing a ton of my ups and downs and everything in between along the next 12 months but if you have ever wanted to create your own home biz and have a passion for helping others succeed; as well as keeping you on track with your own health and fitness, I highly suggest getting some info sent your way today. No pressure but how will you know if you never find out?

Here’s an application to fill out and I’ll forward the info right away. You only live once and if you hold back because of fear of the unknowns and not wanting to get too uncomfortable; you might become complacent like I have been.

Or are you already there???