Are YOU Ready For Summer? I Have an Idea….

581616_10151415831828881_158702634_n (1)Guess what?  There’s only 6 weeks left until summer!!!!

I heard you all gasp with surprise, right?  I know!! It’s time to get into serious mode and move towards our beachy body goals.  What are you going to do?

This is something I’ve done some thinking about lately.  It seems like with each new challenge I take on physically, I need to rebalance once again.  It was grueling on my body to train and run my first marathon this past February; and I lost more muscle mass than I anticipated.  No worries, hit some heavy weight training with Beachbody’s Body Beast program and BAM! muscles are heeeere again!!!! 😉

Now, it’s time to focus once again on my core, balance and flexibility; along with cardio and strength moves tied into a wonderful package of awesomeness.  (seriously, I think my body is addicted to my “rumble roller” and it feels like I’m getting a deep tissue massage every other day!)

The X2 program is amazing; but I need a change up on the food plans.  Ordinarily, I’d follow the plan laid out for me; but what can I say? I’m a bit of a rebel…

So, with all this thinking and planning; I’ve decided to do a 14 day FAT-LOSS meal plan; complete with some additional exercises to mix into my regular plans.  Sounds exciting, right?

Well…actually I’d love to have a few others to take this on with me and see how it goes.

Who’s game?  I mean, if you already have your meal plans, training and accountability all laid out for you between tomorrow and SUMMER; then go for it!!

But I’m thinking you’re a bit intrigued…

Post below if you are keen to take this on with me; or at least get some deets!!!!