Diet is a 4-Letter word!


So, it’s the weekend, right?

I know too many people who take that as a free for all in terms of eating and doing anything they want. I totally get it cuz I always did the same thing before…and then for some reason couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t seeing my results! :-/

hmmmm…seems pretty obvious but maybe not.

I want to share exactly what and why you probably have heard this a zillion times and the reasons they are critical to our body’s success.

We have gone through our entire lives learning from the media. Learning from the diet industry. Learning from other people that share their “thoughts” and “opinions”, right?

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 1.00.41 PM

I know from the young age of 11 years old, I thought I had to be on a “diet”…at ELEVEN YEARS OLD!  It was a constant up and down battle with myself and listening to the media, reading magazines and hearing my peers talk about their thoughts and feelings about what the best practices were and what products and secrets would help with the weight loss.

I went to Weight Watchers at 15 and learned how to portion my foods out but I know at the same time I was still filling voids in my habits with the frozen treats that the company provided for sale. I’d eat great for breakfast and lunch and then “earn” a Weight Watchers frozen chocolate brownie cake for my after lunch as a “treat”. Then the same thing for after dinner with another “treat”. Some days, I’d even warm up a frozen Weight Watchers cinnamon roll and eat it with a serving of cottage cheese as my “breakfast”.

Now these are not terrible habits, as I was able to lose 20 lbs initially doing just that. But was it healthy? Could my body sustain this way of eating long term with no negative effects later down the road?

Honestly, it wasn’t ideal in terms of nutrition. This was a simple and effective weight loss system that kept me in the “diet” phase. I could not be in the best shape; inside and outside by following this plan. I mean, think about it…we can always lose weight doing anything that cuts out any food groups or is restrictive in any way for a short time, right? Losing weight is not the issue…keeping it off  and living our healthiest lives possible is where the battle lies.

There are a zillion plus one diets out there at any given time…and counting. Just google the word “diet” and a plethora of calorie and nutrition restrictive programs will pop up. Drink juiced veggies and fruits all day and lose weight! wow! Surprising? Not really, you’re cutting out every other food group that exists so why wouldn’t you lose weight doing this? But could you do this for the rest of your life? Would you want to?

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 12.59.33 PM

How about the diet where you eat just protein, veggies and fats? Sure, you will lose weight because you cut out a whole food group! No carbs/grains so that must mean that they are “bad” for us, right? WRONG!! Our bodies require carbs for certain times and energy needs; so in terms of sustaining this way of eating…probably not! (just give it a try long enough and see how grumpy and lethargic you start to feel over time)

How about drinking a “Quick Slim” diet shake 3 times a day and eating a salad for dinner? Of course you’ll lose weight! That’s not the dilemma here either! Have you read what’s inside those “diet” drinks and shakes? Do you know what half of those ingredients are or where they come from? Why would you put that into your body just to lose weight when losing weight is not the issue? Keeping the weight off and feeling good about ourselves is the problem. Get to the root of the problem in order to find the solution. Diets are just bandaids. They temporarily “cover up” the problem but never deal with the solution. So the yo-yo cycle continues..and we call ourselves “weak” and feel we have no real “willpower”.


Is what you’re doing now helping you long term? Fast forward 5-10 years from today and imagine you practice the same eating and fitness program until then. Will it benefit you more or less in the long run? I’m not saying to get rid of everything we enjoy; heck, I eat cake, cookies and candy regularly and am not interested if someone tells me I can’t have them! What I am saying is that we need to stop pretending that the issue is in losing weight. We can lose weight over and over and over and over again….and you know what? Some of us might be okay with that process. But think about the body and how it takes a beating each time with the weight gain and the weight loss repeatedly done over the years. We break down lean muscle tissue and we replace it with more fat stores than we began with before the word “diet” was introduced into our lives.

So today, in honor of this weekend, choose to treat yourself kindly to 1 or 2 foods or drinks that you enjoy. The rest of your meals and drinks should be chosen based on good nutrition. Stop buying crappy diet foods. Make sure any drink, shake or food you choose is filled with only the best ingredients and fulfills your body’s daily requirements of vitamins, minerals and full nutrition. If you’re overdoing it on the weekends, only to go cold turkey again on Monday…something is off balance.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 12.58.59 PM

It’s not your “diet”…it’s your habits and mindset. I would love to hear from you if you agree or disagree with this! Please feel free to comment below. 🙂



You can’t handle the tooth!

Today was just LOOOOONG!!!

bahahahaha 😀

It all started here…

up at 5 am and completed my workout from Insanity Max. Day 1; month 2. Pretty good, overall.

Then got Joe up to do his workout while I got lunches made and breakfast eaten. I like to have my coffee and breakfast while I read my personal development and this starts my day on the right track, with the right mindset.

Got Joe to school and did some work before it was GO time for Amy.

She had an early morning appointment to get her 4 wisdom teeth removed…(I have 5, just saying…but that’s a story for another day!)

We were at the dentist’s office right on time and got some simple paper work completed and away she went. I thought that I was fine until she walked down the hall and there I sat…


So, I did what any other supportive mother would do…I went to the pharmacy to get her prescriptions filled. Honestly, I couldn’t sit still!!! I realize my mind just races too darned much so it was a better plan to get something done that would have had to be done anyway. As soon as I got back to the office again, she was almost done. I figured she’d be really “loopy” from the anesthesia, as that’s what they warned us of in the consult appointment. But there she sat next to me, nodding away at the receptionist’s explanation of all the things we needed to adhere to.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.05.12 PM

Ice for 24 hours on the cheeks, antibiotics and ibuprofen every 6-8 hours to aid in healing and swelling issues, keep head elevated, keep gauze against the sutures for a few hours, no foods, no driving…you know, the usual. 

She was really a trooper, in my opinion. I helped her to the couch in the living room and she just lounged there for most of the day. She enjoyed a protein shake and a shakeology shake during the day. I noticed towards evening, she seemed to be getting a bit antsy. As I set the dinner table up for the family, I suggested she could either stay lounging on the couch or sit with us at dinner if she preferred. She told me she was so boooooored and would sit with us for sure.

As I finished cutting the salad, she came walking into the kitchen and opened the cupboard – looking for the cream of wheat. I asked if she wanted to eat that and she said, “ya”…so I offered to make it up. and since she’s quite independent (no idea who she takes after! lol) she said she would be fine making it up.

Actually the recipe she created came out really impressive. She cooked it up with milk ( as dairy is said to help in alleviating the nausea that is typically associated with wisdom teeth removal), added some canned pumpkin for flavor (genius! maybe a new recipe idea for our next support group!) and some greek yogurt for creaminess and extra protein. She sat at the dinner table with us and enjoyed the meal she had created and listened to us chatter away.

When we were nearly done, my hubby asked me to explain her surgery since she couldn’t speak all too well. I told my side of the story but obviously I wasn’t there for the whole experience and she proceeded to share her side of the story…at least, what she remembered after the anesthesia. 😉

It was after just a few minutes of her talking, when I noticed she stopped…and looked a bit panicked and her face went pale. I asked, “are you feeling dizzy?” and she nodded, still looking worried. I helped guide her to stand so we could take her back to the couch and she asked, “what is wrong with me?”

Then she collapsed…

I was left trying to hold her but it was completely impossible with the way she passed out. I called for Ben and we clumsily helped her to the couch to lie down. I asked if she could hear us and she responded, yes…and once she was reclining on the couch, she started to regain color in her cheeks. Ben opened some doors and put the fan on and she felt better yet.

I had to tease her later on how she thought she was “fine” after just a few hours on the couch and could go about her usual food planing and walking and talking as if no big ordeal had taken place that day.

Yes, my daughter does take after me, after all!! I used to believe she was all her dads’ side… but this just made my day.

Day 1 recovery, in the books. Here’s hoping tomorrow is so much better for her!

Stuck in an exercise RUT???

Life gets busy and we can get thrown off track from our goals. Family issues come up, kids get sick, you get stuck at work, you get stuck in traffic, etc. All of a sudden you notice that your workout routine goes from regular to nothing. I totally get this and have done it more often than you know. The problem is when you miss a few more workouts and then all of a sudden you’re in an exercise rut. So, how do you go about getting back on track? If you have been off track recently, or need a motivation boost, I have some of my personal tips to help you restart your exercise routine and get back into the swing of the healthy routine again. Ready? Set? GO!


1. Take a 30 day challenge
Short challenges can help us kick start our routines again. Breaking a plan into smaller time frames makes it much more achievable. Need a 7 day program? Join my next group here. Want a 30 day refresher plan? Let’s get you started HERE. You’ll be surprised how much easier this is to get back into the swing of things and then once the challenge is complete, you will feel better and be back on your way to a fitness and healthy routine again.


2. Start with just 5 minutes
I know how hard it seems to start a workout that is 30-60 minutes long. The mental challenge is the hardest part; but if that feels like too much then just plan to workout for at least 5 minutes. That is so much more do-able than a longer and more grueling workout. The awesome thing about this, is most times, once we are up and moving our bodies and the endorphins kick in, we are more likely to just keep moving. Start with 5 minutes and if you truly need to stop after the time is up, give yourself permission to do so. That way, you are more apt to do the same thing again another time and 5 minutes of activity beats nothing every day!

3. Speaking of endorphins…
Sometimes we focus too much on the effort of it, rather than the outcome. The idea of the workout is that although it is a challenge while we are sweating through it, the feeling we are left with when it’s over is completely awesome. Am I right? I always say that the cool down and stretch is my favorite part because it means that the actual workout is done. Reveling in the feelings of accomplishing a workout is a feeling you’ll not want to forget for too long. You may regret the workout that you didn’t get to; but nobody regrets completing a great workout.

4. Schedule it in your diary
If you are looking for an excuse to not workout, then you will find every for a distraction to deter you. That’s why it’s important to clear your schedule and make time specifically for your daily exercise. Make sure it’s scheduled in the day for a time that you won’t get easily distracted. If you know that you get caught up at work in the evenings, then schedule your workout in the mornings. If mornings are too busy, then schedule your workout in the evenings. If you know it’s going to be a crazy busy day, then just commit to a quick fifteen-minute HIIT session, as doing something is always better than doing nothing.


5. Plan ahead
If you’re like me and love to start the day with exercise (before our brains fully wake up and realize what the heck is going on!), the tough part is getting out of bed! I now train myself to put my alarm across the room so I have to get out of bed to turn it off. I also have my workout clothes and shoes set up by my bed to jump into as soon as my feet hit the ground. If you need some help with energy in the early hours, we have our Energy & Endurance formula which has saved me more times than I can count!

6. Just start simple
Simple is always better. We tend to get excited when planning our new habits and goals and add the most ridiculous and challenging plan that we can find because someone we know had some great results with it, right? You don’t have to start with something extreme (and you really shouldn’t start there!) Just get back to basics. You can start by walking for 15 minutes or more. If you have more energy and want to add in some jogging, take it up a little bit more. The point is to just start moving…and then KEEP moving. This only creates more confidence and endurance in our bodies and we want to add more as we are able to.

7. Get a support system 
It’s easy to skip your workout if it’s just you holding yourself accountable. Who would know if you decided NOT to walk or do your workout today, anyway, right? Well, the secret is having accountability to your goals. Doing what you said you’d do is the key to success. Get yourself into a challenge group (we have monthly groups forming at all times), get your family and friends involved in holding you accountable. Ask someone to help motivate you when you need and to help you stick to your plans. It not only helps add more social fun in our lives, it also makes life more fun this way since it forces us to turn the attention off of us and onto others to help everyone enjoy the success along the way.

8. The gym isn’t the only place to “get fit” 

Do you equate getting fit by going to the gym? In reality, the gym has nothing to do with getting fit. It is primarily the idea for getting into shape but over the years as a trainer, I know that it’s more about having a plan and support. Find ways to mix up your workouts, enlist a coach (ummmm..hello!), join a walking/running group, or just getting out and walking your dog. Movement beats laying on the couch any day so just get up and go!

9. Do it for yourself, not anyone else
You can only succeed when you work towards goals for yourself. Being fit and healthy should be about you feel awesome about yourself, and not someone else telling you what they think you should do or look like. It helps us also to gain confidence and wanting to do better along the way. It’s a great accomplishment to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and reach goals along the way.

Remember habits are created by the consistent daily activities we chose to put our time towards. So, the more consistent you are with your exercise routine, the easier it is to form healthy habits. Then, once it’s a habit, you just go on autopilot, and exercising is part of your daily life.